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  1. Hello all, I am not sure I am writing this thread in the right section, if not, please apologize. I have a doubt about a behavior of Phones4u customer service. I submitted some days ago a complain about a bad treatment I had in one of their shop. They answered me apologizing and offering me a refund of what I spent in their shop. To refund me they asked for my account number and sort code to process a Bank transfer. As I don't trust so much to provide these kind of information via email I asked them to limit the risk if instead of my regular Debit card I could provide the data of an Orange prepaid Mastercard to make the transfer. They answered me few minutes ago, saying that they cannot transfer money over a SIM card (they didn't even get the difference between an Orange Sim card and an Orange prepaid Mastercard) but the serious problem is that they provided me my bank details (that obviously they had stored for my previous purchase) via email asking simply to confirm them so that they can process the payment. Please note that they provided my sort number completely and my account number hidden except the last 3 numbers. Now I am wondering? They can do that? They can provide sensitive data with such simplicity? I first contacted them without provide any kind of information proving my identity, so what if I were a [problem]mer looking for someone sensitive information? Suggestions & advices? Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Hi Martin, thanks to provide their FSA. Do you think I should contact them too to describe my problem?
  3. Hello Martin, thanks for answer. I know they ask for that documents for the law against fraud and is a good thing what they are asking for and I know also they are doing just their job but I am not happy at all with the poor service they're giving to the consumer. I waste one month to try to apply for the card and when I did it, they ask further information. My main problem is that I don't have most of the documentation they're asking for. I am an european citizen working regularly on UK but obviously I can't have the same documentation of a british citizen. If I knew before the kind of documents I had to provide probably I would have not waste my time for something that technically now I can't get. I would provide the rights documents but I cannot because I don't have them. I checked several prepaid card in UK and that one seemed the more convenient. 5£ to apply for it, no monthly fee, 1600£ per year you can spend online, a little an high fee to withdrawl but for me was ok. I have already a regular Barclays debit card, what I want is just a simply prepaid card to avoid to have provide my financial data on internet when I buy some goods.
  4. Thank you to move it. The brand is Orange but the problem is about a prepaid card mastercard no about problems with telecomunication.
  5. Hello all, I would want share my experience with the Orange prepaid card, to see is someone had the same experience and can indicate me what to do or who I might contact, because to be honest I don't consider the Orange behaviour very correct. I need a prepaid card just to use it on internet to be sure that every time I will buy something, I have not provide the details of my regular bank card. I choosed Orange because it seemed the best deal on the market, but to apply for it, became a very Odyssey. 1st attempt, I was to an Orange shop to ask for a voucher to use to apply for the card later on their web; the guy on the shop said me, no we don't provide vouchers, you have to apply for the card on the web. I thought that probably I had read bad, I had not! You can apply for the card paying by voucher previously bought on the shop, by sms or by bank card paying 4% more for the cost of the transition. 2nd attempt, I came back to the same shop asking again for the voucher, the girl there this time told me that they did not have voucher available at that moment. 3rd attempt, I top up my phone because I have a pay as you go to apply this time by sms. At the moment I should to send a text to the 82023, the phone told me that the number did not exist, so it was not working. I tried also with a phone with a friend of mine, same result, the number they provided on the website did not work. 4th attempt, I was to another shop to ask for this voucher, the girl there answered to me that they don't have among their products the prepaid card, UNBELIVABLE, I had to insist with her to call her manager and ask about the card. After several minutes finally I got the voucher. When at home I applied for the card and the problem seemed solved, was not! After apply I received 3 e-mails by orange: 1) Welcome to Orange Cash. It's great to have you with us. The details of your order are below...etc. Etc. etc. 2) Good news, the payment for your Orange Cash prepaid MasterCard® has been processed successfully. You will receive your card in 7 to 10 business days. Etc. etc. etc. 3) Dear Customer, Thank you for applying for a Orange Cash prepaid MasterCard. In order to help process your application and post your card out to you we require further information. You need to post two documents from the table below to: Orange Cash prepaid MasterCard, PO Box 3371, Swindon, SN5 7WJ Please provide one document from both columns A and B showing your current address. All documents sent as originals must be dated within the last three months or will be classed as invalid. All photocopied identification documents must be within expiry or will be classed as invalid. The documents must be from different columns and you cannot use the same document twice. List A Original or Photocopy Passport Photocopy UK or overseas driving licence (Photocard & Counterpart) Photocopy National Identity card Photocopy Government employer’s identity card, e.g. armed forces, police, etc. Photocopy Benefits agency/local authority letter confirming benefits Original HM Revenue & Customs tax notification (current tax year) Original Residence permit Original IND application registration card Photocopy List B Original or Photocopy Council tax bill Original Gas, electricity or water bill Original Landline telephone bill Original TV, satellite or cable bill Original Bank, building society or credit card statement Original Home or motor insurance certificate/schedule Original Letter from a known employer Original Letter from a university, college, known language school or UCAS Original NHS medical card (under 18s only) Photocopy Tenancy agreement or rent book Original Vehicle registration document (original dated within the last 12 months) Original The below documents can only be accepted if not already provided from list A; Benefits agency/local authority letter confirming your benefits Original HM Revenue & Customs tax notification (current tax year) Original UK driving licence (Photocard & Counterpart) Photocopy Important notes – please read if you are providing identity documents • Any documents must show the same address and be in the same name as the original application. • Any photocopied documents must be clearly readable. • Your passport, driving licence or national ID card must be within the expiry date. • All document listed as ‘Original’ must be within 3 months old or will be considered invalid. • If you’re under 18 and can’t provide any items from list B, you can instead send us a photocopy of your passport along with an item from list B in your parent or guardian’s name. If the identification supplied is sufficient to verify your application, we can also offer you an upgrade*. Should you wish to take advantage of this offer please email Customer Services at the below address. (Do not forget to include your name & address details) *Fees apply see terms and conditions for full details If you do not wish to proceed with the application you must advise us within 14 days. We will require identification documents before any refund is issued. If you have any further queries about this then please feel free to contact us at customer.services AT orangecash.co.uk Kind regards, Customer Service Orange Cash prepaid MasterCard After these emails to be honest I thought if they are kidding and I began to lose my patient. Following my answer. Hello, I received your request of further information about my identity to allow you to send out my card. Why are you asking this documents? In your FAQ section to the question "Do I require ID information to get a card?" the answer on the first sentence says: "Further ID information IS ONLY required if you receive a card with a reduced spending limit AND WISH to upgrade". Furthermore the point 3.5 of "Terms and Conditions" says: If we are unable to satisfactorily verify your identity and address from information provided by you at the time you apply for a Card we will issue you with a Restricted Card. I am not english mother tongue but that seems to me that if I want to upgrade my card, I need to send proof of my identity, if I don't want I will receive my card with the limit of 1.600£ per year. Am I wrong? Moreover about the documents you are asking for, for example the list A says you accept a photocopy of my National Identity Card but below in the "Important Notes" is wrote: "Any documents must show the same address and be in the same name as the original application." What does it mean? How do you suppose you think I can provide a foreign National Identity Card with an UK address? On the list B you ask for "Bank, building society or credit card statement", mine is a Debit card, so must I upgrade to credit card just to provide you the information? Moreover after how long the document will be destroyed after I proved my identity? On that document there are my personal information besides my financial information. So to be honest, for what I have written above, still do not understand why I have to send documents when I just want the prepaid card with the limit of 1.600 £ per year? Waiting for you answer, Have a nice day They replied: Dear Customer Thank you for contacting Customer Services. From our terms and conditions it does state that Identification documents may be required before we can issue a card to you. Unfortunately without the documents we will not be able to process your application. If you do not wish to provide documents, we can certainly cancel the application and process a refund of any application fee you may have paid. Please let us know how you wish to proceed. Kind regards Customer Services Orange Cash Card Sincerely I don't know in wich way they work, they reply back without provide any reference of the terms and condition where they says that they might ask for further information before to issue the card, moreover they did not answer to my questions about the documents. I am very disappointed with them and I think that is just a way to tire people and force them to upgrade the card. Yes because in their terms and conditions they also said that if you want to upgrade your card and to grow up your money limits you have to pay a fee of 5£. I am sorry for the very long thread, but I think in this way I could explain everything properly. Anyone can suggest me what to do? I don't care to lose the money I paid to apply for the card, is just 5£, but they are playing with people, so there is some way here in UK to complain about a company? Some consumer protection o something like that? From my point of view is not very clear what they are doing, and the way they're working on. Many thanks
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