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Found 15 results

  1. Make a donation to support members of the armed forces READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/donations-to-support-members-of-the-armed-forces
  2. 100 years on, Defence Secretary and members of the Armed Forces attend Passchendaele commemorations READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/100-years-on-defence-secretary-and-members-of-the-armed-forces-attend-passchendaele-commemorations
  3. I am in the process of fighting a county court case and have looked at my credit on noodle there is no mention of the account on it how acurate is noodle??
  4. Hi all, Can i please ask why when someone has been banned from the forum, All their previous comments on posts have to disappear As someone who reads a lot of the older threads, it often feels like some of the continuity of the thread is missing Other forums i am a member of do ban people that do things wrong, But their old comments and posts can still be read I guess my question is, Do their posts/comments really have to be removed with them, Im sure that some banned members must have given some good advice at some point Colin
  5. NHS England has launched a survey on mental health services for ex-members of the armed forces. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/developing-mental-health-services-for-veterans-in-england
  6. Just putting this out there for now. On occasion, we get calls for help from people who have been given a ticket in an area where they are unlikely to visit again, such as holiday makers. We have members from all around the country who could visit these sites to photograph the signs. If any of you wish to volunteer, can you add the area you live in ( i.e. London, Suffolk, Essex) below then I could then make a new thread with all the info on one post. All we would need is Photo's of the main information sign(s) and the repeaters around the card park along with a rough estimate of how many signs there are. You could do this whilst shopping at the particular shopping centre or private car park. I am concentrating on private parking at the moment but there is also an option to include local authority penalties at a later date. Please have a think and if you can get involved, thank you Silverfox1961
  7. Hi, I do PHP and web development as my job. I noticed on the forum some people have trouble uploading images, so end up having to follow a list of instructions on how to save the image as a PDF and then upload it. I've made a simple image uploading tool, and nearly completed the "convert to PDF" option. It will be as simple as choose the image and upload, then paste the link to the forum. No adverts, no data gathering and no cost. I simply have spare servers with huge resources. I wanted to check if I'm allowed to add the link in my signature / recommend users this method. As it will save them time.
  8. I'Ve been trying to find out how UC will affect me as I was placed in an ESA Support Group a year ago for a one year - and then told this year that I wouldn't be called for any type of assessment at all and that they will look at my case in spring of 2017. Btw, I went through the hoops several times plus two tribunals in order to get where I am at the moment. Obviously I was relieved to hear about the '2017' decision, but now am starting to wonder what is likely to happen to me under the scheme for UC. If it helps, I have Fibromyalgia and am a 62 year old female. Please help me as I feel I can't bear to have to hoop-jump again at my age! I honestly thought that I might be left alone until 2017. Thank you for reading this!
  9. I am worried about some debts that i struggled with after a relationship split. My ex ran up the debts in my name and then left, leaving me to sell up and move to avoid losing my home. I couldnt pay some CC's and i left to live overseas. I have now returned and found out that in my absence my family members were traced by DCA's and subjected to constant harassment. My sister had a solicitor write to them to say the debt wasnt hers. I used her address for mail briefly after i moved overseas. She now says that she was taken to court for information on me?? this doesnt make sense as i thought they could not contact a 3rd party in this way? The debts are now 6yrs old but i am worried. I am not working and have been ill for a number of years, I am struggling to make ends meet as it is and cannot afford to pay these debts. Any advice is appreciated. thank you.
  10. I cancelled my membership to fitness first in person in their Old Street gym on 6 June and I received a paper receipt and email confirming that I had successfully cancelled. At the time they told me there was a month notice period I assumed the membership cancelled on 6 July. Now they finally claim the notice period is NOT one month but EIGHT weeks on 31 July!!! I found they were still debiting money from my account illegally. When I contacted the local gym in Old Street, the membership manager's reply was very abrupt and almost rude I contacted their head office. Their head office did NOT even reply. After waiting a week, I cancelled my direct debit and claimed the money back through the DD guarantee. Now they have appointed debt collectors even though I dispute I owe them any money. I have contacted the Citizens Advice consumer service who have passed the complaint to Trading Standards. I will be contacting the CMA next about their harassment. If Carrs continue to harass me, I will also complain to the FCA. I have been a member since 2011 but never again. What else can I do about this dishonest company?
  11. Hi is there any way you can find out who will be sitting on your tribunal panel, before the actual appeal. thanks x
  12. It would seem that the "independent" POPLA appeals body is not "independent" after all !!! This morning I was sent a link to a parking "blog" which displays copies of emails obtained under the Feedom of Information Act which appears to demonstrate that POPLA have been secretly holding "coaching sessions" with parking companies In London and Birmingham. These coaching sessions are designed to HELP the parking companies to WIN POPLA appeals !!! http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/popla-caught-secretly-coaching-parking.html
  13. Building society windfalls are back. Members of Barnsley Building Society will receive up to £5,000 after the mutual recovered money tied up in failed Icelandic banks. Barnsley was forced to merge with Yorkshire Building Society after £10m it had deposited with two Icelandic banks, Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander and Heritable Bank, was feared lost. But at the time of the merger it promised that any money it recovered from the banks' administrators would be returned to its savers and borrowers. It has now said that £8.8m has been recovered after a four-year process. Barnsley's savers will receive 3.31pc of their total savings balance held with the society on October 21 2008, subject to a minimum of £25 and a maximum of £5,000. Borrowers will get a flat payment of £250, although all payments will be taxed at source. In all, about 28,000 account holders will benefit. To qualify for the windfalls, savers and borrowers are required to have maintained continuous membership between October 21 2008 and October 21 this year with one or more of the brands in the Yorkshire Group, which also includes Chelsea and Norwich & Peterborough building societies and Egg. Eligible members have already started to receive their payments and the distribution process should be completed by December 21, Barnsley said. Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/building-societies/9734297/5000-windfalls-for-building-society-members.html
  14. i have been in my home for 2 years, i rent of my boyfriends mother my boyfriend does not live with me, i have an x partner that is saying i am making a fraudulent claim and he s going to report me to authorities.... my bfs mum put in to buy this property several months before she completed on it, two months before she completed i was given a notice to quit from the property i was livng in at time i was 7 months pregnant with her grandchild and she asked did i want to rent her property i jumped at chance nd we signed a full tenancy agreement and i pay commercial rent to her. I am now scared im breaking the law and could be made homeless and have to pay back all the dss rent payments ive made. would also like to add that i pay 300 a month extra to make the rent up as hb oes not cover full ammont, please help and advise me im worried sick.
  15. Compliments of Nev - a tireless worker for the rights of motorists in the UK I have an idea that the BPA at some point claimed that there about 36,000 cases per year? Maybe someone can correct me Data (2).xls
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