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  1. Surely his name will be the previous keeper on the V5 when you get it back from DVLA with your details on it.
  2. Hi all, So after a couple of calls and an email Amazon aren't budging, it's return for a refund only, which I have now done. Disappointed that they failed to acknowledge the (underhand, I believe) change to the item product page description between the initial order and their fulfillment of my order but at least I'm left in the same position as if I'd never ordered in the first place. Thank you all for all your comments.
  3. Thanks Spud / Bazza, I'll update the thread tomorrow after I've called.
  4. Hi, Looking for some advice regarding 3 phones (3 of the same phone) I pre-ordered on Amazon's website (seller is Amazon). I received 2 of them today but they are not the phones I ordered (I ordered Doogee BL5000 in blue, received Doogee X10's in black), the X10's are significantly lower spec. The product page has changed since I pre-ordered from BL5000 to X10. I went on their online chat to explain the situation and ask regarding the third phone that was despatched today. The Amazon rep assured me the phone despatched today would be the correct one, assuring me that if I return
  5. So, update time. Printer was collected by their nominated carrier and full refund has now been processed back to my payment method. Thanks all for your input.
  6. Hi all, So after a few frustrating emails over the weekend the printer is being collected this week. I will update the thread once I have received my refund.
  7. Hi rebel11, Would you suggest that I return the printer against the RMA that has been issued or store the printer safely until this is resolved (the RMA is only valid for about another week), I'm concerned that I may run out of time and the RMA will expire leaving me no option for its return.
  8. I could buy some remanufactured ones but didn't think it would be necessary straight away, I wouldn't want the retailer to try and use that as an excuse (non original cartridges) if there were any future issues with the printer
  9. Hi, the retailer is dabs. I stated I wanted an RMA for the printer as it does not contain any ink cartridges and I no longer want the printer.
  10. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice regarding a 'used' printer I bought recently from a major online retailer. There were a number of printers of the same model advertised with separate 'add to basket' buttons. Icons next to each printer indicated which were fully functional and came with all accessories, software, manuals etc. Text description for some of the printers stated that no ink cartridges were supplied, others stated 'Customer return - item has been opened but is in excellent condition'. I purchased one of the printers whose icons indicated it was fully functional with
  11. Hi bluestar83 Regarding the payslips, make sure that they have plans in place for when an employee leaves the company - will they still have access to their payslips online? If a mortgage provider (or any other organisation) requires copies of payslips will your employer be able to print them off for you (if the organisation doesn't accept your printed copy)? Regarding the background checks / birth certificate, I believe that some jobs require it but I don't know a lot about that - wait for someone more knowledgeable to answer that one.
  12. Hi, not sure if this is the right section to post - mods feel free to move to a more suitable section if necessary. Any advice on the following issue(s) appreciated. I work for a large employer and we are told that in a couple of months our payslips will no longer be printed on-site. Our BACS wage payments will continue to be processed by our employer's accounts dept as usual, however our payslips will no longer be physically printed. We will have access to all payslip information via a 3rd party website using a personal / work email address and password (apparently the 3rd party are
  13. OK, my holding defence to the court (bit long maybe, but I want the court to see the difficulty that IND are causing), Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to bring to the attention of the court the Claimants disregard of the court order made by ******** dated ** March 2012 (stamped by the court on ** March) [the order], and ******** dated ** May 2012 (stamped by the court on ** May) [the amended order] for disclosure of documents that would enable the Defendant to prepare a proper defence and the determination of the claim. The order required the Claimant to, a, Pay the Defendant
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