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  1. I just managed to submit a claim for lost parcel to Hermes today - WITHOUT having to go through customer services. I just noticed you can do this through your MyHermes account. Under the heading 'My parcels' there is only one outstanding under 'active' - which is the one that has gone astray. The tracking against it only shows 'sorted at National Hub' no more. Next to this there is a button which says 'actions'. When you click on there you usually get the option to view your shipment details. When I clicked on there today another option came up : Report item as lost When you click on there it takes you straight to a claims form to fill out, which I did Now let's wait and see
  2. I am pretty sure it is deliberate by Hermes as a company, but not sure if it is deliberate on behalf of their individual employees who may be swamped with complaints and enquiries and just try to wade through a daily heap of s**t with little support or tools to assist customers
  3. Have received the cheque today, paid it in through the post office this evening. Now waiting for it to clear. Will prepare N279 and send off once cheque cleared. Expect that to be sometime next week
  4. I have the correspondence through resolver (you can print that off) and my e-mails to them, and it is shocking how they respond to be honest. I keep asking for a claims form considering on their online tracking they show 'claims code issued' , so I assume they consider it lost as well But when I point this out to them they ignore it and repeat the same old story 'it's on its way back to you' First they said wait 7 days, when those were up they said wait 14 days, these are up now too and they still say 'wait 14 days' (in their latest reply through resolver today) I have asked where the scan on Sunday took place they were talking about - no response I have asked for a claims form as their online tracking says ' claims code issued' - not supplied and not even addressed in their response It is really unbelievable. It is almost a shame it is only £9 value, if it had been any higher I would already have sent them the letter of claim and taken this further. But as it is only £9 I am still waiting a little while longer, just in case it does show up somewhere eventually But their absolute ignorance in their customer service approach is beyond anything I have ever experienced
  5. The parcel has not yet been received back, no I can't get through on the phone numbers, there is talk on the FB group that Hermes has shut them down and re-connected them to their automated line, where you can just choose between useless automated options, and that would appear to be the case. You can say a tracking number and then they say what you can see on their website tracking and then cut you off. I e-mailed the CEO and a customer service e-mail address. No response from CEO but a response from the customer service one. They still won't send me a claim form, although I have asked for it countless times. They say the parcel isn't lost as it was only scanned on Sunday 21.06.and they have told the depot to deliver the parcel as soon as possible So I e-mailed back and asked where it was scanned on Sunday and at which depot it is now and when it will come back but no further response to that. The scan on Sunday does not show on any of their online tracking systems I can view. I take it that they lied to me to avoid sending a claim form The value of the item is £9 and covered by their standard compensation level of £20 In my e-mail to the CEO I already warned them that I will consider legal steps against Hermes if they do not refund the value of the item. However, I don't know whether to wait another week or so for the parcel to come back, just on the off chance they did indeed scan the parcel somewhere on Sunday and it is still kicking around somewhere
  6. I googled "Hermes complaint address uk" or something like that (to send a written complaint to a brick and mortar address. There isn't one on their website and I was fed up talking to Holly the chat bot) On the google results Resolver came up , I think it was the second result on the google search. I clicked on it, initially thinking it had something to do with Hermes directly, it said "Hermes complaints - Resolver" So I thought I try it. I had never heard of it before to be honest. It's easy to use, but Hermes doesn't fully engage with that either. In my case they just copied and pasted the responses they sent me through the Holly the Chat Bot support tickets.... What infuriates me most is that they close the support tickets as 'resolved' once they responded, although the matter is not resolved as the parcel is nowhere to be seen. So you have to start again through Holly from the beginning each time. I have joined the Facebook group as suggested and shared the story there. I have been given a couple of phone numbers to try and an e-mail address to try as well. Some have had some joy with those. I couldn't get through on the phone number so far, but will persist Parcel has not been returned so far need less to say
  7. Received this from Court today. As I haven't received payment I will continue for the time being and finish my court bundle. I just have to number the pages and complete the bundle index, so maybe another 30 mins work left. But I assume I will receive a cheque in the next few days, apparently it has been raised.... Truro1.pdf
  8. I have read a fair few threads and topics on Hermes on the forum. I seem to have lost a shipment as well now. I sold an item of clothing on ebay last month and decided to send it tracked with Hermes to avoid an item not received case. Also at less than £3 Hermes is quite cheap. So I send the parcel on the 29.05.20, destination Blackpool. The parcel's scanning ends a day later at my local depot. It doesn't seem to move. A few days after that I get an automated e-mail message from Hermes saying they had an issue with labels not printing correctly and my parcel was one of them. These parcels would be delayed and they were sorry for this. A week later tracking starts again online and my parcel now seems to be in Scotland (Airdrie depot) which apparently has "reprinted the label." (I am in Devon by the way) Next scanning shows there is an "address issue". Then nothing Next scanning says depot in Bolton is returning the parcel to sender. That was on the 9th of June. Since then there is no tracking anymore. I have been in contact with Hermes through their Holly Robot chat bot countless times which has opened countless support tickets. The one way response is always 'the parcel is on its way back' the reason give varies from customer service rep to customer service rep. Some say there was an address issue and some say the recipient declined the goods and some say the local courier couldn't find the house. (The address postcode only covers one house which is a restaurant in a lane in Blackpool) The recipient claims no one ever attempted to deliver the parcel , she didn't decline the parcel and you can't really miss her property in the lane, as it is the only one there. Needless to say the parcel hasn't come back so far. Every time I contact Hermes support they tell me to wait another 7 days. Now they say I should wait another 14 days before contacting them again and every time they close the support ticket as 'resolved' I have opened a case through resolver now but in response all they have done is re-copy their previous messages through their support system. Again with a note not to contact them again for 14 days (after previously saying 7 days) Next time they will say 21 days...and all to avoid admitting they lost the parcel and having to pay out. Their standard £20 cover would cover the value of the item, but the entire matter is very annoying indeed I already refunded the ebay buyer of course but now got to chase Hermes through their endless chat bot loops
  9. Plexus Law is a legal bulk processor for insurance companies and other large corporations. Maybe they thought this would be a good practice case for a paral legal, let her go through the motions with all the paperwork. Considering it was only small fry for Direct Line with a claims value of less than 3K Also it bought Direct Line some time, they were obviously behind on their case and claims paperwork , by defending, filing a silly defence it bought them an additional 4 months or so, knowing very well how slowly the court system works. They never intended to let it go to trial to be honest, just dragging it out a bit to give their claims department time to catch up I think to Direct Line it makes no difference whether they pay £2700, £2800 or £2900. Their monthly postage budget will be higher than this, so they let a para legal stretch the process out a bit.
  10. I just had a response from Plexus Law They have accepted my counter proposal of 5% and said they will send a cheque for the relevant amount. I now await the arrival of the cheque. Obviously I won't stop court proceedings until this has cleared into my account
  11. Ok, I have sent the letter offering 5% interest. I also had an update from Court about the case Friday evening via e-mail. The judge has given new orders / directions. These have been sent to be typed up (?) on the 8th of June and I should receive them within 7-14 days after that date
  12. I haven't send my response yet, wanted to let them wait for a few days. It is certainly also a good suggestion - thank you for that I will have a think over the weekend and respond to them on Monday
  13. Yes, their offer includes damages (full amount), costs incurred so far (full amount) and 2% interest on top of this. At the moment I make it 128 days since the claim was issued. Daily rate at 8% is £0.57 , so at the moment at 8% I should get £72.96 They have offered interest at 2% and have worked it out as £20.44 So the difference is £52.52 in interest which I would be short It does say WITHOUT PREJUDICE SAVE AS TO COSTS as a header in the e-mail
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