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  1. Well, on the back of this I put a bad review of AX on Trustpilot which firstly resulted in a phone call from AX telling me they held no payment details for me at all in their data and also they tried to get the review removed So I sent a copy of the letter AX sent me and now my review is verified I await my SAR
  2. So far I have submitted a SAR request, They have acknowledged receiving it today, Will wait for that to come back and go from there
  3. Nothing in writing at all, I told my insurance company i had an accident and thats it, They sorted the repair of my car, And ive heard nothing since from them, I got a letter a year later from his solicitors saying he was claiming for injury, But that was for information only
  4. I was told on the phone that the information they held was supplied by the 3rd party, My insurance company is Axa and as much as I have tried to talk to them about the claim, I just can't get through to them No dash cam footage or witnesses, I did hit him, That is not disputed, At the time he told me he would get his cousin to look at it, It was a very rusty old car with holes is the wing that I grazed, A few hours later I got a call from the accident group, I will send a SAR to AK, I can understand a claims management company having my information, But a hire company ? Something is off there
  5. Hi there, Looking for some advice, Over a year ago i was involved in a minor trffic accident, It was totally my fault as i was changing lanes and clipped another car causing a scrape on the front wing of the car i hit, The guy who's car it was has taken full advantage of that, Later that day i was contacted by a claims management company and he has claimed for a hire car, And personal injury despite a very very tiny accident The above is just for information as to what has lead upto the current situation, Though i dont agree with all that he has claimed for, I kind of understand Today i have received a letter from AX Keeping drivers driving informing me that my data that they were holding was stolen and the police are involved but they believe that the data they have stolen is "Unlikely" to be used for identity theft or fraud I rang the number that they supplied in the letter and got through to Experian who are dealing with the data breach, They told me what data of mine was stolen Name Address Mobile number Email address Car details including reg number My insurance information I have never had dealings personally with this company and i am not happy that they were holding so much information about me There seems to be enough information for someone to be able to cause me some problems Can anyone please offer any advice Colin Document_2021-05-18_164003.pdf
  6. You should enjoy the bike while you have it, Once they take it back and destroy your credit, You won't ever get another one
  7. Have you thought about getting help with sorting this out for you, There are many companies
  8. When i read the OP, i got the impression that the locks had been changed shortly after the tennants death but it has actually taken 8 months That is 8 months that the son hasn't made any contact at all with the HA so as far as the HA is concerned the flat has been empty all that time I have a few questions Has there already been a successsion of the tenancy in the past Why would the council tell the tenant to pay council tax as a single occupancy knowing it was another adults main home Why and for how long was housing benefit paying the full rent despite a working adult living there The poster said that "He and I have tried daily to call but never get to first spot on queue before other constraints take over" so for 8 months you didn't think it was worth waiting a bit longer on hold to actually speak to someone ? As the mother had had the tenancy since 1977 it is possible the son has always lived there, If that is so, How long has the son lived there over the age of 18 and working, That would give an idea of the possible liability they would face if they were prosecuted for benefit fraud As the son or poster have had no contact with the HA in 8 months, They wont know what process the HA have gone through to regain control of the flat, All we can say is it wasn't quick Personally i think the son should cut his losses and go find somewhere else to live, The deposit on a new flat would be hugely cheaper than a possible prosecution for benefit fraud and the possibility of a criminal record
  9. I think if your friend approches the HA to say that the flat was their main home even though they worked away a lot of the time, Questions will be asked as to why housing benefit have been paying the rent, That could open a huge can of worms
  10. It doesn't really make any odds, I bought my car from Available car 2 years ago and it was 2 years old I bought a 3 year warranty with it, I have tried to claim twice, Both times i wasn't successful I wont be buying a warranty with my next car
  11. Why would you do that ? Do you think you will get more money if you hold the car to ransom It is costing them to collect your car and deliver it to the salvage yard, I'm pretty sure if they deliver it to your home you would have to then pay for it to be collected later
  12. I smoked for almost 40 years and have wanted to give up for a long time Ive tried in the past and piled the weight on until i started again 4 months ago i bougth a good proper vape and have not had a cigarette since, I now even make my own juice, all the stuff cost me about £70 but now i have enough to last me at least 2 years, So the cost is tiny Best of it is that in the 4 months i have not had a cigarette, I have put no weight on at all, And i feel so much better, My breathing is way better And the black jack flavoured juice that i use tastes better than any ciggy that i ever smoked
  13. I get that, But i have buildings and contents insurance for my home, I have never claimed on it and i'm happy that i have not had to So insurance companies have made money from me and have never had to pay anything out So should i deem it as pointless and cancel it ? Gap insurance is just the same, I am covering myself for a possible future large pay out if something goes wrong, I see idiots on the road every day, There is a good chance that one day one of them is going to drive into my car
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