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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'll try and keep it quick as it is a bit of a headache. July 2014 started working for a small local business. No contract signed. Dec 2014 found out I was pregnant. Jan 2015 told employer I was pregnant. We discussed my Maternity Leave starting on July 3rd. I tried to make all of my maternity appointments on days I was not working, even changing midwives. Due to my health this was not always possible. I had a few sick days in Jan / Feb due to pregnancy illnesses and depression. Feb 2015 prescribed 25mg Amitriptyline which was doubled to 50mg after 7 da
  2. Hey guys, A quick run down of the history of this situation: - Started employment in January 2013 at a relatively new web development company - Began going downhill and it had an impact on my mental health - Fought on, but resigned in October 2013 - giving extra notice up until the last working day of December - Four weeks later I was taken ill, informed my Project Manager and within 2 hours I received an email that said I'd been a brilliant employee but as of immediate notice my employment was terminated. This was allowed as I had worked my 4 weeks notice. --- I imm
  3. Hi, not sure if this is the right section to post - mods feel free to move to a more suitable section if necessary. Any advice on the following issue(s) appreciated. I work for a large employer and we are told that in a couple of months our payslips will no longer be printed on-site. Our BACS wage payments will continue to be processed by our employer's accounts dept as usual, however our payslips will no longer be physically printed. We will have access to all payslip information via a 3rd party website using a personal / work email address and password (apparently the 3rd party are
  4. My ex-employer never used to provide me payslips printed in official stationary. They used to provide them electronically to my company's email account, to which I don't have access anymore. These electronic payslips are not accepted as proof of income by banks and govt. agencies. I contacted them to provide me the payslips in company headed paper or stamp and sign them. So I can use them as proof of income. However, they are not replying to my email and their HR seems unreachable over the phone. I really need these to prove my income of the period I worked for them and
  5. hi, i have been off work sick for 8 months and i will be leaving soon due to ill health. during my time off i have received 26 weeks full pay {company discretionary sick pay} and 13 weeks half pay. this has all come to an end and i am now getting nothing but am about to claim ESA i was told by my employers that the SSP i received was offset against my company sick pay but all of my wage slips just state basic pay and there is no mention of SSP or company sick pay despite the company's terms and conditions stating that all sick pay entitlements will be itemized on my wage slips.
  6. Hi I on ESA and work 2 hours per week from home which I've done for a few years. Every year I have to send in 5 payslips as they check you don't earn over the £20 threshold, which I don't. However, there have been a couple of problems with DWP returning the payslips; Once they sent them to a disability organisation I never had any involvement with but, as the employers name were on them, the organisation sent the payslips to them. My manager then came home to me with the payslips, he was angry as they contained personal information and couldn't understand why they were sen
  7. I have not received a payslip for the last 4 months, and only able to obtain copies after a lot of hassle. HR Connect, who deal with this, have said they sent them to the wrong address? I thought it was illegal to not receive a payslip?
  8. Hi everyone! I have a question regarding payslips and a third party wanting to see them. We have been employed on a contract in UK where we are to meet a minimum pay structure. We have issued a company statement to the effect that we meet or exceed these rates of pay, but we have been asked to provide evidence by supplying one of our operatives payslips to prove it. Is this legal? Surely this would contravene all laws under the Data Protection Act. Please advise as we are not sure how to proceed. Many thanks.
  9. I left my job 3 weeks ago, we didn't part on good terms and when i went to see them for my final pay, i got into an argument with them and they were saying that i owe them money as ive taken too much holiday. I still haven't received any payslips or my P45 which they originally said they would post, this was before the argument. Can they withhold this from me because i "owe" them money?
  10. My sons employer seems to be very lax at giving out payslips. Some months they don't get them until the end of the next month. This month he needs his and he's been paid today but no payslip .................. again. Also he's told that he's paid by BACS, Not true, its funds transfer and it costs them nothing. Oh last point, they're done by outside company This has caused problems too. he's sorting out something in there and they need proof of earning.
  11. can an employer withold your payslip?i work for a private healthcare group and a notice was put up in the staffroom saying if i didn't provide my passport details then I would not receive my payslip.I do not have a passport so where can I go from here?
  12. After working for a business for several years a friend of mine told me that i was required to be given payslips by my boss, this i was always unsure of so i questioned my boss as to why i never had payslips to which she stated that she didnt have too, i felt quite intimidated by my boss and even though I knew she was lying, I didn't want to question her back as she would make my life a living hell. After working under her for several years, i left a couple of months ago as the relationship with my boss could not go on any longer due to certain reasons. On leaving i decided to go sel
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