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Found 7 results

  1. Hello anyone out there who knows what's what re CCAs and DCAs etc - will cut short a long story, an original creditor defaulted me 2/3 years ago on a credit card debt, on assigning the account to a DCA, registered amount owing at £0. DCA wrote demanding payment of original debt and I replied giving reason I believed debt to be unenforceable - DCA replied saying would look into this and usually required 4 months to do so. At end of 4 months, I noticed DCA had 'updated' the default, with original amount said to be due, without notifying me, this being some 5/6 weeks ago - still have had no reply from DCA - is this in accordance with any of the various terms of credit card acts etc? - or should I have been written to prior to default being updated - I did read somewhere you could only be defaulted once per debt- More than grateful for any comments on this - thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Recently come of age 65 and applied for my pension. No problem all ok. However upon getting my pension it would appear i cant have Carers Allowance and this will be stopped . Is this right as i still care for my wife on a daily basis. How can this be right as i feel a pension is not a benefit but cash i have paid in to the system . Your comments invited :mad2:
  3. Hi all, Can i please ask why when someone has been banned from the forum, All their previous comments on posts have to disappear As someone who reads a lot of the older threads, it often feels like some of the continuity of the thread is missing Other forums i am a member of do ban people that do things wrong, But their old comments and posts can still be read I guess my question is, Do their posts/comments really have to be removed with them, Im sure that some banned members must have given some good advice at some point Colin
  4. I am on ESA and HB. I do a sponsored walk for a local charity annually and this year the charity want to do a piece on me for the local paper including name and photo. I am on ESA for anxiety and depression so if this would to get back to people at DWP etc would I get in to trouble for 'socialising' and doing this event when I am on ESA and 'ill'? I know how the minds of DWP work - if he is well enough to do this and socialise and walk a long distance he is well enough to work - let's get him and sanction him then put him back on JSA! Silly question but would you decline the offer or am I safe to go ahead without risking benefit sanction? Thanks
  5. Hi A friend of mine (tenant) received an email today from their Letting Agent which was meant for the Landlord. In the email it stated: I think she is looking to buy your house for buttons!!! With his winnings from Cage Fighting no doubt!!! Lol... There is no lease so we can give her a months notice, but i'll double check this info Think they brought slugs back from their seaside trip!!! Did I mention, my opinion is they are from travelling stock! They have 2 small children and have been asking the agent to fix issues they have been having with slugs for 3 weeks now and were blatantly mocked and slandered for no reason as she was caught out with the email going to the wrong person! They are on a rolling contract atm What rights do they have in light of these comments? Any help appreciated. Thanks
  6. A Government consultation about Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and its effect on eligibility for a Blue Badge (BB) will close on 2 October. The Department of Transport’s preferred option for bringing the process in line with new legislation is not expected to significantly affect the overall numbers of people entitled to BB. Currently, people are entitled to a BB if they receive a certain component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) that relates to mobility. The DLA is being replaced by the PIP and so the Department needs to look at the way the BB system is administered to ensure a smooth transition when the new benefits structure is introduced. The consultation outlines the options under consideration. They are: Option 1 – no legislative link between eligibility for a Blue Badge and eligibility to PIP, Option 2 – establishing a legislative link between Blue Badge eligibility and the enhanced mobility component of PIP, Option 3 – establishing a legislative link between Blue Badge eligibility and those who score 8 points or more within the ‘Moving Around’ activity within PIP. This assesses a person’s physical ability to get around. The Department’s preferred option is to ensure decisions are consistent, using the criteria in the new PIP system that most closely correspond to those currently used by local authorities to carry out their own assessments (Option 3). http://www.dft.gov.uk/consultations/dft-2012-30/
  7. Not sure if this is in the right place to post this, Can anyone help with this please i have been offered a job with an agency which means i would have to take care of my own tax /ins etc. I have never done this before can anyone explain how this works if you get an umbrella company to do this for you i have been told they charge a monthly fee, what would happen at the end of the contract, if you go to the job centre can you claim contribution JSA, and what happens to your state pension will that be affected?
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