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  1. I know now I was had - but if you are sticking with your SB comment despite what Andyorch is saying,that would at least be some good news. But thanx for comments
  2. Thnx Andyorch and dx - it may be splitting hairs, but I paid Highbridge to take the debt off my hands, I didn't say and you can do whatever you like - you two are not in agreement over this, but I appreciate that's how it goes sometimes (or often) - help appreciated, as ever.
  3. A letter a week ago asking me to contact them to arrange a repayment plan - but if the Highbridge payments were made without my knowledge or authority, you are saying that could not affect the statute barred situation - obvs, I need to know 100% before I send some letter to that effect - but thnx for responses
  4. Yep,agreement looked ok - but would that affect the statute barred situation?
  5. Thnx for reply dx and apologies for ingrained secret squirrel behaviour - Digging thru old paperwork, I see I paid £2840 to Highbridge Investments in October 2012 to take a Halifax credit card debt of £15k off my hands for ever and a day. From Oct 2012 to March 2015, Highbridge dealt with Halifax, but at end 2014 and beginning 2015, paid 3x £1 payments to Halifax, then stopped. In March 2015, Highbridge wrote saying they were ceasing trading and handing back the account to me. Not having any huge disagreements with Halifax, I was surprised when they sold
  6. In 2012, I paid a company to, supposedly, take a debt off my hands completely (forget about the legalities of that for now). Shortly before going into liquidation in 2015, this company sent a couple of £1 payments to the original creditor (with whom they had been dealing for some 3 years) without my knowledge or authority -not that I would have expected them to inform me as they 'owned' the debt - but had they not done so, the debt would now be statute barred. I need to know where I now stand - if my debt is not statute barred because of these payments, what would be sto
  7. Aha,didn't think of that,good one - and many thanks
  8. When Carboot offload a debt to a Debt Manager,it must say something..... even sarcastic comments welcomed
  9. Hi steveod - don't know if you would have any thoughts on this - wanting to read any correspondence between debt purchaser and original creditor, I sent a GDPR to DP, who replied saying all contact was via secure electronic method, and I could see from notes they sent me such items as 'Request statements/agreements' etc,which was proof they had contacted them. But these notes do not say what was actually said,and what the replies were.OC still saying 'contact DP',as account sold to them (I do know that!) - surely,if GDPR is to have any meaning, I need a bit more than this?!
  10. Thnx for that steviod - hadn't heard of GDPR but have now! It's just that debt purchaser said they had requested info from original creditor, then said they were requesting again later on, but I'm not sure if this is rubbish or not. OC says no correspondence received, but I'm not too sure. Thnx again, help appreciated.
  11. Yes, Halifax cashed the money, then said they do not hold letters and I would have to request info from DP (which seems to say there could be correspondence) - I asked same of DP ,and there are references to correspondence sent, but not copies of the actual letters - so I believe Halifax do hold something, and I think they're just being arsy. But in any event, thanx for your replies on this - and I will certainly threaten to write to Information Commissioner; I know they'll hardly be quaking in their boots but the suggestion might annoy them just a tiny bit 'hopefully'.
  12. More or less what I thought,but many thanks in any event- All best Also,was trying to get copies of correspondence sent by debt purchaser to Halifax, former owner of debt - they say they hold nothing and I must contact debt purchaser, but surely if they had received anything,and/or replied to it,they hold data,and must supply me copies (I sent the £10 by the way - cashed)
  13. Good morning - would anyone know the rights and wrongs of this - a debt purchaser obtained my mobile number from some sort of investigatory company - would that be lawful?
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