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  1. This is what I've got from the FOS : I’ve reviewed your complaint since I was last in touch in December. This service can’t consider the complaint for the reasons explained in my email below. But its came to light that we may be able to consider some of the ancillary complaint points you mentioned, including complaint points about the loan being passed to a debt collectors, and being sent harassing letters which caused you a lot of worry.
  2. Recently made a FOS cmplaint about a loan from Nationwide, but their lawyers used to loophole to have the complaint dismissed: they said the FOS can't look into the complaint because it was made six month safter Nationwide's final response letter was sent. The adjudicator got back to me and said I could complain for the stress caused. What I want to know is would this improve my chances of arranging a final settlement offer with them for a reduced amount?
  3. Plusnet complaints have offered about half the money, £150 up from £100, and their excuse is that two accounts were created. The story is I signed up for life mobile on 26/02/2016 and cancelled almost immdiately after. The initial payment to Lifemobile of £6.00 was refunded a week later, but a DD was setup for the account and the account was not cancelled. A month later on 31/03/2016 I signed up for a lifemobile account again at £5.95, made an initial payment and a DD was setup. They have suggested I now go through the ombudsman, or should I go through the direct debit guarantee scheme as Plu
  4. This is my bank statement for a typical month over the past four years, two Plusnet mobile accounts using the same direct debit with the same mandate number. It looks like one account number may have been a typo. Plusnet have offered me £100 (The total taken is more like £400) and responded as below. Can I reclaim through the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme? DIRECT DEBIT PAYMENT TO PLUSNET PLC PAY AC REF KIN731007, MANDATE NO 0013 DIRECT DEBIT PAYMENT TO PLUSNET PLC PAY AC REF KIN7310071, MANDATE NO 0013 After looking at your account I have conclud
  5. The two accounts were set up under the same direct debit in 2016 while I was a customer with Life mobile, plusnet subsequently bought the company and the direct debits went to them. Are Plusnet liable?
  6. I switched mobile provider in December today received a bill from my previous provider PlusNet. After inquiries it turns out a second account was opened with my details two months after I opened the PlusNet account in 2016, and I have been charged at least £6 a month by direct debit for it ever since. There was only ever one direct debit set up for Plusnet, but both payments were taken from it! After going through my emails it does appear I have been receiving two almost identical emails every month, only the number is different - I thought the oth
  7. I probably received an NTK back in 2016 but literally nothing until now. Has procedure been followed? No I haven't moved house since then I would have noticed anything any other letters.
  8. If I did receive an NTK in 2016 it would have gone straight in the shredder, and I haven't moved since 2016.
  9. 1 23/11/2016 & 11/11/2016 2 Date on the NTK DO not have the NTK 3 Date received 12th December 2019 4 na 5 na 6 Have you appealed? N Have you had a response? na 7 Who is the parking company? Highview Parking Ltd 8. Where exactly It actually says 'NULL' so I don't know For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure, please check HERE If you have received any other corresp
  10. What a ridiculous response. I would rather this whole thread which includes my personal information was taken down from this website. Are you going to do it as a goodwill gesture or shall I send in a GDPR right to erasure request?
  11. Can anyone verify my complaint please before I send it off to the FOS . My student loan was sold by the Student Loans Company to Erudio in 2014. Erudio sent me a welcome pack, and I also asked for the credit agreements for the loans for my records. I sent my request to Erudio by post with a £1 postal order. I wrote to Erudio six months later, on the 4th November, and again on the 24th November reminding them of my request for the credit agreements. Erudio did not provide the credit agreements until February 2019 this year. My complaint is that
  12. I refer (again) to my latest post #55. I am unemployed at the moment but I have some savings which I want to use in a full and final settlement. I said I want to pay it off, I didn't say anything about statute barring, PAPs, or CCJs or anything like it. A lot of money is involved and I was hoping for more than glib tinpot advice which is frankly what got me in this mess in the first place.
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