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  1. It doesn't really make any odds, I bought my car from Available car 2 years ago and it was 2 years old I bought a 3 year warranty with it, I have tried to claim twice, Both times i wasn't successful I wont be buying a warranty with my next car
  2. Whats this about ? Lasted for a good while
  3. Why would you do that ? Do you think you will get more money if you hold the car to ransom It is costing them to collect your car and deliver it to the salvage yard, I'm pretty sure if they deliver it to your home you would have to then pay for it to be collected later
  4. I smoked for almost 40 years and have wanted to give up for a long time Ive tried in the past and piled the weight on until i started again 4 months ago i bougth a good proper vape and have not had a cigarette since, I now even make my own juice, all the stuff cost me about £70 but now i have enough to last me at least 2 years, So the cost is tiny Best of it is that in the 4 months i have not had a cigarette, I have put no weight on at all, And i feel so much better, My breathing is way better And the black jack flavoured juice that i use tastes better than any ciggy that i ever smoked
  5. I get that, But i have buildings and contents insurance for my home, I have never claimed on it and i'm happy that i have not had to So insurance companies have made money from me and have never had to pay anything out So should i deem it as pointless and cancel it ? Gap insurance is just the same, I am covering myself for a possible future large pay out if something goes wrong, I see idiots on the road every day, There is a good chance that one day one of them is going to drive into my car
  6. You say that quite often Try saying that to someone who's car is written off 2 years into their finance agreement and after The insurance company has paid out direct to the finance company, They now have no car and still owe thousands It happened to me years ago, I actually had Gap insurance and didn't know, My car was hit from behind and written off, I got a letter saying i still owed £700 after the insurance had paid out, And included was a form to sign for the gap to cover it That's when i found out gap insurance was a good thing
  7. Not too sure how you could circumvent the consultation process The purpose of would be because the lease holders would ultimately bear the cost of expensive repair bills If the management company decided to replace the roof and it cost £50,000 i think you would want to be consulted on that, And not just face a big bill And i doubt the other residents would want to miss on a consultation for the sake of one resident
  8. If they have issued her with a section 21 eviction notice, Then they do not need a reason to evict her Did she pay a deposit, It it in one of the prescribed deposit schemes ? Does she have an up to date gas safety certificate ? If not then the section 21 would be invalid If she doesn't leave by the time stated on the section 21, Then they will have to take her to court for possession and if she doesn't leave by the date the court gives, They will have to instruct bailiffs to remove her, That could all take months If she leaves before then, Then the council will just say she has made herself intentionally homeless, Once the bailiffs have removed her, Then the council will have a duty of care to help her
  9. I should imagine they wear out the road faster because electric cars weigh more than petrol cars due to the weight of the batteries
  10. I had to Bring my passport to work last year to show i had a right to work in the UK I have been working for the company for 30 years
  11. personally i would have done anything with it other than sell it to them I think they have taken you for a mug
  12. If they admitted the offence, I really can't see much that can be done
  13. But also said he wanted to keep the car at the end, With normal HP that wouldn't even be a question, He also said Hire finance rather than hire purchace But i could be wrong
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