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  1. Update full time employee's are treated the same as part time, but they all have to make up the time lost no option to take it from your pay or holiday's.
  2. Thanks for the replies gang, not sure if full time workers are treated differently but will find out, thing is about hospital appointment if you don't take it at the offered date then it could be months before you get another even if you are flexible the appointment may not be. Sorry meant to add they don't offer to take the hours back, or deduct it from your pay, you are Expected to make up the hours which means changing the times you normally work.
  3. Can someone answer this please as a part-time worker if you ask for time off for a hospital appointment are you expected to make up the time lost? No contract of employment in place.
  4. Sorry for the late reply no internet access, going by the replies from the forum it would seem i don't need to pay the amount the FA is asking so i will be looking elsewhere. My plan was to look at an annuity because of some health issue's, not great I know, which is why i need advice, 6 years ago when i took this plan out it has grown quite well so i think the advice was fair but the FA that set it up has moved onto a different part of the business, the one i spoke to recently is his boss who was more concerned about me claiming my tax free amount from the pot and his fee. I think my next move will be TPAS and see what they advise and take it from there, thanks for all the replies i will keep you posted about the outcome. Best Regards.
  5. Hi HB, I have spoken to pension wise they said they could not give advice on private pension?? only deal with the state pension, Thanks DX, Would that include the financial adviser I spoke to? as he is freelance, or is he exempt from that rule. Thanks
  6. I have a private pension that i'm looking to get access to this year, I had a financial adviser set this up for me a few years back and they have contacted me to give advice on how best to deal with it to my benefit, I have been told this will cost around £1,500 for the privilege, would this be the going rate or should I shop around, Any advice welcome thanks.
  7. Thank you sidewinder, the place I work is like a small office and we don't have an HR dept, normally we discuss things with the Manager who then talks it over with the other partners to reach a decision. My doctor had asked if I would prefer a Phased return to work, which at first I had said no, but thinking on, it may be a better option, would it be unreasonable to ask to start off on a 2 day week then build up over a period of time to get back to the hours I worked previously, providing my health improves to get back to normal working. Thank you
  8. After being off work for 7 weeks due to an Event, doctors unclear as to what caused this but still doing test's, I was hoping to do less hours until i get back to full fitness. I have worked here for 10 years without any previous time off due to illness, part time doing 25 hours over five days, would it be unreasonable to ask for one day off until I feel well enough to go back to previous part time hours. I have spoken to my manager, but been suggested that I seek disability allowance if I cant resume normal working, but how can you claim this if I don't have a disability or been diagnosed with one. What would be the best way to approach this as I really want to get back to work, but feel that one day less would help me get back to normal. Any help appreciated thanks.
  9. Thanks for the replies, and for the link DX:wink: Will pass this on to the person's involved. Why has my post heading changed to Police Scotland? From Family dispute?
  10. Hi folks can you advise please, If you are on bail you do not have any restrictions on your bail terms, someone calls the police says you have breached your bail conditions, you are arrested locked up for the night, the police did not bother to check the bail conditions, appear in court the next day to be told by the sheriff that this should not have happened there are no restrictions on your bail terms. What if any redress do you have? for instance can you use the freedom of information act to find out who made the call to the police? we think this is a deliberate act to make this person look bad the court hearing is due next week, can this be mentioned in court as both parties are to appear, or is it not worth mentioning. This will take place in the Scottish courts I believe the law is different from English courts, thanks for any comments.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to reply folks, if I had more time on my hands I would love to go through the small claims route, but I will certainly give it some thought. The reason I had asked for a Saturday visit is because I do travel a lot in my place of work and trying to arrange something Mon - Frid, is almost impossible, infact maybe I should just arrange for them to come and then call them to say I have been called out on an emergency and cant make it:wink: see how they like it, then if i do it enough times then maybe they will cancel the contract, problem solved. Food for thought, thanks for replying guys much appreciated.
  12. Hi folks can anyone give advice please, I have cover with this company and my boiler is due a service, first time it was arranged for a Saturday morning between 08.00 and 12.00 they called at 11.0 to say they could not attend as they had a a very high volume of emergency call out's and they take priority over service jobs, ok fair enough. Then they kept phoning to remind me my service was overdue??, it was arranged again for today and they would be here between 08.00 and 12.00 and guess what, they called to say they had a very high volume of, blah blah blah. So reading through their T&C, as i now want to cancel, as they don't seem to have enough engineers to cover the customers they have on there books, but it say's if I cancel then I could be liable for the cost of 12 month cover just renewed in November, but if they cant provide me with the cover they promise to give then surely they are in breach of contract, and they should compensate me for having to take time off work etc. Any advice welcome thanks.
  13. They are new sills, as previous post I had cut the corners on the old ones to make sure they had changed them, and put a dab of paint on them. The sills are plastic panels which screw onto the body work, new screws were also fitted, would hate to think what it would have been like if they were metal like some cars, with welding etc. Nightmare:!:
  14. May be an idea to write to Toyota Scaniaman, been thinking about the 5 year warranty as the car is only 1 year old, how does that stand with the paint work etc as they are Toyota approved should be ok, But does that include new parts fitted?? Sorry did not know there was an Arnold clark bit to post. Pity you cant post a picture of the damage caused by them, and there new garage scheme SAfE HANDS my ar##
  15. Yes Ford got the new tyre free of cost as their service manager wanted to SELL me a budget tyre??? that's when I started to put a bit of pressure on, spoke to the general manager told him if i didn't get the new tyre same type and make as fitted to the car, and the new sills fitted, and a courtesy car I would be taking it further, seemed to work as they complied. But no other form of compensation was offered, but thanks to you guys for the advice given etc, and hope this goes to help others in the same position, keep pushing until you get what you want
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