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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'll try and keep it quick as it is a bit of a headache. July 2014 started working for a small local business. No contract signed. Dec 2014 found out I was pregnant. Jan 2015 told employer I was pregnant. We discussed my Maternity Leave starting on July 3rd. I tried to make all of my maternity appointments on days I was not working, even changing midwives. Due to my health this was not always possible. I had a few sick days in Jan / Feb due to pregnancy illnesses and depression. Feb 2015 prescribed 25mg Amitriptyline which was doubled to 50mg after 7 days. Also prescribed Codeine and referred to a physio for PGP. My boss knew all of my health issues. 16th March signed off for depression from 16th-23rd March. On 23rd March my boss text me to ask why I wasn't in work, I tried explaining that the sick note was inclusive of 23rd and I would be back following shift which was on the following weds. He said I was wrong and phoned his gp who said I should have been back at work that day than phoned my GP who said my next day at work was Wednesday. The text messaging went bck and forth for a little while and actually made me very ill that day. I went back to GP that day who was not happy my boss had phoned his surgery and signed me off again and said it was inclusive of dates and if I didn't feel any better by following Friday than to go in and see him again. 23rd March signed off for depression from 23rd - 30th March. Friday 27th March went back to see my GP as my depression was getting worse and Amitriptyline was doubled again to 100mg. Text my boss to say I had been signed off for another 2 weeks (27th March to 10th April) I text my boss to say I had been signed off and he text back saying he needed sick notes that day and I also needed to phone him. I phoned him that afternoon and he said he was in a bit of a predicament and he either needed to reduce my shifts to one day a week or lay me off. The discussion ended up going in the direction of me being 'laid off'. I specifically asked him if I was being fired or made redundant and he said 'no, you are being laid off. it's different'. The conversation was quite amicable, he knew I wasn't well and I think he was genuinely concerned for my health. I said on the phone I understand his situation and I would be leaving soon to go on maternity leave. There was no discussion about any notice or when my final day was, I assumed it was that day. On 2nd May I received my p45 in post with a couple of old payslips and a payslip dated 4th April with SSP payment and an overpaid holiday deduction. I have not received this final pay. Can I ask him to send me this in a cheque? We used to get paid cash weekly on a Friday for hours worked that week and I was once paid by cheque as he didn't have enough cash on him to pay. The p45 also has my leaving day down as 4th April and is dated 2nd April. I have had no contact with my previous employer since that conversation on 27th March. My boyfriend took my sicknotes down to him on 27th March as I just couldn't face it. I really want to have as little contact with my previous employer as possible, the whole situation made me worse when I was already quite ill and I am starting to get better and don't want to do anything to knock me back down or affect my health or the babies health. Can I text him to ask him to send me a cheque for the final pay amount? I really don't want to talk to him as I have been worrying since I got my p45 on Saturday. I didn't even realise I was owed and SSP and tbh I could really do with it now as I have no income until I get my Statuary Maternity Allowance in a few weeks. Thank you all for reading my post x
  2. Hey guys, A quick run down of the history of this situation: - Started employment in January 2013 at a relatively new web development company - Began going downhill and it had an impact on my mental health - Fought on, but resigned in October 2013 - giving extra notice up until the last working day of December - Four weeks later I was taken ill, informed my Project Manager and within 2 hours I received an email that said I'd been a brilliant employee but as of immediate notice my employment was terminated. This was allowed as I had worked my 4 weeks notice. --- I immediately contacted ACAS and pointed out my contract stated a minimum notice period of 6 weeks, and was informed this was unlawful dismissal.I calculated holiday leave and ensured this was paid. I informed my previous employers that ACAS were interested in the timing of my dismissal with regards to my health, that they felt there were grounds for action for Unlawful Dismissal, and that I was due holiday leave. After a very quick change of tone in the emails I backtracked, out of sympathy as the company has gone down the drain with everyone leaving, and informed them I really didn't want to cause any harm - I enjoyed working there and liked everyone as colleagues and as friends. As such I was going to overlook the dismissal issue and presume it was done in my best interests, and that by paying me up to the end of the month they were paying my holiday leave off anyway. (I was nice. Possibly wrongly, but within 4 hours of them telling me I had no job - I had an offer for the next week.) I then asked for reference(s), preferably one from each director; and highlighted the fact I had hardly received any payslips throughout the 10 months I was employed there. I also requested my P45 - they promised this would be done ASAP. --- The next week I still felt like I'd been dumped on, and was rather annoyed to see that despite starting a new job - and despite the fact that they had terminated MY employment with NO notice - I had emails and missed calls; asking for assistance on a project! If they gave me the grace of ONE DAY then they would've got all my handover documentation. It wasn't a malicious decision, but I thought it was best to not answer the calls during my new office hours - and I genuinely felt uncomfortable about assisting them voluntarily. (I had signed a Non-Compete Agreement with the new company after all...!) Unfortunately, as I had followed their instructions to the letter and returned the company macbook pro in the state I received it - newly formatted, there was nothing to be gleaned from this device either. It was after receiving the macbook pro that they stopped all communications. I know full well that there was no data on the machine, so there is nothing that would've reflected badly on me. Had I not formatted it then the only things that could've reflected badly would've been job posting bookmarks anyway. (Besides, it had an encrypted home directory and I never shared my passwords.) Over the next few weeks I realised I still had access to client data, so removed my access to any of it - this was a concern of mine when I realised some of the people who still had access to the data hadn't been involved in the company throughout my whole time there. Knowing this was probably an issue as per the DPA.. once again, I felt uncomfortable, but wanted to leave on the best of terms - so turned a blind eye. -- It's now week 7 and I have received nothing from them; they have, to put it bluntly, shirked their responsibilities and broken their promises. I feel like an idiot for being nice and feel as though my (attempted) act of kindness just gave them an excuse to try and take liberties. Any ideas of where to go next? I'm on a business trip to Sweden for two weeks soon, and want this sorted out as soon as possible really. It's worth mentioning that I have recently cleared my finances out and I'm saving for a deposit on a flat with my girlfriend: but of course, I have no proof of income beyond a December payslip. Additionally, I'm being taxed heavily (according to my new employer, although I didn't notice anything) due to submitting a P46 and not a P45. Annnndddd lastly, I needed two references before I even started this job; but it appears my work has been reference enough - however I am aware that this could crop up in the next two months during my probationary period and cause me issues if they then request them. I'm thinking of emailing them both (read; the other directory too; who poured inheritance in to this venture - just to see it wasted away by some curious decisions that he refuses to get involved with) and informing HMRC tomorrow. (Although I was waiting 30 minutes last time I tried to ring HMRC...!) However I'm beginning to consider whether it may be worth scraping the niceties and bringing up the Unlawful Dismissal and the health issues once more; I let them go in order to save a good friendship and so as to help keep some life in that company: but I've achieved nothing. Sorry for a bit of a rant, thought it best to try and explain as much as possible! Cheers guys!
  3. Hi, not sure if this is the right section to post - mods feel free to move to a more suitable section if necessary. Any advice on the following issue(s) appreciated. I work for a large employer and we are told that in a couple of months our payslips will no longer be printed on-site. Our BACS wage payments will continue to be processed by our employer's accounts dept as usual, however our payslips will no longer be physically printed. We will have access to all payslip information via a 3rd party website using a personal / work email address and password (apparently the 3rd party are used by other companies already and use proper web access encryption etc). Initial indications are that employees will be able to opt out (either due to no web access at home or for personal reasons) from this on-line payslip system and continue to receive traditional printed payslips as we do now, however our employer expects the number opting out to be the exception rather than the rule. If opted out then it is not clear if the payslip information will still be sent to the 3rd party or not - opted out employees will receive a printed payslip but not receive access to the 3rd party on-line system. Now, With regard to DPA requirements, does our employer have the right to pass our name, hourly rate, salary, NI number and tax code to this 3rd party. I do not think we have signed anything on our employment contracts permitting personal detail disclosure to 3rd parties and there is nothing (yet) within the employers HR procedures regarding this. Before the system goes live we will have slips to complete with an email address to be used for the sytem and a 'tick box' to agree to the system - will this cover the company regarding DPA? Thanks for any observations and input.
  4. My ex-employer never used to provide me payslips printed in official stationary. They used to provide them electronically to my company's email account, to which I don't have access anymore. These electronic payslips are not accepted as proof of income by banks and govt. agencies. I contacted them to provide me the payslips in company headed paper or stamp and sign them. So I can use them as proof of income. However, they are not replying to my email and their HR seems unreachable over the phone. I really need these to prove my income of the period I worked for them and cannot do without them. I only worked their for 6 months during 2011-2012, so they only need to print 6 payslips. I also informed them in my email that, if there's a reasonable amount service charge to produce these payslips in company headed paper, I will pay that. I would really appreciate your advice.
  5. hi, i have been off work sick for 8 months and i will be leaving soon due to ill health. during my time off i have received 26 weeks full pay {company discretionary sick pay} and 13 weeks half pay. this has all come to an end and i am now getting nothing but am about to claim ESA i was told by my employers that the SSP i received was offset against my company sick pay but all of my wage slips just state basic pay and there is no mention of SSP or company sick pay despite the company's terms and conditions stating that all sick pay entitlements will be itemized on my wage slips. i have also found some law stating that pay slips should be itemized but it is all rather vague and not very specific. i have also learned that where an employer knows the employee is on long term sick that they have a legal obligation to send them a SSP1 form on the 23rd week of the 28 week cycle of SSP entitlement. my SSP ran out on the 23rd March and i have received nothing. have i got grounds for court action? i am also trying to unearth some more things to build a solid case
  6. Hi I on ESA and work 2 hours per week from home which I've done for a few years. Every year I have to send in 5 payslips as they check you don't earn over the £20 threshold, which I don't. However, there have been a couple of problems with DWP returning the payslips; Once they sent them to a disability organisation I never had any involvement with but, as the employers name were on them, the organisation sent the payslips to them. My manager then came home to me with the payslips, he was angry as they contained personal information and couldn't understand why they were sent to the organisation in the first place. The second time,2012, they were not returned and to date they have still not been returned. I now have to send in a letter about annual pay increase as well as the payslip with my new wage on. Are the DWP allowed to keep any original letters and payslips?
  7. I have not received a payslip for the last 4 months, and only able to obtain copies after a lot of hassle. HR Connect, who deal with this, have said they sent them to the wrong address? I thought it was illegal to not receive a payslip?
  8. Hi everyone! I have a question regarding payslips and a third party wanting to see them. We have been employed on a contract in UK where we are to meet a minimum pay structure. We have issued a company statement to the effect that we meet or exceed these rates of pay, but we have been asked to provide evidence by supplying one of our operatives payslips to prove it. Is this legal? Surely this would contravene all laws under the Data Protection Act. Please advise as we are not sure how to proceed. Many thanks.
  9. I left my job 3 weeks ago, we didn't part on good terms and when i went to see them for my final pay, i got into an argument with them and they were saying that i owe them money as ive taken too much holiday. I still haven't received any payslips or my P45 which they originally said they would post, this was before the argument. Can they withhold this from me because i "owe" them money?
  10. My sons employer seems to be very lax at giving out payslips. Some months they don't get them until the end of the next month. This month he needs his and he's been paid today but no payslip .................. again. Also he's told that he's paid by BACS, Not true, its funds transfer and it costs them nothing. Oh last point, they're done by outside company This has caused problems too. he's sorting out something in there and they need proof of earning.
  11. can an employer withold your payslip?i work for a private healthcare group and a notice was put up in the staffroom saying if i didn't provide my passport details then I would not receive my payslip.I do not have a passport so where can I go from here?
  12. After working for a business for several years a friend of mine told me that i was required to be given payslips by my boss, this i was always unsure of so i questioned my boss as to why i never had payslips to which she stated that she didnt have too, i felt quite intimidated by my boss and even though I knew she was lying, I didn't want to question her back as she would make my life a living hell. After working under her for several years, i left a couple of months ago as the relationship with my boss could not go on any longer due to certain reasons. On leaving i decided to go self employed and around about the same time i found out i was pregnant. As a result i requested my payslips and P45 from my ex boss through a 3rd person as i couldnt get in touch with my boss. Several weeks later i was informed through this 3rd person that my payslips and P45 had been sent through to an ex boyfirends address, an address i hadn't lived at for nearly 3 years and my boss knew this as she used to pick me up from my home address. I am now in a situation and i dont know what to do as i require my payslips as part of my maternity pay. Any advice would be great.
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