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Found 14 results

  1. Hello there, Hopefully someone can help with this. My understanding is that under the old system, if you had sanctions on JSA but then won ESA the sanctions you had on JSA would not effect the ESA payments. I'm on Universal Credit however, and it's just recently occurred to me that the UC basic payment is the same benefit whether you are fit for work or are found to have limited capability. So any sanctions from before a successful WCA would be the same as after. Is this correct? My story is a bit long winded. I started UC back in late 2015 but was suffering with depression, so I did the whole fit note thing and had a WCA in 2016 but was found fit for work as I had been trying anti-depressents which had given me a boost which coincided with the WCA. It didn't last much longer and I got worse, started getting sanctions for not meeting commitment. I eventually managed to persuade someone, somewhere that my condition was worse so should get a new WCA. I also managed to overturn some sanctions after this by providing fit notes and saying I had a new WCA on the way. However, as I still wasn't meeting the commitment they kept asking why I'd not met it and I said the same thing as before, that I was sending fit notes and waiting for the new WCA. I assumed that would be fine, as the sanctions had been overturned before because of this, but then one day I got about 7 letters through the door at once all saying I was being sanctioned for 91 days each, so about two years total. I thought it must be a mistake, so I was quite confident with the reconsideration request, but the decision maker phoned me up and told me the previous overturning of sanctions had not been correct and that the new 2 year sanction would remain. I was pretty defeated by this and clocked up more sanctions to hit the full 3 years because I wasn't managing to meet the commitment. Anyway, I had my new WCA in 2017 but was found fit for work again. I went ahead with the reconsideration and appeal and my tribunal hearing is coming up in a month. I seem to remember that my work coach had said after the first sanctions that a successful WCA would make the sanctions disappear, but now that I'm looking I can't seem to find anything that says that, and the more I think about it and look at the regulations the more I think it isn't correct and that winning at the appeal won't actually make any financial difference as I'm still under the sanctions from before the WCA. Anyone got a definitive answer? Any help much appreciated
  2. Hi, I have just received a letter from a debt company that I haven't used for over 15 years. The letter says data protection laws have changed. This means thy need to provide me with an updated explanation of how they use my personal data. I do not want then to use my personal data. Do I ignore the letter? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi All Have been paying a small amount to Citroen for a debt from 2007 that now does not appear on my credit file current balance is £2500. Citroen have now sent me a letter saying they have sold the debt to a debt collection company and have closed the account. Interestingly they say i should continue to make payments and should hear from the new debt management company reference payment to them instead. (still waiting after 5 days for letter from debt company) I have still got this debt listed against an address i moved out of 2 years ago and have not been on the electoral role at a rental for the past 2 years. I have now moved in with girlfriend and will eventually end up on the council tax here but address is over 50 miles away. Due to these changes i'm not sure if i should just stop paying Citroen and wait to see if the debt company finds me; any advise would be helpful thanks.
  4. (I'm not exactly sure what forum this should go in, so I'm posting it here, but Mods please feel free to move it.) I'm going to charge Anglian Home Improvements £500 each time they continue to harass/phone me I have reached the Samuel L. Jackson Fury Event Horizion - "Enough is Enough! I have had it up to here with these [edit] Double-glazing salesmen on this [edit] phoneline":-x I'd appreciate some advice on the specific OFCOM guidline and law acts I can use against them. Dear Anglian, I have, over the last 6 months, received dozens of phone call from you, some silent and putting the phone down immediately I answer, and some asking to speak to a "Mrs Gardner", presumably the person that had this phone number (REMOVED) before me. I know the calls are from you due to the caller number display. Every single time I request, as is my legal right, that you stop calling me immediately and that you remove my phone number and all other information from your system and never call me again, your phone operator always agrees to do this. Despite this request, you continue to phone me at all hours of the day and night, and even when I inform you that I am not the person you are looking for you still try to sell me something. Let me inform you of some facts: (1) I have NEVER contacted you, requested a quote, had business dealing with you or otherwise made any contact with you previously (2) I am extremely ill, severely disabled and bedbound due to an incurable illness. I often have to rest or sleep during the day or evening. (3) The phone number you keep ringing (REMOVED) is for EMERGENCY use only, and hence each time I hear it ring, I can only assume it is an emergency. This stresses me, and my illness is one that, if I am stressed, my illness gets worse. Hence your insistent calls are causing me actual harm. (4) You have ignored my request to remove my number from your records on EVERY SINGLE OCCASION, thus breaking the OFCOM GUIDELINES ???? and the LAW ACT ???? Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (5) From this date onwards I am applying a schedule of fees for every phone call I receive from you to compensate me for my time and for the damage to my health, and for restitution for the HARASSMENT from you. The fees are as follows; Receiving phone call from yourselves = £500 Receiving SILENT phone call from yourselves = £750 answering email from yourselves = £250 answering unsolicited letter from yourselves = £250 personal visit from yourselves = £1500 Writing letter to yourselves = £77.34p Continued phone contact or extended other communication from yourselves shall be consider acceptance of this schedule of fees. All communication may be recorded and made public. Continued ingnoring of my requests will lead to legal action. Yours sincerely Mr Mongoose
  5. If you are looking for an energy supplier, you would be a fool to choose Npower. If you are with Npower, you would be a fool to stay with them.
  6. Hi all could do with some advise please, I am being harassed by Bristow & Sutor, they have 3 liability orders for outstanding council tax ranging from £29 to current year £910. I have ignored all contact from Bristow & Sutor, but I did make an arrangement with the council last month. they passed the details of this arrangement to Bristow & Sutor, who emailed me acknowledging this arrangement. I have kept to the arrangement and make payments due as arranged, but I paid directly onto councils online payments. now I am getting emails and letters from Bristow & sutor, telling me that if I do not pay them direct, they will continue their enforcement action. any advise please? Mick
  7. Hi i have started a claim against Thomson for a delayed f light in 2011. However to continue my claim they are continually asking for a booking reference number, which i dont have . I have even rang them to say i have nt got this reference number, one lady saying that i am unable to make a claim then . ?????? surely not right. Rox
  8. Hi, Hoping you lovely people will be able to give me some advice as I'm having terrible trouble with Marsden debt collectors. Around three months ago my Polish girlfriend moved in with me having been a UK resident for around three years) when she did so i told her to switch her details with the DVLA for her address which she did. Having done that it seems she flagged up on Marsdens list for a speeding ticket that had been sent to a previous address, the short version is she had 4 changes of addressing 1 year and was out of the country for several months caring for her terminally ill mother in Poland. she never received the original speeding fine as she had moved and not notified as she wasn't at a fixed address. the first we knew of it was when Marsden sent a letter saying she owes £1055 ! I contacted them right away to find out the details etc.. . and i took my girlfriend to court to make a statutory declaration to say she had never received the fine in the first place, the court said the bailiffs would be notified and the procedure of the court case would start over again. That was the end of it from Marsden, or so we thought. We received her paperwork from court saying we had a new court date (november 4th 2014) of which we would attend and tell them what happened. However today Marsden have been back to our address with very threatening attitudes saying the court hadn't contacted them so they were still under contract to collect. i tried to contact Poole magistrates court but i just get stuck in a round and round automated phone system. i explained all to the Marsden bailiff who called me a liar and said it all still stands. I have a photocopy of the statutory declaration and the new court papers etc.. but couldn't show them as they were with my girlfriend at her work. How can i stop Marsden coming back they said its not up to them to contact the court but at the same time i can't get hold of an actual person to speak to at court ? Thanks in advance, Danny
  9. Hi all, Although this is my first post I have spent the last 3 month reading advise givien to other members on this forum. On 20/02/09 I sent CCA requests to 12 creditors (11 creditcards & 1 unsecured loan). So far I have recieved 1 signed agreement form Liverpool Victoria. The responses from the others so far are listed below. Abbey: None Halifax: Returned request as Postal order didn't have a Payee Name on it. Barclaycard: Sent me a photocopied leaflet of Barclacards Conditions. Mint: None RBS: None Tesco: None HSBC: None Egg: Refused to issue as my letter was not signed. MBNA: None Capital One: Sent me a leaflet of Terms & Conditions. Post Office: None I am under the impression that as 12+2 days has now passed I can dispute the debt. I have a standard letter to send those who have not responded or have sent T&C's. However can anybody give me advice on how to deal those creditors who have refused to process my CCA request (Egg & Halifax)? thanks. Me against them!
  10. Hi all, first post and apologies for the length! i have a 4 year old account with mbna and it was in order until they wanted to hike my interest for the second time in 12 months i chose the option to refuse it and keep the original charges, knowing no new activity on the card was possible. was paying them the minimum fee for a while before xmas as family finances were tight. long story short, i stopped paying them when i got into trouble with payday loans eating up my entire disposable income and then some so i missed a few payments. meantime i incured the expect charges - no problem there. after 2 months i finally made a payment of £50 knowing this wouldnt clear my arrears but would reduce the debt. contacted them asking to freeze late payment fees if i continue to make payments -they refused. having 3 payday loans and 4 other credit cards i decided enough was enough - i needed to get control of my finances again. i produced income/expenditure and sent it to everyone and they all accepted my offer of repayment except MBNA. all i was asking them to do was reset the account so i could resume the original £30 pm i was paying but they refused again saying that i can afford more but i should pay the £30 anyway to stop the debt getting worse until my financial position improves in 6 months! meanwhile the 30 just about covers their interest and late payment fee each month. i told them to take me to court if they wont accept my offer and i will discuss it with a judge (i know...) as they were the only co being unreasonable. however, another 3 months have passed, they are still charging me 30 pm charges (with interest) and my debt is now very close to the original limit (which still shows on my statements) and so if nothing is done soon i will be incurring late and overlimit fees. so..please what are my rights here? I havent paid them any more simply because it would be all eaten in charges and fully expected solicitors letter by now (when at least the debt amount should be frozen until it goes to court) advice please
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mg74/features/wonga-fraud-complaints-continue
  12. I looking for a bit of advice. My husband has been unwell for the last 18 months and last year had spinal surgery to correct the problem. Since he had the surgery he has suffered blackouts. He went back to work in June but is still suffering. Work has paid for him to have a medical and while the report says he has problems, the company should try and make allowances while the cause is found out. The report also says his problems are covered by the Disability Act. What I'm wanting to know is can they sack him. He has a stage 3 meeting next week to discuss his level of absence and the letter does say that as part of company policy he could be dismissed. We are both worried as if he is dismissed we are not entitled to ESA contribution based and I earn just over the limit for income based. Any help would be appreciated. Joanne
  13. And the DVLA does nothing And the BPA does nothing (no surprises there) And they try to tell us that POPLA is independent!!! Oh how we laughed.
  14. Looking for some advice before I do some aspects incorrectly. I am claiming PPI. I have downloaded the FOS rolling credit calculator and I am aware of the FOS forms to send to originators of PPI, just need to clarify one or two points. 1. Do I approach the originator of the credit, even if they have sold debt to DCA, I presume I do but just checking. 2. Do I hit PPI and unlawful charges at the same time. ( I am aware the calculations are separate in their calculations and on separate forms) or do I claim PPI first then go for unlawful charges. 3. I had a Debenhams store card that was opened in a rush, the PPI was added, she thrust the application form at me and put crosses where I sign, I cancelled when I realized but was diagnosed with cancer shortly after so it was 3 years before I cancelled. Debt was sold to Link and I am paying back monthly but having done my rolling credit, once the PPI is off the card went into credit and would have stayed in credit if it were not for interest and over limit fees etc. So do I draw attention to this or just claim PPI for now? And once again do I go to Santander who sold the debt or Link who will probably equally ignore this one. 4. How much info and what do I send in with my claims? Do I send the calculations form in with my letter or not. I have all statements to all my accounts ( I never throw financial stuff away) oh and I was employed by my own company at the time, and was also being treated for cancer when most of these cards were taken out. Thank you so much to whoever replies. I have spent years literally not knowing what I was taking out but concentrating on getting better, now I am, I am fighting back, and have just worked it out that if by some miracle, I got my PPI and my unlawful charges back I would be debt free! If only!! I will certainly make a donation to this site if I start getting any on this back.
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