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  1. confused . com I thank you very much for your help but this just loses me i have no idea how to follow this. cheers Confused .Com. Thank you very much but means nowt to me.
  2. Oh dear Al this legal stuff does nowt for me. Can't understand a word. But am very impressed by the stuff you guys turn up. So are we in agreement with we go to top dog and complain again. C/w copies of letters. ¿???????? Thanks again guys.
  3. Could we sell the property to our children and pay them rent? Would that stop em.??
  4. Got this today .Your comments please much appreciated. I note your comments stated in regards to your current circumstances and wife’s health conditions. However, I must advise that, whilst we appreciate the difficulty faced by the current circumstances, you remain liable for the amount of £10XXXXX When calculating your Capital Contribution Order we assessed using the Final Defence Costs the Legal Aid Agency paid to your solicitor and barrister and the disposable capital both you and your wife hold. As previously stated in the email sent by ourselves on 11th June 2020, if you disagree with the figures used to calculate your disposable capital or current liability, please submit evidence so that we may conduct a review. If evidence cannot be provided for a review, I would advise that you contact our collection and enforcement agents, Marston Holdings Ltd (Marstons) in order to discuss payment. We understand your concerns regarding external contact during the pandemic and the risk to your family’s safety. Please be advised that during this situation, visits from Marstons are highly unlikely. However, I must advise you that as the liability has not been paid, in order to secure the debt owed it is likely that Marstons will apply for a charge to be secured against your property; please note that where enforcement action such as this is taken, the fees incurred will be added to your account. If this action is taken you will be notified accordingly. Once a charge has been secured this will allow for you to arrange a payment plan with Marstons. When considering a payment plan, Marstons will consider your current income and outgoings in order to arrive at an affordable figure. If you wish to conduct a review, please submit all evidence to the National Crime Team as soon as possible. Pease note, if a review cannot be competed, you will remain liable for the full amount which cannot be revoked. I must also confirm that cannot reimburse you for any payments already made. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact details below. Please quote the MAAT reference XXXXXXX on any future correspondence. Yours sincerely, Caseworker National Crime Team Fothergill House,
  5. Done it boss. 1st class recorded today. Cheers
  6. Well, I'm speechless and I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. I graduated with a law degree (the first of two) in 1979, and if anybody had told me that 40 years later an unsuccessful legally aided defendant could end up with a legal bill of over £100k, I'd have called them a barefaced f'ing liar. So Howler has £112k of legal aid spent on his defence, and ends up liable for all of it, simply because his disabled and cancer surviving wife (not him) owns the flat they live in. And the value of that flat is only £150k! Well, well. How times change. I was aware legal aid had been cut back drastically, but I didn't realise it was like this. I don't know what you can do other than write as suggested by London1971. If you don't tell your wife now, I'd suggest you need to start preparing to do so, because you are likely to be asked to demonstrate how unwell she is. I can fully understand you don't want to burden her with this, but it might be better if she knew sooner rather than later. When (or if) you do tell her, she may be really annoyed you hadn't told her earlier. Only you can judge that. I think Andyorch may be suggesting challenging the £112k figure as to how it's made up. Might be worth a try, although I think you suggested it may have been connected with money laundering charges, so the costs may have been particularly high. Just one thing. You say the flat is only in your wife's name, and she owns it outright. Are you absolutely sure there's no mortgage or any other monies outstanding on it? Or any other legal liabilities you or she have that could reduce your disposable capital? I'm just thinking aloud as I don't understand how this works. My wife paid off the mortgage and debts when we moved here , we have no liabilities . The other guys were charged with money laundering i was not, mine was a lesser charge . Basically for me it was a debt collection job that went wrong....and i got charged with conspiracy to kidnap though there was no kidnap the bloke ran away into the arms of the local plod, who then after some digging decided to go after the big guys for laundering charges. Mine was a small part played on the fringes. I was there to back up the baillif in carrying out his employment. I tried to get my barrister to appeal but was told there was nothing to appeal on. Basically i got a polite go away and think your lucky cos they all got time.
  7. As yet there is no charge as the 28 days is not up yet .
  8. marstons are demanding £106855.51p as my final defence costs. Sorry but i had to take time away from this . My wife and i are both on anti depressants my wife also takes an array of pain medication. She is a cancer survivor (throat Cancer ) from 5 years ago . she also cant walk unaided as she needs hips and knees replaced. she is in receipt of P I P payments the top rate. Also prolapsed disc in neck. We moved to an apartment 20 months ago to make it easier for her. i am not the owner, nor part of, she has full ownership . I have not been on any deeds for 10 years before moving here. my wifes total savings are no more than 15k. The car is a motability vehicle. Any other Qs please ask. Once again very sorry but i am not doing too good. Very BIG THANK YOU to all for any help . If anyone knows of a good lawyer to do letters for me i would be happy to pay. I don't have any savings but could raise a couple of grand if need be.
  9. I give up I cant handle this I am not capable. just not clever enough. verbally or otherwise. just spoke to doctor who explained my notes are available on line for me to download if I wish to send them the information. thanks very much I am at the end of mt tether I cant deal with this I am done in.
  10. My wife had nothing to do with this matter. The property has been in her name for years. There was also no proceeds of crime as I never got paid. So how can they take 106k from my wife's asset.
  11. I have not told my wife of this it will kill her and cause so much bad feeling. I can't do that. I have an appointment with the doctor Monday to get a letter.
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