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  1. Will do and thank you
  2. Thank you ims21 I will do exactly that. The debt is still owned by Santander, the letter from Lewis states they were appointed to collect on their behalf. However, I will still check my credit file just in case. I have also gone back to my HOF statements and the initial request for repayment of PPI where I included the figures etc and the amount that should be paid back to me far exceeds the debt outstanding, my card would have been well in credit without the PPI, not to mention a couple of late payment and over limit fees applied to card when I was in hospital
  3. I am afraid I have not gotten round to that one yet as all of this has shaken me up. I do intend to follow this up now. The reasons I gave were I was pressurized. Irrelevant or not, I had been looking at a beautiful evening dress that the sales assistant was pressurizing me about but was too expensive. She suggested I take out a store card, spread the payments and she would also be able to give me a 10% discount. I agreed, she filled out the application and put a cross by the PPI, I queried what it was and I remember well she advised me to sign it to ensure I got the cred
  4. I have recently been claiming back PPI and so far have had one success with HSBC. However I had a HOF store card which I am paying off on a payment plan and have been for over 18 months, I pay well in advance of payment date and have never missed a payment. I attempted to claim PPI that was imposed on this card in store, with the intention of this clearing the outstanding amount. In September I received a letter from Santander that PPI had never been applied to my account and the matter was closed. I however have every single statement for that store card and it is cle
  5. Hi skyrocket Yes to both questions. Good luck with your claim
  6. Not sure if this is going to appear twice now, just lost last post. Received expected rejection letter from Santander. I note that they included a copy of my agreement, which was signed as explained above, however on the left hand side of the application form are three boxes with three questions that the young shop assistant did not ask me, i.e. age, how long in UK, and my employment status, these boxes are just left blank. This proves that she did not take due care and attention when filling in this form nor ask me the appropriate questions or explain anything to me. Do I write back to
  7. Update I have just worked out all the PPI on my Morgan Stanley, no problem there, it covers three quarters of the debt to that point. However would appreciate your thoughts on how to word my documents when claiming. I had always maintained my Morgan Stanley well having had it from 2004, until I became very ill again in 2006/7. I had cancer when I took this card out, and was self employed. I attempted to make a claim on the insurance but when the papers arrived it was obvious and made clear I did not qualify to claim so I took it no further. I did try to cancel the insurance but I was j
  8. Thank you everyone. citizenb, the ppi started with morgan stanley from the onset, I was very ill with cancer so tried to get it removed without success, when it changed to Barclaycard they indicated where to sign and unfortunately being a numpty I signed for the very thing I was trying to get out of with Morgan Stanley, the PPI !!!
  9. thanks dx, go get em together i.e. both morgan stanley and barclays both to barclays, or individually?
  10. Can someone give me some advice please. I was with Morgan Stanley for years, it briefly changed to Egg, then bought as you all know by Barclays. When it changed to Barclays they sent me a new agreement and indicated where I should sign, they had indicated by a cross against PPI and I foolishly signed. I admit I was being treated for breast cancer at the time so concentration was not there on that issue. My Morgan Stanley was an online and I know I said no to PPI but it was still on there and everytime I tried to cancel it, they told me I had to contact the insurance company, which t
  11. I had a Debenhams store card that was opened in a rush, the PPI was added, she thrust the application form at me and put crosses where I sign, I cancelled when I realized but was diagnosed with cancer shortly after so it was 3 years before I cancelled. Debt was sold to Link and I am paying back monthly but having done my rolling credit, once the PPI is off the card went into credit and would have stayed in credit if it were not for interest and over limit fees etc. So do I draw attention to this or just claim PPI for now? And once again do I go to Santander
  12. Thank you dx100uk for your quick reply, I will get on with everything now.
  13. Thank you ims21 for replying to this post, its my first time back on here and am just about to pick up where I left off with my claims hence my latest post today but I see you have already answered one of my questions already. So thank you very much for your help. I will keep posted any progress.
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