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Found 18 results

  1. Name of the Claimant ? JC International Acquisition LLC Date of issue 20/09/2017 The particulars of claim state: 1,the claimants claim is for the balance due under an agreement with talk talk limited dated 26/02/2013 which was assigned to the claimant on 31/03/2015 and notice of which was given to the defendant on the 31/03/2015 and which is now all due and payable. 2. the defendant agreed to pay monthly instalments under account number ....but has failed to do so. and the claimant claims the sum of £194.33. 3. the claimant also claims interest thereon pursua
  2. New here, been reading some posts, but so much info, getting confused.. Well over 10 years ago, had 3 Credit Cards, 2 were with Barclaycard directly, another via another company, but at some point Barclaycard took that card over also... In the last 5 years at least have had a payment plan with Barclaycard with all 3 accounts, as I could no longer afford the monthly amounts along with interest, in Dec 2016 Barclaycard passed 2 of the accounts over to Link Financial, paying one at £50.00 a month the other at £100.00 which is what I was paying Barclaycard
  3. Howdy! Entering a Token Payment Plan with StepChange as been avoiding creditors for long years now. Could someone tell me how to find old bank account numbers, old ref numbers to finish off my paperwork for TPP? I haven't kept any old letters etc, and I'd like to avoid ringing creditors at all costs. My credit report doesn't exactly show ref numbers. Is it actually crucial to find them anyway? StepChange said it would greatly help.
  4. Hi all, First time here so please let me know if anything in this post should be changed. Backstory: I was in Bulgaria on business in June/July and had no knowledge of my PCN before leaving (turns out my mate moved my car out of his drive into the parking area for a couple hours where I received this PCN). Upon arriving home I find two letters, one being a final reminder sent mid June by VCS and then a debt collection notice sent by ZZPS in mid July. As I was out of the country and couldn't access my mail, I had no idea any of this was happening in my absence
  5. Just received my Barclaycard statement which I was 2 days late paying so consequently they have charged me £12 plus £12 over limit fee, I've decided to reclaim the fees sending a copy of the template letter on this site (thank you) problem is I'm not sure how much they actually owe me, I've had the card for about 7 years and have been charged fees quite a few times. Any suggestions as to what I should do, can I send the letter without stating an amount and rely on their 'honesty' (Barclaycard & honesty, doesn't really work does it) I'd be really grateful
  6. Hi Recently come of age 65 and applied for my pension. No problem all ok. However upon getting my pension it would appear i cant have Carers Allowance and this will be stopped . Is this right as i still care for my wife on a daily basis. How can this be right as i feel a pension is not a benefit but cash i have paid in to the system . Your comments invited :mad2:
  7. I have a few student loans taking back from 1997, 98, 99 and 00. I went Bankrupt in 2010 but was told my student loans would not be included in my Bankrupcy. I spoke to SLC and they backed this up. I was still receiving deferment forms from SLC and I kept deferring the payments but have now received a letter from Erudio who say they have now bought the debt. I have now read that certain student loans could be put under Bankrupcy so could be written off. Would these loans have been written off when I was declared bankrupt? Was I miss-informed? A
  8. Hi all, I have been look around taking in all the information, but I could really do with some help/advise. I am currently on a DMP with step change (4-5 years). CCCS now StepChange have & were life savers, but I now feel advice contradict what I have read on theses and other forums I send off CCA request letters to some of my creditors. Long story short Capquest 1st reply stated they were waiting for HSBC, 2nd letter stated that HSBC could not provide CCA paperwork therefore the debt was unenforceable, but I was expected to continue to pay. 12+2+
  9. Hi I placed an order with Vodafone online on 18th October for an iPhone 6s and paid £69:99 for the handset upfront then realised that I didn't require the order anymore so spoke to someone on live chat on 19th which I have the transcript for who told me that the best thing to do was refuse the delivery at the door and it would be sent back to Vodafone. My delivery arrived on 20th Oct by DPD and as instructed I refused delivery at the door, I then gave them sometime to return the phone to Vodafone and for Vodafone to refund me the £69:99. On the 2nd November I chased up the order retu
  10. Hey Caggers, I am after some advise ref a vehicle that we purchased from ACF Car Finance in December 2011. Since we have had the car there appears to have been an lot of things that have actually gone wrong with the car ranging from a new clutch, new gear box, new suspension, new central locking, failed coil pack, misfiring cylinders and knackered suspension to list the ones that come to mind as I write this post. Since we had had the car, we have followed the recommended service arrangement and had a full service every 12 months and really have looked after the car. With having s
  11. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. I have a business account with Vodafone and we have recently tried to move two numbers over to two different contracts that have longer expiry dates. We were initially told this couldn't be done, so decided we would probably get the PAC codes and move the numbers to a different network. Obviously in the process of trying to get the PAC codes we got through to the retention team and they immediately said that they could transfer the contracts without a problem. They told us that all that would happen is that the numbers would be moved to PAYG and
  12. Good morning, I have an ongoing dispute with Vodafone, they are not budging, and I would like some advice if possible. Last autumn (2014) I had some financial difficulties, so I contacted Vodafone to say that I was struggling. The advisor offered to set up a £30 a month payment plan to bring the account back in order, which at the time was greatly appreciated. At the end of the month I contacted them again to make the first payment and was told that the information was on the notes, but the advisor did not process the payment plan, and now it is too late to make payment as
  13. #10905185 Hi Looking for some advice. I previously had an account with vodaphone which I cancelled in January. After cancelling I then stopped the direct debit. I had no correspondence until an email on the 2nd of March from ardent credit services advising of an outstanding balance owing to vodaphone, which in hindsight I appreciate was my fault due to stopping the dd too soon. the amount now owing was around £75.00 but Phillip from ardent credit advised on the 9th that I could make a payment of £60.12 as a full and final settlement to close the account which I did on th
  14. I have a number of outstanding debts that have been prt of a dmp for the last 3 year. I was horrified to discover I have paid in £4300 and £1800+ has been taken in fees by immediate financial. Although 3 items have been settled at a reduced rate. I got into debt 4 years ago when I separated from my ex husband and he left me with 3 children, no financial assistance and I was only working prt time. my dad has offered to help me with this (he got £5000 from my gran when she passed) and try to pay things off myself with a lump sum part settlement. I contact
  15. Hi i have started a claim against Thomson for a delayed f light in 2011. However to continue my claim they are continually asking for a booking reference number, which i dont have . I have even rang them to say i have nt got this reference number, one lady saying that i am unable to make a claim then . ?????? surely not right. Rox
  16. Some may want to take a look at this www.lendingmetrics.com Had some dealings with the company today.
  17. Long story short. I had a loan for £10,000. I paid back £5k and owe a further £5k. I since 2007 havent paid anything since. It is due to be statue barred on 1st april this year. Never heard anything from anyone until last week when Lowells said they bought the debt. Today I had a letter from Co-Op saying they have sold the debt to Lowells. Thing is, how can i stave off Lowells until 1st april when it become statue barred? The last thing i want is legal action and them to obtain a ccj at this point after paying so much other stuff off etc It is my last bad debt and all
  18. I live in a flat with another tenant. Our bills our up to date so no worries there. The last two months I have noticed that EON now report the account to Equifax, it is a Green OK. However my concern is that a financial association might pop up. Unfortunately I have a terrible credit rating (working to improve!) and would not want to harm my flat mate by creating a link. Currently there is no financial association on any of the 3 agencies. Is it likely one will be created? We moved in 3 years ago but with the move to utilities reporting I am fearfull of this. Another questi
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