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Found 13 results

  1. .. I sent off a CCA request six months ago which has not been provided, the account is in dispute, i have been receiving 'arrears' letters since. My question is, would it help to send back the latest arrears letter with a "No contract. Return to sender" label, or sit on my hands? Thanks Pencil.
  2. Hello folks, I tried taking out a mobile phone contract with EE in 2016. I was declined and, on contacting EE, was told there were three T-Mobile accounts in my name from 1999-2002 (approx) with an outstanding debt of around £450 in total. I finally got round to sending an SAR letter last month and received a reply today. EE have sent me a couple of pages of account notes but no mention of the outstanding amount(s). Firstly: based on this, I'm pretty certain that EE have sent me incomplete data - however, without knowing how their systems work, I don't know _what_ data they
  3. Hi all, First time here so please let me know if anything in this post should be changed. Backstory: I was in Bulgaria on business in June/July and had no knowledge of my PCN before leaving (turns out my mate moved my car out of his drive into the parking area for a couple hours where I received this PCN). Upon arriving home I find two letters, one being a final reminder sent mid June by VCS and then a debt collection notice sent by ZZPS in mid July. As I was out of the country and couldn't access my mail, I had no idea any of this was happening in my absence
  4. Hi It seems that Cabot Finnace has brought both mine and my wifes credit card debts from Lloyds, they have not provided a CCA in the 12 +2 days. What do I do next?
  5. I asked for a copy of a CCA agreement from Drysdens / Max Recovery recently. A letter dated March 2016 stated that they were unable to fulfill my request. A letter today from Drysden attached a "copy of the credit agreement conditions". It has none of my details on, nor my signature. The letter says " our client considers the debt due and owing" What do I do now?
  6. Hi I received a parking ticket mid December because I parked in a council car park with out a ticket. The reason why I parked without a ticket was there was signs on the road saying free parking today it was a free day of parking due to Christmas shopping. (I have photographic evidence of the sign advising this) I appealed the charge and sent the council a copy of my photo of the sign, they rejected this and said I have to wait for a notice to owner letter to come out before I can appeal which could take up to 28 days, (this is now nearly three weeks over the 28 days period). My
  7. hi, i have requested the document proof from my creditors they have not provided no documents it is over 14 days, what shall i do? also where do i stand in terms of paying the debt or managing the payments. can i oppose that and get out of not paying. pls advice
  8. It's generally accepted that a CCA doesn't have to be provided when creditors provide information under a SAR, but I've never quite got why that is. A friend recently sent a SAR to Barclaycard, who sent plenty of information up to exactly 10 years old. The one thing that they provided which was older was a copy of a signed application for a card. My friend had other cards with BC too but there were no CCAs or applications for them. Are we right to accept that a CCA doesn't have to be provided in response to a SAR, or are we being hoodwinked?
  9. Hi there. I'm hoping for a bit of advice on where I stand with regard to workplace benefits promised to me but not provided. When I started working for my new employer in February 2013 I was promised enrollment into the one of the company benefit schemes if I achieved a certain target. I met the target in early July and had a meeting with both of my bosses (the company MD and the HR boss) who confirmed that I would now be enrolled with immediate effect. This was put in writing and I completed the application forms for the scheme that afternoon. I thought no more of it unti
  10. Hello all, I am not sure I am writing this thread in the right section, if not, please apologize. I have a doubt about a behavior of Phones4u customer service. I submitted some days ago a complain about a bad treatment I had in one of their shop. They answered me apologizing and offering me a refund of what I spent in their shop. To refund me they asked for my account number and sort code to process a Bank transfer. As I don't trust so much to provide these kind of information via email I asked them to limit the risk if instead of my regular Debit card I could provide th
  11. Hi everyone, So I am a user of the bus usually, one evening I decided to get the train due to being rushed. I boarded the train with my fare in my hand ready and waiting, no conductor came. when I got off at my spot BTP and a national rail inspector were waiting for tickets. I explained no conductor had asked however they stated i should have known to purcahse at a ticket machine.( as explained I dont frequently use the trains I had no idea I was committing an offence by not buying before boarding) I showed them my weekly bus ticket i buy in advance and explained i dont use the trains.
  12. My ex-employer never used to provide me payslips printed in official stationary. They used to provide them electronically to my company's email account, to which I don't have access anymore. These electronic payslips are not accepted as proof of income by banks and govt. agencies. I contacted them to provide me the payslips in company headed paper or stamp and sign them. So I can use them as proof of income. However, they are not replying to my email and their HR seems unreachable over the phone. I really need these to prove my income of the period I worked for them and
  13. Hi Everyone I am new to all these and I have a baby and not much time on my hands at the moment. I wonder if you could help me. I have a credit card with Barclaycard for around 7 years. I have not been using it for a long time but repaying the credit by small amounts (I have about £280 left). I had a PPI on it for several yers and canceled it. I am trying to claim it back myself. I was missold it when I was given a credit card as a purk to my account I do not remember anybody explaing to me about PPI and my English was not that great at the time. I wrote to
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