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  1. Thank you so much for the explanation.(antone) What really peevs me is my state pension would have been just the same without my wife being ill. thanks again to all who took time out to give me info. Bless you all.
  2. Yes she is 67 and me 65. Yes she qualifies for higher rate everything. X
  3. Hi Recently come of age 65 and applied for my pension. No problem all ok. However upon getting my pension it would appear i cant have Carers Allowance and this will be stopped . Is this right as i still care for my wife on a daily basis. How can this be right as i feel a pension is not a benefit but cash i have paid in to the system . Your comments invited :mad2:
  4. Thank you , i thought that was the case. Cheers These people really are ****.
  5. Here we go again Letters from CABOT (must have been sold on ) arriving weekly phone calls from CABOT all blocked now. As all this started in 2009 is there no time limit ? Thanks guys.
  6. THANK YOU all for your replies sent em a polite letter as above post cheers again ....
  7. date parked 25/04/2015 9.35am-10.11am pcn issue date 29/04/2015 date recieved 04/05/2015. £60 to be paid within 14days or increased to £100. Only one photo on letter timed at 9.35am
  8. Hi guys i parked in Ibis Hotel Luton airport waiting for a friend to disembark i was there for approx half an hour sat in car waiting parked well out of the way and not impeding anyone . A week later i get a Parking Charge Notice from Civil Enforcement Ltd of Liverpool asking for £60 With A photograph of vehicle entering the carpark. Can i ignore or do i have to pay ?
  9. Thankyou Honeybee tried the calculator , not looking too good.
  10. Thankyou Margaret for reminding me of that last post. Totally forgot. Its an age thing ! Nothing has changed still getting carers allowance and council tax reduction. Just finding things a little tight.
  11. Hello folks Dont know much about this subject . I live on a private pansion of approx £3000/year plus carers allowance of approx £2400 as a full time carer to my retired wife. I am 62 years old, & have no other income. Can anyone tell me if i could be eligible for any further monetary help. Thankyou in anticipation. HOWLER:violin:
  12. Hi Guys All came good in the end all sorted. Sometimes it makes a big difference to talk, in this case the local council sorted it all out. Thank you all for info. cheers
  13. Hi Everyone Well it couldnt last forever. 2 letters on my doormat today. one from lloyds saying they have assigned my debt to Capquest. The other from Capquest asking me to make contact. I have no idea where they got my new address. They have ways of tracking us down. Oh well here we go again , same old S**T . So it looks like Lloyds have given up because they have no agreement and sold the debt to capquest. Am i right ? What do you think is my next step ?
  14. hi yes all ok here hows you ? don't know how they got it . I think they just fishing.but I aint gonna bite.
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