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  1. £1750.00 It was paid to the Hay and Straw supplier direct to settle an invoice. Yes has the bank details and will pay back in full once the horses are sold, with Reference Loan repayment.
  2. Ok putting it simply When does a loan become an investment, if the person who lent the money decides this. No written contracts Will not accept payments from the person she loaned too. And now says she has invested in the Livery yard. without the owner agreeing she could invest.
  3. Right I have pushed for more info, The farmer who owns the land and the stables, is applying for Planning for 42 more (35 at the moment) but not all full) he intends to invest big money to bring it up to standard . The loan was given before this person was aware of the above, In my opinion the Loaner saw an opportunity, once this info was made available, I have work it out if all were full livery the turn over would be £29,000 per month with a profit of approximately, £5000 per month, I can see the reason behind the change . As said before original
  4. Thanks for responding dx 100uk There was no paperwork nothing in writing at all
  5. I am posting on behalf of a friend, I understand not ideal, but she has issues that need advise and is not comfortable asking for advise. Back ground She runs a livery and stud farm, Earlier this year she thought she had sold one of her foals, but this fell through due to new owner not being able to make payments, for what ever reason, also not convince the foal would be safe, In between time she purchased a colt, this left her short of finance, stupid i know but was an impulse purchases. She took a Loan and the agreement was it would be paid back in instalments f
  6. The lower limit for bankruptcy is now I believe £7000 so I can not see how they can make you bankrupt , Best you look on the insolvency site, more likely they said bankruptcy to frighten you and will be a ccj
  7. No Ticket on Windscreen in Photo only front and rear photographed inducing windscreen 23-06-18 alleged offence Notice to registered keeper dated 03-07-18 Received 06-07-18 UK Car Park Management Schedule 4 mentioned Cut Throat Lane Witham Essex
  8. Thank you DX I will post up a later, And no it is not a case of the vanishing Ticket They have taken a photo of the front screen with out it
  9. Hi all I have received a PCN through the post, This is the first time I was aware, Does CPM have to put a ticket on the windscreen rather than send the PCN with pictures through the post This is not an ANPR it was one of their goons checking Thanks in advanced
  10. No this county court case was to do with Chrisy Morris when he was arrested he must have appealed or something as i thought his case was in November last year, Now been found not guilty and the judge ripped into the prosecution because of the incorrect paper work. and apparently not showing the warrant on request
  11. Thanks BA it was not showing the warrant, it was more that the warrant was gained by deceit, by stating it was for a trespasser/squatter, BA can you explain why the warrant does not have to be shown when asked, if it is incorrect how can it be questioned?
  12. Just to give you some insight Mr Morris has got off because the EA had the incorrect paperwork the eviction was an N293a (think i have this correct) Apparently the Owner of the house was a trespasser according to the claimant. so the claimant put before the court misleading information. so I can understand why he was found not Guilty. even more reason to check the paperwork from any EA.
  13. The Bankruptcy should not be a problem as it is the final solution. Not an easy ride and will cause a few problems but you will be debt free. I believe you have to have debt over a certain amount £5000 or £7000 not sure
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