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Found 17 results

  1. Four weeks ago, we secured a new home in an area where Virgin Media don't offer any services. This is a shame because we have enjoyed their service for the past 11 years. We let them know straight away that we would no longer require their services and they told us that they would send us three bags with cable plugs so that we could cap the cables and return the two set top boxes and router that we have. This took two weeks and when the bags turned up there was one bag big enough for the router and one cap. We let them know instantly and they said that this was a common problem
  2. We signed a rental agreement for a new property in Cowpe on the 1st December 2017, having recently had a baby and a wedding on the 29th December we decided to speak with our then current landlord, a friend of the family, to see if we could take our time moving our possessions. All this was fine. My fiance rang Utility Warehouse, our current provider and asked them to transfer our account to the new property. We started to move our belongings into the new property. Most of the larger furniture was in, with the help of friends on the morning of the 13th December
  3. If you are looking for an energy supplier, you would be a fool to choose Npower. If you are with Npower, you would be a fool to stay with them.
  4. 29th September: Vodafone sends a text message saying there is unusual activity on one of my accounts. Gives number to call. Call Vodafone number quoted. They say our usual £400 bill is topping £2000 this month! Fell off chair! Ask for explanation so put through to billing team. Lady says actually it is now £5000+ and there is a week to go - but she cannot say why this staggering bill is winging its way to me. Nor which SIM card it relates to. I have to wait a week - this is £1000 a week so I don't want to wait but there is nothing they can do!!!!! Checked all phone num
  5. hi Really looking for some advice. I have an ongoing issue with british gas, this has been going on for over four months now and i dont know where to go from here. * I changed my account with them and needed to re-set the Direct Debit. Existing Direct Debit stopped.... * They then continued to try and take the money from the old account direct debit, despite new details and a new Direct Debit being set up. * Numerous phone calls resulted in two further new Direct Debits being set up and STILL they continued to try to take the money from the original Direct De
  6. I share this story for educational purpose, to let you look behind the curtain. I’ve been trading different markets since 2000, but it was my first complaint ever. I have irrefutable evidences to prove the prejudice, but there was no way to address that problem. The procedure was only a barbaric joke. Nevertheless, my sense of humour is much better. I reported them for fraud to the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and to the Action Fraud, based on Fraud Act 2006 chapter 35. It is proven fact that the ombudsman made an irrational decision and it was not a mistake. I am aware that it is a cr
  7. Hello, I am not sure if this is the correct board to post in, please feel free to move this thread if this is the case. Hello CAG, I am a new member here! Please bare with me as I try to explain my issue: I have been a Microsoft customer for almost 12 years and now they seem to be stone walling me with an issue in relation to Halo 2 for PC. I first contacted them on 7th April and I have reported my issue to them almost on a daily basis since then and I have not got a very good service. I have been repeatedly fobbed off, lied to, and only ended up extremely frustrated at the en
  8. The Financial Conduct Authority have already managed to show great incompetence and lack of awareness of legal requirements by breaching the Data Protection Act and sharing personal information with a third party without consent. If they have any integrity they should hold themselves to the same standards they hold others and pay a mutli-million pound fine. This isn't just some woolly vague principle they have breached that can be interpreted retrospectively. It's a clear law that most people are aware of. Shame on you FCA.
  9. I am wanting to know if anyone has any way to speak to BT and actually get listened to. We used to have several lines with BT Business, two mobiles and two fixed lines. We cancelled these at the end of the contract as we had closed the business and both gone back into employment. BT completely ignored us when we cancelled these lines, the fixed lines were based at our home, and we switched the lines to Sky after drawing a blank with BT. However, BT continued to bill us, even threatening to cut off our one residential line well after we were established paying line rental to Sky. I have
  10. Hi I have a serious problem. My incapacity benefit was stopped on the 4th of April, the first I knew was last week when it wasn't paid into my bank account (noticed on Friday 19th). Spoke to DWP today and they informed that it's because I didn't attend an ATOS assessment in Feb. The problem is... ATOS have never informed me of any appointments and this is the 2nd time it's happened in about 6 months. I even told the DWP that I wanted to make an official complaint about the failure to inform me. I live alone, no one else has access to my mail. If I'd received a letter I'd kn
  11. I emailed quick quid several weeks ago regarding my outstanding PDL and they have agreed to a repayment that is suitable for me- I gave them my bank details and debit card details at least twice (I have an account for this purpose)they keep stating that they will continue collection procedures as I have not agreed to a payment plan or given my repayment details!!!!! I have corresponded via email over 10 times, made a formal complaint and reported them to the OFT as they fail to acknowledge my acceptance of the plan. I am sick and tired of emailing them- they don't read my emails. I am getting
  12. So after about 8 hours on the phone to various people and 3 visits to Vodafone shops I have now been told my number cannot be transferred. My old contract with 3 finished and I decided to move to Vodafone PAYG. I transferred my PAC code on 27/02/13 and expected a smooth transfer. How wrong could I be. I was initially informed it would be done within 2 working days. By 04/03/13 it still had'nt been transferred hence me calling Vodafone after 1 hour trying to get through I gave up and decided to go into store where I was told ot would be done within a few days by 08/03/2013 it still wa
  13. I Signed up with Virgin Media Sales and gave bank details for my standing orderin early in October and they confirmed the installation date as 16th October 12th October 2 workmen arrived and luckily I saw them as I drove into our road. They had painted an arrow on the road opposite my drive. They said they would need to dig up the road to get access to Virgin's conduit . I showed them the place on my drive where the access point was and they took a photograph of it. I have a frontage made up of coloured blocks and one ofthese about the size of a brick can easily be lifted
  14. Hello all, just wondering about something. Last week I had an accident which caused my arm to have a deep cut. I was taken to my local hospital who at first told me it just needed stitches. Shortly after they said I had cut tendons and needed to travel to this hospital in another town to have it operated on. They gave me a 9am time slot, didnt bother asking how I was due to get there. My only method of transport is train. I found out after that the hospital is 2 hours on train and an hours walk from train station... First train of the day is 6am. No chance of getting there. I phoned
  15. Hi.. Following with interest, as I am having my own issues with HAstings D. HAve you managed to get it sorted yet?
  16. Hi Hoping I am in the right forum here. My motorbike was stolen and then due to fingerprints and blood being found on the parts left behind when they dropped it, 3 youths were taken to court. Unfortunately on the day, the prosecutor told me that police had not correctly marked up the fingerprint evidence and no statement had been put in with the blood evidence, the judge would not allow a delay and threw the case out of court - which leaves me well out of pocket even with insurance! Is there anything at all I can do to try and claim some money back - I know even if it hadn't been thrown out o
  17. Hi everyone, Long time reader, first time poster. Just wanted to come on here and tell everyone about the ridiculous treatment that I have received from EDF over the past couple of weeks. I phone to change my direct debit amount and collection date in mid July. I was told that I had to cancel the current DD and set up a new one to change the amount - seemed a little odd but went along with it. After I had cancelled, I was told that I had to wait a week before I could set up a new one (great, another 30 minutes listening to 'Take On Me' while waiting to get through!) A day after
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