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  1. Yes, totally agree. I have also been stung by A1 Approved. The front GIF broken and they call it wear and tear also. Car sales Garage Victoria Station Garage, St Helens MISOLD CRAP warranty Like you say, not wear the paper it's written on as JACK is a sly fox and states WEAR AND TEAR to get out of paying out. RUBBISH COMPANY Sorry you also got stung.
  2. Well, we have only had it 2 years, so it was old when we purchased it, so why would we be sold this rubbish?? it is a used car warranty. I called up the car sales garage Victoria Station Car Sales in St Helen's who sold it to me and they told me they had never had any issues at all with A1 approved. I find that very hard to believe. Such bull**** these car sales places.
  3. Thanks. It is 12 years old and done 114,000 miles on the clock. The car sales garage and the mercedes used garage (who are going to fix it for me) have confirmed that it's rare for it to break as it should last the lifetime of the car, ie. 400,000 miles. However, it's broken. Stuart, the Director at A1 approved just got back to me and declined my claim. Needless to say, ALL I speak to and on my social media, I shall share this and hopefully people will know to steer clear away from this company. NOt worth the paper its written on. My car is now at th
  4. I bought a Mercedes GL a couple of years ago from a garage who sold me a GOLD Car warranty. My Mercedes GL has a broken Front Diff and I have called in A1 approved to make a claim and they have REJECTED is sighting that it is 'general wear and tear'. The garage has confirmed to me that the part is deemed a a mechanical failure and premature in it's failing and NOT general wear and tear. I also contacted the car sales garage I purchased the vehicle from and they confirmed that the part if a mechanical failure. The garage have been in contact with A1 Approved to go over the br
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