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  1. My friend works away from home probably around 9-10 months a year. There is nowhere nearby to work with his specialisation. Often Mon-Thurs with long hours, travel and hotels. His mother recently died and lived in a housing association flat along with him he would be there most weekends and holidays, and work permitting could sometimes do remote working. She had been advised by the council previously that it would be best to pay for a single occupant, even though they were aware of her son. He also needs to get the tenancy in his name as despite this being his only home, he had never been added formally. As far as I know his mother had planned to buy the property (been there since 1977), but again nothing was finalised before her sudden death. In terms of Council Tax the recent statement says the property is vacant. Best suggestions are welcome.
  2. Thanks for the reply fkofilee. They are old enough to know better, but have never really been good with money. They don't trust credit cards and have never bought anything on credit either. Apparently they have a second account (also basic) which has been in constant overdraft of £24 and change for a long time. It seems that the majority of charges were from PayPal direct debits not being honoured, while at the same time extracting funds and making the account negative, then not permitting the re-presentation of the same DD for the same amount and charging again for that! Noddle seems down (for me) today but Clear Score is up. There is some irony in the fact they have shares and get new ones with each dividend. The difference (if less than £5) is just pocketed by santander.
  3. If there is one complaint about this bank, it's that it isn't countrywide as yet. My mother is rather technophobic with computers and prefers to deal with people in branches, rather than phone conversations or email. This bank impressed her so much, she actually travels 3.5 hours to get to her nearest branch. I do most of the online things, and check things are running smoothly. There are fewer whistles and bells, but I can find what I need and can advise if needed. The manager of the 'store' has been the same one for over four years now and recognises an occasional customer on sight. Another plus for my mother is the free drink for customers and dog biscuits and water for canine companions. Definitely not a perfect bank, but a huge improvement on putting the customer back in a respected position.
  4. Their business bank account is a maximum of £60 / year if you do not keep £5,000 in it each month. Interest charges are reasonable and you can automate a bank feed into your accounting software for £1 / account / month. For someone starting in business, they offer the most reasonable account fees I've seen in this country. If the region of £100-£150 / year for operating a business account which offers free European banking access scares you, you may not actually have a business, but an elaborate piecemeal job. Talk with your accountant and see what their advice would be regarding which business account they would recommend and let us know what they discover.
  5. A friends son has been banking with Abbey all of his life. Nothing fancy, simple child saver account which eventually they changed to a basic bank account - without an overdraft facility. They make purchases overseas frequently in USD (dollars) and because of a delay in the transaction time / rate of exchange, are often hit by being a penny or so overdrawn. To date, I think the most was less than £2. The bank in it's infinite wisdom, basically just deduct £25 as they can extort from his account and leave it overdrawn, despite this not actually being allowed under their rules. From my looking at his (disorganised) statements, he may well have paid over £400 this year alone and says it goes back much further. What is the best way to proceed on reclaiming these charges, before he moves to another bank?
  6. I mistook Metro them for the Malaysian bank and would still consider them as they made their banking system jump through hoops to serve the customers better.
  7. Would be interesting to hear updates on peoples experiences. No news is good news?
  8. My friend has been with Metro for around three years and has been delighted. Straightforward, uncomplicated, more like a smart hotel experience than a bank. Open 8 in the morning until 8 at night means they can get banking done when it is convenient for them. As far as charges go, they have only mentioned negative interest, not actually branded 'charges'. That has saved them a fortune as a frequent European traveller. They were charged 'reasonably' when they went to Australia, so they are recommending them to me on that alone. I am having to travel to the nearest branch by train, but will see how they compare to my friends experience some years after this thread was started.
  9. As the original page is now 'not found' here are two archived copies: https://archive.today/TD4KL https://web.archive.org/web/20120509182317/http://www.equifax.co.uk/About-us/Press_releases/2011/EQUIFAX_WELCOMES_THE_ICO_CREDIT_FILE_CAMPAIGN.html
  10. This is really shocking behaviour. I had a friend work for insurer for a while and the description of some of the office games would make your blood freeze. One that stuck with me - as it seemed to be my file in question was the drop the file to the bottom of the pile 'game'. As stupid as it sounds one random file is labelled (usually with a post-it) and it keeps being put to the bottom of the stack and the person who see it gets a penalty from their colleagues. Insurance is meant to be there when you need it. No delay and utmost professionalism. Sadly this looks to be almost as endemic with insurance as the banks are with 'levies'. You'll enjoy the 8% more than you can imagine when this gets resolved.
  11. Does that mean that other found guilty of crimes can get out of jail every time there is an election? Change of Government = change of those in charge = the same thing.
  12. Thanks Helen I'll give this a try and keep CAG updated. All other suggestions and help welcome too
  13. Apparently this has progressed and the lady in question has been unable to use either the gas or electricity because she cannot access the key meters which seemed to have been fitted without proper paperwork in question. Reading some other threads here it seems nPower are as much of a shambles as they sound. Today, I spoke with the lady's daughter who discovered the reason she hasn't been able to sort this out. No one lives close enough to help directly and her local CAB is not up to much. She only has a mobile phone and cannot call nPower, which is what they have stated in an (unseen by me) letter. This means this frail member of society has been without access to heating, hot water or lighting for over a year nPower are now threatening again, by her not using the meters - which are inaccessible to her due to restricted movement that age brings. To me this sounds inhumane at the very least and might be closer to torture. She suspects that on a subsequent visit where the same overbearing man was accompanied by a PCSO who was actually quite rude to the lady and did not leave any paperwork. I am trying to get specifics, date, times and extra details, but this sounds distressing to anyone, let alone a recent widow who cannot easily get about. What is the best course of action? Can a third party request court documents without specific consent? Is it worthwhile lodging a complaint with the court, who seem to have rubber stamped without reading any documents? Is it possible to have another supplier install normal meters in the property if someone else is paying that bill? All advice welcome.
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