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  1. Well after I sent the expenses and income list + covering letter. The only thing I got back was marstons demand for £250 / month. I was so disgusted at this amount with no explanation, I decided to ignore and didn't do anything, other than worry.. Then today at 5pm I received an email from the LAA saying because of my/our health and monetary situation they have called off marstons and will not be persuing this any further. My next question is, Any tips on how to go after the £5600 already paid. Tips as in how to word the letter. I can't express how m
  2. Can I just declare bankrupt? I've had enough I can't do this.
  3. I'm very sorry guys but this is getting to me, you are dealing with a chap with brain problems and limited education, useless at letters, unable to make proper decisions, I have enough looking after my wife
  4. Thankyou Honeybee. Useless with tecky stuff.
  5. Yes I will ignore Marstons and stick with the LAA.
  6. Sorry guys in not keeping you up to date but they (LAA) gave me 3 months to get my income and expenditure and appeal letter to them. Which I did about 3 weeks ago, then this letter came today from marstons. Nothing from LAA since July. I think they just passed it on to marstons. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. It don't half take the pressure off. I think the best course of action will be a letter to Jane Harbottle direct. The minions don't seem to listen. THANK YOU ALL.
  7. Hi guys n gals. Well after months of nothing happening they asked for a statement of income and outgoing. The following is their reply £250 / month for the rest of my life. I think not. What the heck (non priority expenditure) I'm a 69 year old pensioner on £1150 / month income. Where the heck do I have non priority expenditure?????. Oh what to do. 2020-11-12 Marston Letter @£250PCM.pdf
  8. I will don't you worry about that. Plus a donation.
  9. I think it was my wife's letter that did the trick. She wrote after me. Thanks guys without all your help I could not have got this far. I was at a dangerous stage. It's a great result, a big weight off, but still further to go. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
  10. I have to as its not over yet. Thank you all I will come back again soon.
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