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Found 11 results

  1. Some advice please. My severely disabled daughter (uses an electric wheelchair) and her carer used a car park in Exeter in a Smart Parking car park, but the carer only entered the last 3 letters of the car reg. This is most probably because in our local council car parks you only need the last three letters. The letter states we did not purchase a ticket or it was insufficient time. I still have the ticket and photographic evidence that we paid and parked, so I appealed on their behalf. The appeal was on the grounds that we did not enter the full reg and they are upholding the PCN!! Today we received a letter from a debt recovery company DRP. Any advice as to how to proceed would be appreciated as I feel that this is really harsh.
  2. Hello folks, I tried taking out a mobile phone contract with EE in 2016. I was declined and, on contacting EE, was told there were three T-Mobile accounts in my name from 1999-2002 (approx) with an outstanding debt of around £450 in total. I finally got round to sending an SAR letter last month and received a reply today. EE have sent me a couple of pages of account notes but no mention of the outstanding amount(s). Firstly: based on this, I'm pretty certain that EE have sent me incomplete data - however, without knowing how their systems work, I don't know _what_ data they must hold on me, but at the very least, somewhere, there must be a total amount owed. Secondly: the notes say that I disputed that the accounts were mine (which I did), and EE decided that it wasn't fraud because the accounts were opened using my name, address and date of birth. I genuinely don't remember opening these accounts. How can EE be so certain that I opened these accounts simply by checking that my name, address and date of birth match? I just want these accounts removed from my record so I can, should I still want to, take out a new phone contract with EE. Is there anything I can do here, or do I just need to accept defeat and find a different mobile phone company? Thanks in advance Alex
  3. I recently received a PCN ticket whilst parked in a council run car park in Aylesbury Now, I actually had purchased a ticket and was displaying it, it appears it had slipped down the windscreen slightly, but it was just about visible. Indeed see attached photos, you can see the ticket directly under where the warden stuck the PCN (circled in white) I was going to appeal on this basis, but I have also noticed a problem with the actual PCN. It appears the warden's printer must have been dodgy, as it;s only printed half the text on the ticket. Much of the wording is cut off on the right hand side, the end of the date is missing (the year!!) but most importantly the registration is incomplete! They have only shown the first four characters of the plate - indeed on the payment slip at the bottom there is no registration plate at all! See arrows on photo My question is, can I appeal on the basis of the number plate being incomplete, or should I stick to the fact I had a ticket anyway! I feel rather aggrieved that he ticketed me so absolutely do not want to pay this! Many thanks for any assistance you might be able to give Photos showing ticket in place, assume the warden knocked my ticket down when he stuck the PCN on the windscreen! Incomplete print on actual ticket Here's the actual ticket I had bought and was displaying
  4. On the 14th October at the NEC show we ordered an 300 caravan air awning and an electric air pump together and paid for them upfront by CC. On the 15th October we changed the order to order a bigger awning plus some extras and keeping the electric pump. We received the awning within days however we have not received the electric pump and most of the extras. We were told the extras would be with us mid November, which then became beginning December, then mid december and now mid January 2015! We have waited for more than a reasonable amount of time. We erected the awning to try it out within days of delivery. As we need the electric pump to set it up and one of the extras to prevent condensation we have not been able to use it since. We are tired of waiting and wish to return the awnings and the other item received with it. Can we do this under the Consumer Contracts Regulations as none of the items are custom made and altogether cost us over £1100?
  5. On the 14th October 2014 we ordered an air awning for our caravan plus an electric pump. On the 15th we upgraded the order to a bigger awning and also ordered a roof liner, a carpet for the awning and storm straps. We received the upgraded awning within 2 weeks and carpet however no electric pump which is essential to us as we both suffer from arthritic joints. The roof liner helps prevent condensation in the cooler months. We unpacked the awning and erected it as we needed to make sure that there were no issues with the awning. We have not used it since. We are still waiting for the roof liner, storm straps and electric pump. We are now consideering canelling the order as 3 months later and still no sign of the other goods is getting a bit much. We have been told the electric pump may be with us in Feb and the roof liner sometime in March but we have heard these stories previously. We have written to the supplier by snail mail, but they have not bothered to reply. The manufacturer is the one that gave us the updates on delivery and the manufacturer has not had stock of any of the itemns since October 2014! As only part of the order has been received, can we cancel as it is beyond a reasonable time and also does the supplier have to pay for the collection service. The items were paid for by credit card.
  6. Hi everyone, I've bought a pair of headlamp bulbs, but only one was in the packaging when it arrived. The packaging hadn't been tampered with and it looked like initially, only one was packed. Despite 3 emails in the last week, the online retailer is not answering my calls or emails. What can I do about this? Any help will be appreciated. Paul.
  7. I've SAR'd RBS as during the 1990s I had an RBS credit card, and since 1988 until now I've had a Natwest account. I received what they say is everything today. A list of screen prints listing my account details, and a short list of screen notes. And a list of 2 loan accounts I had with them which contained PPI. RBS sent a letter stating they can't find anything. Is this normally what is expected of them? Although the SAR 40 day limit is next Tuesday, I've called them and they say that's it. Surely there's a list of transactions, lots more notes (it's my main current account) and a considerable amount of data available? The stack of information I had from Capital One was 3 times as thick, and that only contained 3 years worth of information. Also, I know I had a loan account with Natwest in 1990/1991. I don't have details of it, apart from an approximate date and the amount of the loan. I was advised by my local branch that they still hold information on this account from 1990, but the SAR didn't go back this far. If they are still not able to locate this, can I estimate this based on the knowledge that I knew the loan amount, and suggest a reasonable PPI amount based on data available at the time? My SAR request contained the line suggested by DX in order to get them to deliver all types of information in whatever format, so I'm hoping that means I can demand information from a 'relevant filing system'. Does this mean I can get them to search microfiche or other data that may be held at a branch level? Regarding the RBS card account, how far back have people been able to get them to retrieve data from? I suspect they just don't want to search, but if it's a general rule that RBS don't have data from back then, I'll have to use the limited statement data I do have and estimate the amounts. A bit more information on this. Along with the limited information that RBS supplied, I also received a note advising of the loans that they could find. These were from 2002 and 1994, and gave the original loan amount along with the PPI amount. This also had contact details for NatWest's PPI complaint department. I called them to enquire as I was sure there was another loan. Just a 2 minute search by them, and I had the dates and details of a loan I took out in 1990 and paid off in 1994. They advised no PPI was on the loan, but what confuses me is the odd amount I apparently drew on the loan. The requested amount was £3136. I'm fairly sure that I would have taken out a round amount, £2500 or £2800 rings a bell. This seems to fit in with the other loan amounts, the amount drawn on these loans are a round amount. After a couple of other calls to other departments, it was advised to me that their Customer Lending Centre has an archive of old loan agreements going back 25+ years, and a letter to them should give me my agreements. I'm now waiting for this. The RBS MasterCard included a list of transactions going back to about 2001. Very conveniently for them they can't see any record of PPI being on the account - had they gone back just one statement from what they supplied PPI was charged prior to this. Has anybody had experience of RBS supplying older data than this? Although the SAR expired on Tuesday, I'm giving them a further week before I send the failed SAR letter. However, I'd like to be prepared for this. No doubt a number of people on here have had cause to SAR RBS. Do they normally provide a list of transactions and considerable more data than just a few screen prints of the account settings and a short selected summary of a few phone calls? I didn't specifically ask for a particular item. I used the SAR template letter on here along with DX's suggested modified line asking for everything.
  8. I'm dealing with my elderly parents' debt troubles and have a complaint currently with the FOS in respect of the above credit card. In the meantime we sent a SAR in April to see what charges and increases to credit limits/ rates etc had been applied to the above account. We did not receive a reply to the SAR but when we queried it a letter we have now had a letter stating that a DSAR was issued in April "please accept my apologies if this was not received. I have enclosed a copy of the report" The information they have sent is a copy application signed but completed in unknown handwriting with an inflated income figure (presumably to ensure a card could be issued). The page of terms and conditions are too small to read even with glasses and magnifying glass! There is one page of abbreviated notes in the form of a "word" document There is a list of transactions from the account opening but it ends in 2010. On 15th of each month since October 2006 there are two separate amounts noted as "Interest charge" I'm not clear why there are 2 separate amounts on the same date each time and I have no transaction records for the past 3 years. Please could someone advise what I should do next?
  9. Hello, I have just joined this forum after reading some posts that were very interestting and so decided to post my own little question. Here is the story. When i was a little younger I was a huge fan of credit cards and loans and naive enough to spend it all and bury my head. I have not been in touch with any of the lenders or Debt collectors etc However i still get some letters from debt collectors which I still ignore due to financial difficulties. about 4 or 5 years have gone past since and today I have checked my Credit file to find that I have only ONE default showing on my account??? I should have a list of several defaults or CCJ, etc but only one showing a small amount for a parking ticket i think in 2007. My question is where have ALL my other debts go? It hasnt been 6 years yet?? Any help on this matter would be much appreciated. Thank v much in Advace.
  10. Hi everyone, Some time back I called British Gas to report a fault with my boiler. They sent an engineer to assess the fault. The engineer, very amateur, opened the boiler and assessed the issue and told me it will cost £810 to fix it. For this amount, I asked if on completion this will get me back the heating and the Engineer assured me of that. I had a thought over it and the next day I confirmed with British gas to come over to fix the boiler. Another engineer came over and now each time he was telling me there was a new part that need to be changed, which they did not think of. (Professional British Gas Engineer...) At the end of hte day, the guy could still not get me back on the heating. He now said there is a problem with the flu. I said fine, its your job please do it as I need the heating. HE said that BG does not fix or repair the Flu, so I will now have to find a third party for this.. As I have now been without heating for over 2 days, I called a third party in emergency to fix the flu that same evening. I was charged around £500 for parts, labour and emergency call out. I have refused to pay the £810 since as far as I am concerned the engineer did not fix the issue when he left. A debt collector sent me letter and said if I do not pay it can affect my credit or they can ask my work to proceed with the deductions. Are they allowed to do this as well? I would like to know if I still have to pay British Gas the £810 as when they left the boiler was still not fixed and I was still not on hot water. Many thanks, Jenny
  11. Hello guys. I have just had a response from the Natwest to the SAR i requested on the 15/05/2012. basicly all they given me is a small table of the 6 loans i have taken out since 1995. which includes start date of loan, account number & sort code, the amount of the loans, closing dates, and the insurance premium (at outset of the loans). I think this is just a way of delaying the process as it says its only a summary, and if i still require a full SAR or copies of the agreement to send back the £10 payment and to let them know what i need. dont get me wrong but wasn't that covered in the original SAR! Dont i need to know the APR, the monthly payments etc. The total sum of PPI paid is £5735.00 plus the 8% interest and without the information i have no idea how to work it out. Is there a template letter i can send them, or is there anyone else who has dealt with this situation out there that can give me some advice on my next move. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys. dave
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