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Found 4 results

  1. Whats this about ? Lasted for a good while
  2. A process server was looking down the wrong end of a gun and machete for giving papers to a person whilst on Court business.. This could easily have been an EA in this situation... "An enforcement officer was shot at twice through a letter box after trying to deliver a court order. The court officer escaped unhurt in the incident in Adswood, Stockport today. Armed police then swooped on the address in Newsham Road but a man later walked into a police station and was arrested in connection with the incident." For the full story see here http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/court-officer-shot-twice-gunman-9859309#ICID=sharebar_twitter
  3. Hi all need some quick advice as what to do. This concerns my ex partner who i am quite happy to try to help out with this matter as we split up on good terms. Today she has recieved a letter by 1st class post from a process server who claims he called to her property twice in one day a few days ago (once in the morning and once in the evening) she was out at both times so cant confirm whether he actually did call or not. The letter goes on to say he is calling back in a few days time (he does give a specific date and time but i dont want to put too much detail on here for fear of prying eyes) with a view to serving a SD, he also says that if there is no one at home he will post thro the letterbox and deem it as being served. I have read around a lot on this forum but sometimes advice can be conflicting. She is not sure whether to answer the door or ignore ??? Is service thro the letterbox by hand really deemed as served and would it stand up if their was a petition ??? Should i answer the door and politely ask him to go away inviting him not to come back unless wearing a crash helmet lol ??? Seriously though the ex is quite concerned should she CCA or SAR if yes how urgently ??? This guy is due back early next week so advice on what to do if anything before then or when he turns up wouuld be hugely appreciated. Any questions or info please just ask many thanks.
  4. Hi, can anyone give advice? as I'm really worried. I got seriously ill and had to say of work while this happened i got into debt for £7000, this debt went to around £10,000 due to them keep adding interest and also court costs. Was served papers to go to court for questioning, i attended court, they agreed that i had limited income and i could not afford to pay anything. Then around 3 months i get a letter from the Court saying another company has taken over my debt, i didnt know this could happen? I am now getting another process server coming to my address and he even asking my neighbours information. If i have no money and rent my home why am i getting taken to Court for again? is it to be made bankrupt and will they take all my money away i have to live on? In future once I'm recovered and get back into work then i would pay but at the moment i just don't have the income. I sent of a letter to ask them to prove i owe debt but not sure if its now to late since i already have a CCJ which i didn't attend court for. At the moment i have £800 in bank which my parents paid into my account to help as i was struggling to survive now I'm worried this is going to be taken. Being ill and having this stress over me is not helping, just really stressing me at present Regards Jayne
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