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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, it's my first time posting here. My Landlord is a corporate company that rents out hundreds of flats. After two years of being a good tenant and always paying on time, my (now ex) partner stole money from me and I fell into two months rent arrears. My Landlord was not willing to agree to a payment arrangement and instead served me with a Section 8 Notice and a Section 21 Notice. Both those notices have now expired. They seem to have ditched the Section 8 entirely, but I just received the court paperwork for the Section 21 Accelerated Possession. Now, the Issue Date s
  2. Hi, As the title suggests my 16 year old is pregnant (shocked me somewhat). She lives at home and we have a healthy relationship and she wants to stay here, and I am happy about that. Babys father is local but they're not in a relationship and he won't be moving in or anything like that. Her father and I do claim a relatively small amount child tax credits for her, since she's still in school and is planning on 6th form in Sept. She fully intends to go ahead with this, and we'll support that for obvious reasons. My question is, how do benefits work when she has the baby?
  3. Hi, I expect to be shot down in flames for this post but I need some advice. After years of working in the public sector, I'm now in the private. I've been in post for 2 months on probation, at my last review it was intimated to me I'm not going to pass. It's a shame as I'm doing my best and am enjoying the role. However, I've just discovered I'm pregnant. I've had a friend who did the same, about to be sacked from her job for incompetence but told the boss in the meeting that she was pregnant and if she was let go she'd sue him for 'protected characteristics' of being female and pr
  4. My Ex wife has become pregnant, She has been working for her employers for just over 22 months, will she be entitled to maternity pay? Thanks in advance Leakie
  5. Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum - spent a lot of time reading other threads on the issue of Xercise 4 Less/Harlands/CRS last night and now feel a bit more informed than I did previously! But I would like some help to see if I have a leg to stand on here before I go into battle! I moved to Scotland in April, and subsequently joined the local Xercise 4 Less gym on the 27th on a 12 month contract at 14.99 per month. When joining, I also paid a £20.00 joining fee - taking my first total payment to £34.99. I find it important to state now that I NEVER set foot in the gym after joinin
  6. I've got some tenants running some sort of Pregnant Mother assessement centre, basically subletting the property on a residential AST. A lot of pregnant mothers have visited the property. As well as several large families. A confused pregnant mom was seen on the property, & then rushed off to hospital a couple of hours later. I've tried contacting ofsted, & they dont seem to care the tenants dont have the correct permission of the landlord. Can I get an injunction on the tenants or some other legal action, without having to file a section 8? I'm concerned about dama
  7. A marston agent attended my property and wrongly executed a warrant that had been dealt with by the issuing court. The court in question had not relinquished the warrant but I had all the relevant paperwork to prove it had been dealt with but the bailiff refused to take that s proof or let me call the court for them to clarify. I was not at home at the time but my heavily pregnant partner was, by the time she called me she was hysterical and in floods of tears. The agent had terrorised her with threats saying that he was going to remove goods unless payment was made in full and that he w
  8. Hello everyone, I'll try and keep it quick as it is a bit of a headache. July 2014 started working for a small local business. No contract signed. Dec 2014 found out I was pregnant. Jan 2015 told employer I was pregnant. We discussed my Maternity Leave starting on July 3rd. I tried to make all of my maternity appointments on days I was not working, even changing midwives. Due to my health this was not always possible. I had a few sick days in Jan / Feb due to pregnancy illnesses and depression. Feb 2015 prescribed 25mg Amitriptyline which was doubled to 50mg after 7 da
  9. Hello all I'm in a bit of flat spin and need help. Long story short I brought a new car last week on pcp, happy with it it's awesome. However my wife discovers we are expecting our third baby!! ( not planned ) but the car I brought won't be big enough for three car seats and I hadn't financially planned for a new edition so new car would be a strain on money. Where do I stand in cancelling the contract and returning the car? Like I said there's nothing wrong with it and I have done 18 miles in it. The car a pxd is ther
  10. Hi, I recently received several letters from Marstons regarding council tax arrears, some dating back almost 8/9 years. They were completely out of the blue and when I called the council I was told they are correct and to deal with Marstons. When I initially called them to discuss a payment plan I was told the total monthly payments would come to over£500, which I simply do not have spare each month. When I explained I couldn't meet this the guy on the phone told me to email them with a bank statement or wage slip and a list of my outgoings each month. I did this and also explained
  11. Hi all I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and have been working for my employer since September 13. I am a surrogate and underwent IVF for my intended parents. I had a lot of problems with bleeding during the first 12 weeks which was really stressful and worrying. I work as a bookkeeper in 2 offices (Office A&B) using different software in each, in one of the offices (A) I have had no problems at all, in the other (B) I have been told I am making constant mistakes and clients are complaining about me. The director in office B and the manager talk to each other but not to me an
  12. Hi, newbie first post here so please excuse the babbling. I am looking for some advice regarding commercial rent arrears. To cut a long story short, I am roughly 18 months in arrears due to many reasons involving grief, relationship breakdown, ill health and sometimes sheer stupidity with money management. For the last 12 months or so I have been sharing the use of the property with 2 others, who were not contributing to costs at my own agreement. I have not attended the premises since way before Christmas due to a very tough pregnancy and other mental health issues. I was info
  13. Basically I'm in a right mess. I lost my job in 2012 and we got into arrears on our mortgage. The mortgage company took us to court and got a suspended repossession order and we agreed to pay back our arrears over monthly instalments. My wife went back to work as I couldn't find a job and we managed to maintain the payments. In October my wife was signed off work for pregnancy problems and hasn't been able to go back to work. Thankfully we still managed to pay October and Novembers payment but missed Decembers. I however found a job which I started the beginning of this month and my
  14. Hi, I had a bailiff from Marston knock my door this morning. I did not let him in but he told me I needed to pay £550 there and then to clear an old court fine for not having a TV license. I have no way of paying this. After begging him for 5 minutes and getting nowhere he said he would give me 24 hours to pay it. He told me if I did not pay in 24 hours he would be back in the morning to remove my goods (not that theres anything to take!) I was upset and so was my 3 year old son. I called the Marston helpline after he left to try to set up a payment plan but th
  15. The Council of Mortgage Lenders and the Building Societies Association will produce guidance for lenders to ensure they are not treating pregnant women or women on maternity unfairly when they apply for a mortgage. The trade bodies will publish their guidance by the end of the year and it will include guidance on “permissible areas of inquiry” and issues for consideration in relation to mortgage applications from these borrowers. Both trade bodies will also deliver guidance for consumer on what they should expect to be asked as part of the application process and what should be asked. The
  16. Hello All, I need urgent help and advice? A letting agency, which did credit checks and subsequently took our passport and visa copies has come back today saying that since my wife is pregnant, they will not give the house to me? Are there laws from prevent us from such kind discrimination based on pregnancy? Please advise urgently. Incidentally, I had informed the agent during early days of discussion that my wife is pregnant. He asked about the expected date and said it is fine since the contract is for six months only and the expected date in after the end of contract. He is
  17. Hello, sorry for the long story but here goes, I had two bailiffs from marstons at my door this morning over a unpaid tv license fine from the courts. The fine is my girlfiends who came to the door also, they said they had a distress warrant and was coming to seize and take away good unless the fine was paid in full today.I told them they wasnt coming in and they said the distress warrant they had, gave them right to force entry, i asked to take a picture of the distress warrant as i didnt belive it was from the courts but they said no for data protection reasons. My partner told th
  18. I've been managing a DMP directly with my creditors for several years now and have never missed a payment. I'm currently 3 months pregnant and with the prospect of 6 months off work on the horizon from Sept this year, I wanted to contact my creditors and ask them to accept a drastically reduced payment for 12 months, while I am pregnant and then on maternity leave, with normal payments to resume once I am back at work. I would put the money I usually pay them to once side to help pay my priority debts while I am off work as SMP does not cover what I have to pay out as well
  19. Hello, my husband and I purchased a new boiler about 15 months ago from Biasi. It's is an ActivA Combi Boiler with a 5 year warranty. We called for boiler service for the first time in December as it was making a horrific banging noise - they arrived to service it about 3 days after the call, took it out of commission as they said carbon monoxide levels were too high, and then took another 5 days or so to repair and turn it back on. If you'll recall mid-December was very cold - high temperatures around zero degrees. We were extremely frustrated with and disappointed in the service
  20. Hello, I have not told my current employer that Im 9 weeks pregnant. I and manager had a chat today and decided that frequent travel to other places may not suit me therefore I gave notice today to finish work on Friday. I started simultaneously to look for new work and have received interview invitation for Monday. I haven't told about my pregnancy to secure interview invitation. I'm highly likely to get selected . Im confused when to let any prospective employer know about my pregnancy. Any suggestion? Thanks
  21. Hi, I'm a new member on here so bare with me. A few weeks ago i was suspeneded from the workplace, from that day they have been basicly accusing me of theft from the store. money did go missing but i did not take it they have gone off reasonable belief and after 4 hours of discaplineries i recieved a letter saying they have dismissed me. was due to start maternity leave in about 6 weeks and the date i recieved the dismissal letter made it 1 week short of being there a year. I don't know if it is just a coincidence or jus a way to get rid of me so they don't have to offer my job back af
  22. My name is Sammy and I have worked for a community support trust in the Greater Manchester area for the past three years. This community support trust is a charity which looks after elderly people in the community many who have dementia or other mental health issues. The company is run by the manager, who sits in the office and reports to a board of trustees. I have been in the care industry all my working life (12 years) and pride myself on doing a good job. I originally started work in another care home and ended up working in a couple of different one. I have always wanted to be a car
  23. Hi everyone , Hope someone can help me. I am 23 weeks pregnant and i am really frustrated. I am working in a company from last 5 years. I went recently to a long holiday . Before i am going to holiday i know i am pregnant. but i informed them that i am pregnant after coming from holiday, when i was nearly* 20 weeks. Before i went to holiday, they never said anything about redundancy, after coming from holiday and after telling me that I'm pregnant,*within 2 weeks they started an informal meeting, saying.. they got drop in their work, so they need to reduce the cost of employm
  24. After working for a business for several years a friend of mine told me that i was required to be given payslips by my boss, this i was always unsure of so i questioned my boss as to why i never had payslips to which she stated that she didnt have too, i felt quite intimidated by my boss and even though I knew she was lying, I didn't want to question her back as she would make my life a living hell. After working under her for several years, i left a couple of months ago as the relationship with my boss could not go on any longer due to certain reasons. On leaving i decided to go sel
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