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  1. My Mother is 96 and has had a M&S CC for many years, used for phone and online shopping which also gave her a feeling of independence as she rarely left the house. She began displaying signs of dementia late last year following a stroke, then fell at Christmas suffering a v serious head injury and was not expected to survive. She was eventually stabilised, though only after two scary doubt-filled relapses. It was then immediately clear that her dementia had deepened v substantially, and to make a long and very evil story short my Mother has in just a few weeks been replaced by s
  2. My partner's residential permit expired two weeks prior to getting a ticket 19R. They did send a reminder to her previous address-also within the borough. However not only had she already changed her driving licence, registered her new address for Council Tax and applied for and and now possesses a blue Disabled badge. She is obviously at fault at missing the payment date. However they know she has lived at the new address since the last week of August because of Council tax and later her application for a disabled badge. One would have thought that the Council should have wor
  3. I need some help in fighting a PPC that is harassing me for parking outside my home. Multiple tickets issued this year. Appealed to PPC for several of these tickets as I had been ignoring them, appeal failed. Did not appeal to POPLA. Now they are issung tickets without a NTD (ticket on windscreen) just photos of my car taken manually. The mutiple tickets before this all had a similar set of photos, but with a photo of the yellow NTD. They apply to DVLA for keepers details immediately and there is only 2 -3 days between date of alleged contravention and me receiving a NTK. This
  4. Hi guys I have an issue similar to a few others on here, involving the Swansea based Millennium Parking Services. My vehicle was parked in a residential area in Swansea, totally oblivious to any signs advising it was Private Property and Permit Holders Only. Received the PCN stuck to windscreen upon return to the vehicle. The original ticket charge of £100 has not been paid. As the registered keeper, I received the NOK a month or so later and have retained it. It has not been acted upon my me. More recently, I received a demand for £160 from Debt Recovery Plus.
  5. Action plan to accelerate remediation of private high-rise residential buildings with ACM cladding READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/action-plan-to-accelerate-remediation-of-private-high-rise-residential-buildings-with-acm-cladding
  6. I defaulted on a bridging loan and Receivers have been appointed. They have secured the property (changed the locks) and have asked me to book a time to remove my belongings (Torts Notice served). The property was and is my home and my only home but I have not lived there since taking out the bridging loan is because the loan was unregulated and I did not want to be in breach of the terms. However, it was never rented out; in fact, I never removed my belongings from the property. I have never desired to be landlord and the only reason for taking out the loan was to keep my home. This
  7. Open Consultation Banning the use of combustible materials in the external walls of high-rise residential buildings READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/banning-the-use-of-combustible-materials-in-the-external-walls-of-high-rise-residential-buildings Important please be aware this consultation closes at 11:45pm on 14 August 2018
  8. Hi guys, I've recently received a parking charge notice from the Swansea based Millennium Parking Services. They have asked for £60 with the charge increasing to £100 after 14 days. I am currently a student, so I don't have the money to pay for this and I feel conned. I was using the street to park for my regional rugby training sessions in Llandarcy academy of sport. They don't always have someone blocking the carpark entrance but when they do they don't let me in even if I tell them that my team trains here!! There were no road markings or clear signage for me to know
  9. New Private Residential Tenancy - Scotland Only https://beta.gov.scot/publications/scottish-government-model-private-residential-tenancy-agreement/ This come into force on 1st December 2017 and affects Tenancy Agreements from that date onwards only and will replace the Assured and Short Assured Tenancy Agreements for all new Tenancies. Changes will include: -- Longer notice periods, with tenants who have been in a property for more than six months receiving at least 84 day notice to leave, unless they are at fault -- Simpler notices, with a simpler notice to leave process
  10. Hi, hope this is the most relevant forum, if not please move. Try as might, attempted to find out answer to my query but my LA does not give any details on this subject. Nor does there appear to be any legal website giving law surrounding! However,as the title says, due to parking problems some years ago, our road/close/avenue, is a residential parking permit area. In addition, each resident is allowed to apply for upto 2 visitor passes. Parking, even with permits, now seems to becoming a problem again. My question is quite simply, is it possible to apply for residential disabled pa
  11. I am 67 years old and severely disabled as a result of Polio contracted at age 9 Months. For the past 25 years I have been confined to a wheelchair full time. For this reason I sought and bought a bungalow on a flat and level site so that it could be easily adapted to meet my special needs. The bungalow which I now own and occupy is built on part of a site which was formerly an American Navy Air Force Base during World War 2. There are in excess of 150 similar such properties on this site. I bought the bungalow in 2002, and shortly after was fortunate enough to be given a “Disabled Facili
  12. Hi all, Thanks for giving this a read. Please let me know if this is not in the correct sub-forum and I'll flag for it to be moved. I'll try and keep this short and succinct: We have just returned home from our time away in another city for work and we kept our car in the private residential basement car park for our building - key fob / building access is required for entry. We noted that a number of external components had been stripped off our car and taken. The interior was not broken into as far as we could tell. Additionally, the wires to the CCTV unit which ov
  13. Hi All, A month ago, I traded up an old car which had a personalised plate (Let's call it A12 OLD). The new one came with a standard one (XY65 NEW). It took about 5 days from the day I drove away the new car, to get the DVLA red tape sorted (documents received etc) so the garage could put A12 OLD on the new car. At the block of flats where I live is a car park, and each vehicle that "lives" there gets a permit, which bears the registration of the vehicle. It's managed by a company called Euro Parking Services Ltd. We put a note on the dashboard explaining th
  14. I've got some tenants running some sort of Pregnant Mother assessement centre, basically subletting the property on a residential AST. A lot of pregnant mothers have visited the property. As well as several large families. A confused pregnant mom was seen on the property, & then rushed off to hospital a couple of hours later. I've tried contacting ofsted, & they dont seem to care the tenants dont have the correct permission of the landlord. Can I get an injunction on the tenants or some other legal action, without having to file a section 8? I'm concerned about dama
  15. Please could I seek some advice, my wife was visiting friends today who live in a private block of flats. The flats have parking for residents, and a number of specific visitors spaces allocated. My wife parked in one of these visitor spaces and when returning to the car, after around an hour, found a ticket attached to the windscreen with a fine for £100 (£60 if paid within 14 days). While our friends have a parking permit for both cars, they were unaware that visitors needed a permit on display, and have lived there for many years. We're seeking advice from another neighbour, a
  16. My elderly mother moved into a care home around 7 months ago. Before she moved into the care home she was receiving high rate mobility DLA, because the care home was local authority funded her DLA entitlement was stopped. I received a letter from the DWP today and one of the paragraphs stated that there is a possibility of having her DLA re-instated, I have attached a scan of this paragraph. Has there been a recent change for this DLA entitlement for persons in residential homes?
  17. On 30/9/14 I parked on Braddon St Manchester at its jnc with Oldfield St to go and watch Man City. This area was originally terraced houses and they have all since been demolished. Even the vast majority of street names have been removed. I have since been back and only one sign exists at Clayton Lane/Oldfield St with the resident parking restrictions which are only enforced on event days. However if you drive into the area from the other side Turner St no such signs exists, just old signs on lamp posts. Even Google maps in 2012 clearly show that the houses have been demolished. Ive
  18. Over the last 10 years there has been a significant increase in the use of HCEOs to evict tenants from residential property once an order for possession has been granted by the County Court. This increase has in large been due to underinvestment in the Court Service and the lengthy delays by the County Court Bailiffs at each court. In recent years these delays have been as long as 4 months Understandably landlords have looked for a quicker resolution to getting their property back. Step in the HCEO. However, for an HCEO to be able to enforce a possession order against any
  19. I am on a fixed 5 year lease. I am trading on a A1 licence (coffee shop). The landlord just put a application in to the council to change use (commercial to residential) however my contract is for another 2 years. The council did not make a decision yet, but due to the government changes they made it easier for landlords to get a change of use. What can I do?
  20. I rented a flat from Alba Residental for 14 months. In those 14 months, the toilet flooded 3 times. Rather than replacing the shredder system they kept sending out plumbers who kept saying that there was nothing they could do to prevent any future blockages. When I moved in the flat was disgusting and nothing had been cleaned. Alba sent two cleaners who surface cleaned the flat. I ended up cleaning the entire flat myself after that. When I moved out, I left the place spotless. Alba came up with a massive list of items which they considered needed cleaning or replacement. The thing
  21. Hey guys, I was issued a PCN today when I was visiting a customer On First Avenue in Manor Park (Newham Council, London). It appears that they've recently introduced a Residential Parking Zone in July 2013, and as I've previously parked here when there weren't any restrictions, I didn't realise. What made it worse was that there were no road markings (i.e. no bay markings, no single yellow lines etc.), and I had to drive back onto the start of the road to see a small sign indicating the parking zone, and then I realised there were more sign posts on the road. Don't get me wrong,
  22. Hi everybody. I have been living in my residential estate for the last 6 years. I have changed my car a couple of months ago and swapped my residential permit over to my new car, but unfortunately, I forgot to delete the old reg number and re-write the new one on it. Today I spotted a parking notice which says "parked without displaying a valid parking permit." It was issued by Park Direct Uk member of BPA. I was wondering if it is worth to appeal it or just pay it before the 14th day for a discounted sum of £60 from £100. Your advice would be very appreciated. Car
  23. My daughter currently resides in a supported living placement funded by housing benefit and gets full IB/DLA high care/low mobility, the placement is breaking down and she's dreadfully unhappy, something with more structure was recommended by social worker and this would have to be residential care which actually will suit her Autistic Spectrum Disorder. What would happen to her benefits, I was told she would keep her mobility allowance and another £28 a week for essentials like clothes the rest going towards the care home, or do social services totally fund the care package and any benefits w
  24. Please delete this thread. Thanks. Owen.
  25. Hi I am the occupier of a flat in a development where we have 70+ flats in my building but only 37 parking spaces which are all allocated to whoever paid for them. There are a LOT of people who park on the kerb or where they can find a space without blocking anyone in. This has worked without issues for many number of months until recently when we all got letters to advise parking enforcements were coming in. The letters were dated 20th May 2013 and the enforcement starts from 28th May 2013 and there are now signs on the poles threatening of £100 fine for any cars parked
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