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  1. Hi everyone I am having a terrible time of late and this letter has just about done me! On Sat I received a letter from BW Legal dated 13/05/2015 on behalf of Lowell (I'm pretty sure they are the same company?) saying 'A COUNTY COURT JUDGMENT HAS BEEN ENTERED AGAINST YOU' 'On 17 April 2014 our client obtained a County Court Judgment against you in the sum of £420.50 in the Northamptonshire (County Court Bulk Centre) under claim number ********' Details of this judgment will be enterd in a public register, the Register of County Court Judgments, That information will then be passed to credit reference agencies which will have an adverse impact on your credit file' 'Unless the full amount of £420.50 is received in this office within 10 days of this letter, we will seek our Client's instructions to enforce the County Court Judgment against you' Have I got a CCJ? I have tried checking my credit report today but it says it is not available. I already pay Lowell £6 each a month off 4 accounts I already have with them. Why would I not have set payment up for this one as well? I don't remember receiving any letters saying I was being taken to court. It is for an old JD Williams Catalogue debt. I am 6 months pregnant, I lost my job in March and have no income apart from housekeeping money my boyfriend gives me, until my Maternity Allowance gets sorted out and I am back on anti depressants so I really don't need any more crap piling on top of me. Can anyone help me out with this situation and what to do next. Many thanks Lisa
  2. Hello everyone, I'll try and keep it quick as it is a bit of a headache. July 2014 started working for a small local business. No contract signed. Dec 2014 found out I was pregnant. Jan 2015 told employer I was pregnant. We discussed my Maternity Leave starting on July 3rd. I tried to make all of my maternity appointments on days I was not working, even changing midwives. Due to my health this was not always possible. I had a few sick days in Jan / Feb due to pregnancy illnesses and depression. Feb 2015 prescribed 25mg Amitriptyline which was doubled to 50mg after 7 days. Also prescribed Codeine and referred to a physio for PGP. My boss knew all of my health issues. 16th March signed off for depression from 16th-23rd March. On 23rd March my boss text me to ask why I wasn't in work, I tried explaining that the sick note was inclusive of 23rd and I would be back following shift which was on the following weds. He said I was wrong and phoned his gp who said I should have been back at work that day than phoned my GP who said my next day at work was Wednesday. The text messaging went bck and forth for a little while and actually made me very ill that day. I went back to GP that day who was not happy my boss had phoned his surgery and signed me off again and said it was inclusive of dates and if I didn't feel any better by following Friday than to go in and see him again. 23rd March signed off for depression from 23rd - 30th March. Friday 27th March went back to see my GP as my depression was getting worse and Amitriptyline was doubled again to 100mg. Text my boss to say I had been signed off for another 2 weeks (27th March to 10th April) I text my boss to say I had been signed off and he text back saying he needed sick notes that day and I also needed to phone him. I phoned him that afternoon and he said he was in a bit of a predicament and he either needed to reduce my shifts to one day a week or lay me off. The discussion ended up going in the direction of me being 'laid off'. I specifically asked him if I was being fired or made redundant and he said 'no, you are being laid off. it's different'. The conversation was quite amicable, he knew I wasn't well and I think he was genuinely concerned for my health. I said on the phone I understand his situation and I would be leaving soon to go on maternity leave. There was no discussion about any notice or when my final day was, I assumed it was that day. On 2nd May I received my p45 in post with a couple of old payslips and a payslip dated 4th April with SSP payment and an overpaid holiday deduction. I have not received this final pay. Can I ask him to send me this in a cheque? We used to get paid cash weekly on a Friday for hours worked that week and I was once paid by cheque as he didn't have enough cash on him to pay. The p45 also has my leaving day down as 4th April and is dated 2nd April. I have had no contact with my previous employer since that conversation on 27th March. My boyfriend took my sicknotes down to him on 27th March as I just couldn't face it. I really want to have as little contact with my previous employer as possible, the whole situation made me worse when I was already quite ill and I am starting to get better and don't want to do anything to knock me back down or affect my health or the babies health. Can I text him to ask him to send me a cheque for the final pay amount? I really don't want to talk to him as I have been worrying since I got my p45 on Saturday. I didn't even realise I was owed and SSP and tbh I could really do with it now as I have no income until I get my Statuary Maternity Allowance in a few weeks. Thank you all for reading my post x
  3. I'll be honest, I have no idea what it was for but it definitely wouldn't have been a secure loan as I've never had one out. I did have a loan from Welcome Finance but that was paid of years ago. I'll see if I can find this letter they sent and see if that can shed any light on it. I've checked my credit report and nothing is showing up from Robinson Way on it x Thanks for all your replys guys
  4. Good morning eveyone. I had a phone call from Robinson Way this morning about a shopacheck debt I apparantly owe. I asked when the debt was from as I've lived at my current address for 8 years and I don't think I owe the debt, he said 2003 and I said so your chasing a 12 year old debt? I'm pretty sure I don't owe it and it's statute barred and hung the phone up. Have I admitted ownership or anything? I don't know if I owe the debt, I had a call from robinson way a few weeks back and she asked me for my previous address and I said I've lived here 8 years and she said oh I better send you a letter out. I don't know if I've made a payment since I moved here. I vaguely remember shopacheck but I honestly don't know if I had a loan out or not. Many thanks in advance for your help Lisa x
  5. Joining Slimming World was definately one of my better decisione. Since joining on 23rd Januay I have lost 1st 4.5lbs. The range of meals you can cook is fantastic. BBQ Chicken Melt, Fakeaway, Big Mac in a bowl, Slimming World Chips. I look forward to my weekly class, the support is great and there is no judgement. If you put on weight, you get support . It's what I need to be able to lose weight. It's not for everyone tho and it does take a bit of getting used too with the syn values and Healtjy Extras but there are lots of support groups and forums out there as well.
  6. i've been having troulbe accessing my online claim so emailed MCOL and they have said to submit my defence by email. I am assuming I fil in the Defence form and scan it and send it back. What is my defence? Do I put down that these are mainly made up of charges and I want to claim them back? What do I do after I have submitted my defence as well? Do I SAR Lowell or JD Williams?
  7. ok, i'm going to dispute all of the claim, what does contest jurisdiction mean?
  8. I'm a bit confused as to what to do next. I want to defend this claim but what do I do next, do I fill in an Acknowledgement of service, Do I admit only part of the claim (I will pay for anything I purchased but not the charges and admin fees. I'm pretty sure the admin fees and charges will amount to more than the claim id for but don't want to do anything wrong that will get me in trouble)
  9. yes, I want to defend, it says I can go online. I think I have a few more days before the deadline. Issue date 18/02/2014 + 5 days (day of service) = 23/01/2014 + 14 days to respond = 09/03/2014. Is this right? than another 14 days to send in a defence?
  10. Thank you I wondered where it had gone. These are the particulars of the claim. The claimant's Claim is for the sum of £xxx.xx being monies due from the defendant to the Claimant under a Mail Order agreement regulated by the Consuer credit Act 1974 between the Defendant and (Catalogue). Under account reference number xxxxxxxx and assigned to the Claimant on 20/12/2012 notice of which has been given to the defendant. The defendant failed to maintain the contractual payment under the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served and not complied with. The claim also includes statuary interest pursuant to section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at a rate of 8.00% per annum (a daily rate of 0.05) from the date of issue (17/02/2014) being an amount of 21.25. I don't know how relevant it it but I'm pretty sure I never signed a credit agreement and the catalogue was taken out before 2007. Lisa x
  11. Hello everyone, I took out a JD Williams catalogue in 2003, I defaulted in 2009. The debt was with Reliable Collections until it was sold to Lowell Portfolio in Dec 2012. The original debt was £815, it is now £240. I couldn't tell you when I last made a payment, I was hoping to reclaim charges but never got round to doing it. I received claim form from Northampton County Court last week and I don't really know what to do. The total amount they are claiming for is £326.25. I don't want this to go to court. The money I owe is mainly made up of charges, which is why I was going to try and reclaim them. What do I do? I want to defend it but tbh I am quite scared by the whole court thing. any thanks Lisa x
  12. Is there a way I can get thwm to remove the defaults while I try and reclaim the charges back?
  13. Sorry, the default date is 14/03/13 on both entries Shapely figures account opened on 01/03/07 Simply Be acccount opened on 02/03/2007 I made regular payments up until Nov last year as I have had no income since than I hope that makes more sense. I do tend to confuse people
  14. hello again, I have just checked my credit file and now have a defaults from Shapely Figures and Simply Be added on 14/03/2007, these accounts were opened on 01/02-03-2007 so I assumed it would have dropped off and a default couldn't have been added? Or have I got that completely wrong? (it has been known). regards I haven't had any money to pay these accounts but I really don't want any more defaults. Is there anything I can do to get them removed? Lisa x
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