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  1. Yes but same bunch in my book. All disgusting bullies. The call them a sister company on their website and all my letters had “as seen on tv can’t pay we’ll take it away” on them.
  2. Hi Everyone A quick update from me… Many of you know about my court case being instigated by first the car parking company at Magor Services, then the bailiffs at DCBL aka “Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away”. I’ve gone through the full process now and was listed to appear at Blackwood County Court on Wednesday next week at 10:00. I’ve always maintained I paid to park and have never owed this money. I fought every step of the way but neither would listen. My evidence was submitted and when the bully bailiffs saw it they had the cheek to offer me a reduction to £150 to “reduce costs”… theirs. I had the court move from an online hearing to an in person so they would now need to drive from Manchester to Blackwood by 10am. My reply was I don’t owe it, I’ve never owed it and provided evidence… the bank statement my payment came out of in…. January 2018… 4 years ago, so either discontinue it or see you Wednesday. Had a letter from DCBL just now…. Claim discontinued. Now for my claim for false access to my personal details and breaking GDPR REGS. Never get bullied by these idiots folks. Thanks to the admins that advised as I went. You are all fantastic. How do I go about the GDPR claim? thank you all so much.
  3. Thanks both. I don’t have the phone or account as I changed number a short while ago. But I will mention something in it. I will riddicule as you say the one part. can you tell me how the establishment of driver bit is out of line with PoFA tho, I’m clueless. Thanks.
  4. The court emailed DCBL last night asking if they object to in person not online. Im guessing they will so is it their call?
  5. Here you go, I think its fully redacted. The signage is old ones, I can never remeber it being £10 so must pre date at least 2015. They seem to be going down contract route as PoFA not mentioned. Also, I have never told them who the driver was so contract cannot be established surely? WS Bundle DCBL-redacted-compressed.pdf
  6. Anyone use a useful tool to reduce the size please? Im ready to upload it but its too big!!
  7. Yes I will Dave. The notice doesn’t mention the PoFA so I’m guessing they are going down the contract route. I’ve never told them if I was driving either. Also, the epic of signage they have used is a charge of £10 but the actual charge was £12 so I’m guessing old signage from ages ago.
  8. I’ve received their WS today. The alleged offence was 31-12-17 and the ticket was issued 1-2-18. That’s over a month. Isn’t that out of time anyway? I thought it had to be issued within 14 days?
  9. Just spoke to my local court on the phone. I've requested this hearing to be in person. Make these clowns turn up. She said judges want things to go back in person so it may be possible. We will see.
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