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  1. Alternatively I just take the £130 as the given cost as that is what's printed on their document request form - just to speed things up and get the letter out to her
  2. In their request form it says something different again. Here it says it is £130 I better check what is actually correct Untitled 1.docx
  3. https://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/media/971792/npcc-guidelineschargingpoliceservices_v14_3_april-2019_v1.pdf page 29 this doesn't tally up with what I have been told, I have to contact the collisions unit again and double check the pricing for this. I will e-mail them now to get a written response and cost for my specific report
  4. Ok, I will get on to that and send her another letter to this effect. She may not respond, but we will have to cross that bridge when it comes to it
  5. Ok, I will take what you have suggested as the MCOL initial particulars, and then put some meat on the bone with the additional particulars to send to her direct. I will use what I have posted earlier as the starting point for that and fill it out as suggested and then re-post later in the week for re-checking. On the date of the accident there were quite a few policemen and police cars on site, including ambulance and highway maintenance cars and employees. To get the name and details of the specific policeman who was behind us in the accident I would need to request a copy of the police accident report I think. There is a link on the Police Website specifically for solicitors and insurance companies to request this, but not for private individuals like me. When I called the police they said it would cost me £350 to get a copy of the accident report from them, does that sound right ? I need to keep an open mind, if there is a hearing I may need to have this as evidence I suppose
  6. She hasn't communicated at all with me, all I got from her was the letter I uploaded on Saturday. All she says is she has passed all the info to her insurers and I should talk to them. I was thinking of putting details in there on how the accident happened , but I now feel that will be too long as well.
  7. Ok, Tuesday week. It's the 4th of Feb as stated. Letter of claim was dated and posted 20th of Jan, delivered 21st of Jan. The two weeks are up on the 4th of Feb
  8. Thanks for the fast response. I will post the letter tomorrow. Day 15 is next Tuesday, i.e. 4th of February (I posted the letter of claim on the 20th of January which is the date on the letter, and it was delivered on Tuesday, 21st of Jan) Yes, I have registered with MCOL and had a look around on the site, as I have never used it before. (I took Easy Jet to court once before, but at the time you still had to do everything at your local court. This online filing is new to me.)
  9. Received a letter today from the lady that drove into the back of me Have taken all personal info out. Copy uploaded Letter.pdf
  10. Great work ! Will amend as suggested and send on Monday with the relevant attachments.
  11. It's a WORD document, draft version attached Accident letter of claim draft.docx
  12. My car is gone now, total bill from recovery yard was £850 , I got a receipt and detailed invoice from them. I will start doing the letter of claim and will post it here a little later, if someone could take a look and let me know if I should change anything I would appreciate it
  13. When dealing with companies I tend to do everything in writing. As a matter of course I do not entertain telephone calls and I don't tend to call companies back either. When I have an issue I deal in writing only, so never really had a reason to set up the facility to record calls. I find keeping a paper / letter trail simpler.
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