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  1. Hi thanks for reply, They are majorily credit cards or unsecured personnel loans. Initially took with hsbc, barclays and halifax, over 8-9 yrs ago and i have been paying them min payments as i am in debt management agreement. I have some money given to me which i was hoping to clear few debts via negotiations. But the offers they are willing to accept are much much higher then i can afford to pay. Pls advice
  2. hi guys, i have written to all creditors/debt collection agencies to provide with the agreemnts and sent them postal orders of £1 per agreement, in addition all the letters were posted via recorded delivery. no one has replied and it has been a month now, where do i stand: 1: do i still wait to hear back from them as i have mailed them, fax a request and sent them additional follow up letter but no respond. 2: stop paying them, the negotiated agreed amount. 3: since they cant produce documents, am i in position to negotiate a reduced amount debt deal with them. 4: how much can i of
  3. hi, i have requested the document proof from my creditors they have not provided no documents it is over 14 days, what shall i do? also where do i stand in terms of paying the debt or managing the payments. can i oppose that and get out of not paying. pls advice
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