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  1. They have now accepted my proposal , they wanted me to fill out a I&E form but never told me that. They sent me an account statement showing only a few £10 charges for letters, which have been refunded though. They also processed my complaint and upheld it in part. They said it was unneccessary to threaten me with a field agent visit as I maintained payments towards the arrears at all times and the arrears are being cleared, less than two months worth remaining now. (£800) They didn't uphold my complaint about the charges, as they maintain there hardly are any and those £10 letter charges have since been refunded. I am now looking to hopefully get rid of IDEM soon by means of a remortgage as part of my divorce proceedings. I will try and consolidate the remaining outstanding main mortgage with Nat West and the outstanding IDEM loan to one charge against the property. So hopefully this spook will soon be over.
  2. Ah, fair enough But if they don't accept it, shouldn't they send it back or in reverse, if they keep it, don't they therefore accept it ?
  3. Yeah, that's probably right. I suppose I can't do much more than write back to them, tell them the visit is not required and that I intend to reclaim all arrears charges they have put on so far, which is what I have done. As I am continuing to pay the contractual payment plus on top for the arrears and they are not sending these payments back, I suppose that constitutes acceptance of my arrears payment, doesn't it ?
  4. Do you also think because the arrears are coming down and it may now not be long until they are cleared they are looking for other ways to rack it back up ?
  5. Arrears are now down to just over £1000 .-, have been paying contractual (plus around £30 per month for the arrears.) Also my ex is paying nothing, as he no longer lives here but resides with his girlfriend in her house, so is not paying a penny. IDEM keeps sending him letters to make payments, which he ignores. They then add £12 per letter to the account which I am trying to repay on my own. So for every letter they send him, I get charged £12 Today I got a letter from IDEM claiming they can't get hold of me and they intend to send a field agent to visit me, cost £100 The letter itself cost £10 Sent them a letter and e-mail in return telling them visit is neither required nor needed. I have also asked for an Actuarial Account Accrual Summary Sheet, to see what charges have been building up, as I am not entirely sure how many letters they have sent my ex. I intend re-claim all arrears charges and have told them so in my latest letter. I had a court hearing on the 4th of February with regards to my divorce and ancilliary relief proceedings. It was the final hearing, I am asking for maintenance payments from my ex to help repay the substantial amount of debt he has left behind. The handing down of judgement is expected on the 28.02, so if I am awarded maintenance (I have asked for 50% of the contractual payments to IDEM) I can increase payments towards to arrears and clear them reasonably quickly. If I do not get this award, then my circumstances will remain the same and I will continue to pay the £30 a month towards the arrears. IDEM was fully aware of this, but sent me the field agent visit letter dated the 7th of February, claiming they couldn't get hold of me. I have no idea what they are playing at really.
  6. They sent me a letter saying RBS doesn't legally own this debt anymore and I now must pay them (Wescot) direct and come to an agreement with them. (?) They gave me new bank account details to make payment to (I always paid Mint / RBS direct previously) This is part of their drive to get me to make a settlement offer and conduct a review of the account. So they make it sound as if they bought the debt. But there is also Cabot involved. Their letter states their own reference, than a client reference (which is my old credit card number) and then it says Client is Cabot Financial owned Royal Bank of Scotland. So I am not sure who owns it now after all. So if Wescot is the DC, maybe Cabot bought it from RBS. Anyway, they say RBS is no longer the legal owner.... So currently I am writing letters with Wescot, but they don't seem to understand that there is an instalment agreement in place with the original lender.
  7. I have got an old Mint Credit card debt (RBS) for which I have got an instalment plan in place. I am paying £27 per month , MINT at the time agreed I could pay this until the balance has been repaid. I have stuck to this religiously for years but still have got around £2500 left to pay. Never had any problems, but Mint / RBS sold this to Wescot and they are now harrassing me and saying they would like me to make a settlement offer or otherwise an account review has to take place. I told them I have an instalment plan in place which is in place until the balance has been fully repaid and sent them the letter from MINT confirming this. They have totally ignored it and keep on sending me income & expenditure letters and chasers. I told them again to stop this as an account review is not required as I will be paying £27 per month until its repaid, but they don't seem to be interested. Is there anything else I can do or should I just start to ignore them ?
  8. I had a solicitor for a while, I paid £250 an hour and I am no further than what I was before I put most of my capital into her bank account. I simply reached a point where I ran out of money. The house will not be sold, as it is my main residence and that of my son. It will most likely end up as an offset against his pension assets. As he has twice the pension pot and there is not much in equity in the house, there will most likely be an offset. The judge has ordered an actuary report on the pensions and surveyor report on the house. (another £1200 expenditure approx) Then the parties will reconvene in maybe three or four months time for the next court hearing when all figures are available. He is pretty confident an agreement can be reached without the need for a final hearing. So I am sort of past the divorce part, I am now in the financial settlement part of things. Whether or not a decree absolute is in place at this stage is really not relevant to the outstanding financial issues. The financial issues would be exactly the same.
  9. The only difference is we would still be legally married on paper but simply stuck at decree nisi . Everything else would be exactly the same. He would still be living elsewhere and not paying his debts and I would still be here. There would be no difference from a finance point really.
  10. Divorce and financial settlement are two separate issues. He bankrupted himself previously so I bought him out during the marriage. Hence he has no beneficial interest left. There are also children involved. I still live in the house with our son. Due to mortgage & secured loan there is hardly any equity.
  11. That is still rumbling on after 5 years. We couldn't agree on the terms of a financial settlement so it has now gone to court. I can't afford legal representation so represent myself, he has got a solicitor. I have asked for the legal title of the home to be transferred into my name (I already own 100% of the beneficial interest due to his previous bankruptcy during the marriage), a pension share and that he contributes equally to the secured loan until it is paid off. He is contesting it all, so it is at court now. As part of all of this I have been asked to try and get him off the mortgage, which Nat West is refusing due to my circumstances....
  12. I hope someone here can give me some advice. I am divorced, living in the marital home which has a joint mortgage and a joint secured loan. My ex husband is living with his new girlfriend in her house and is making 0 contributions to either the mortgage or secured loan. I am currently paying the £1200 per month on my own. As I am the one living in the house with my son, my ex knows the mortgage company and secured loan company will lean on me rather than on him to make payments. I have been going on for 5 years like this with no contribution from him. My ongoing problem is I can't get him off the joint mortgage , (I can't remortgage on my own, due new mortgage lending criteria they say I can't afford it, although I have been paying it for 5 years on my own) Every 2 years when the current mortgage deal expires I have a problem getting a new deal sorted out as my ex is obnoxious and won't fully cooperate. He now says he won't agree to any new deal to force me on to the standard variable rate which could potentially mean I won't be able to meet the repayments anymore. So although he no longer lives at the property and makes no financial contribution towards it, he seems to hold all the cards to potentially make me loose the house, is there anything I can do ?
  13. Ok, received an allegedly up to date arrears statement in the post today. Dated 22.03, amount in arrears £3368.-, I compared this with an arrears notification from November and December last year: November 28th 2016, arrears figure £2806, December 6th 2016 arrears figure £2226, March 22nd 2017 arrears figure £3368.- WTF I feel another letter to their customer service department coming along....
  14. I still haven't got an up to date arrears balance from Idem. That information was not included in the SAR, I have requested it several times but all they sent me now is account statements with no indication what the arrears are. I am now in the process of negotiating a financial settlement with my ex husband and my solicitor needs an arrears balance, but IDEM won't send me the required information. I have requested a credit report from Experian and Callcredit and on one of them I can see a delinquent balance against the IDEM loan which is higher than the outstanding balance. I assume if I deduct one from the other the difference should be the actual arrears which IDEM is recording ? I am at a loss how to get them to comply with my request for an updated arrears statement. They didn't even include it in the SAR paperwork. Any ideas ?
  15. Got SAR documents now. Quite interesting as they claim a lot of information they hold does not fall within the ambit of the Data Protection Act, stating it is not kept on relevant filing systems. (?) They also refused to provide details about commissions paid to (or received from) introducers or money received from an insurer as that is not personal data. They have included some screenshots , the original agreement, copies of my letters and e-mails to them (even photocopies of the envelopes I sent my letters in !) plus copies of their letters to me. Plus an account statement which only goes up to the beginning of January. They sent it a few days ago and is dated March, so about 2.5 months are missing on the statement. There are no fees or charges on that statement apart from a fee from last year for a letter they sent, but that has since been re-credited. If they have got a separate account just for the fees and charges I assume they would have had to include that in the SAR documents ? Also the statement does not give an up to date arrears balance. There is no mention of that, confusingly enough the correspondence that was included gives a wide variety of arrears figures. The best one for me would be the one shown in correspondence from last year which is just over 2K. But some letters show it at over 3K and some somewhere in the middle. So the SAR raised more questions than what it answered. An interesting point is that they have only recently started to charge interest on the arrears balance, they didn't for a long time but have only started doing this according to the statement.
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