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  1. Paris attacks: Dozens dead and hostages held at Bataclan At least 40 people have been killed in multiple shootings in the French capital, Paris, and explosions near the Stade de France. French media say at least 15 people have been killed near the Bataclan arts centre, where up to 60 people are reportedly being held hostage. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-34814203 Latest updates as i find it. At Least 35 Dead in Paris Attacks, 100 Hostages Taken: Reports At least 35 people were reported dead during multiple acts of violence in Paris, including shootings in a Paris res
  2. I had a card from HSBC in 2002. In 2010, I had difficulties paying so I went through the sar process, discovered that I had never signed a contract and tried to negotiate a lower settlement on this basis. In 2011 I missed a deadline to acknowledge a claim from Northampton as so received a ccj via default. I only missed the deadline by one day, spoke with the court and sent in a n244. However, the case was assigned to Uxbridge and so the n244 was lost in the system. So I sent another n244 to the new court and understood that this was in place. I have now discovered
  3. I have an A5 with an S-Tronic gearbox fault. The oil cooler has failed allowing engine coolant to flow through the gearbox, which has killed it. Diagnosed at my local Audi center last week, the car is a 12-Plate & Dealer service from New The cost of a replacement box is £12k with the car's value at about £14k The 3-year warranty expired in June 2015, however Audi still treat the car as "young", as it's less than 5 years old. Audi are saying they won't contribute towards the cost of this repair, I've raised it with Audi UK (callback tommorow.) I fully exp
  4. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-2895425/Lloyds-life-misery-insisting-DEAD.html
  5. Amongst other issues dispute with Welcome Finance, initially attempting to repossess car "forthwith no court order needed" as it was "linked" to a joint personal loan the hp in my name only and not in default +over1/3 paid Dealt with that one sharpish. When over 1/2 paid finances tight with divorce very carefully enquired regarding re negotiating payments advised not possible so again very carefully said that I wished to exercise my right as sufficient sums had been paid to return the vehicle in full settlement, after some time I had to sorn it and put it into secure sto
  6. Around 20 people have been killed and 42 hospitalised after a suspected terrorist opened fire at a gay nightclub in the Florida city of Orlando. Officials confirmed the shooter had been killed by police and was carrying a “suspicious device”. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/orlando-shooting-florida-pulse-nightclub-attack_uk_575d23bde4b041514369cf54?fnu2428e7bc7bvs4i& Shooter inside the nightclub is dead The shooter behind an attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida is dead, police said Sunday, describing the scene as a "mass casualty situation. 4 videos. http:
  7. I cant think of anything more disgraceful.. http://www.express.co.uk/news/nature/638103/trophy-hunter-rips-teeth-out-dead-whale-washed-up-beach-Lincolnshire-Skegness
  8. Hi All, This is mostly for info - and comment Mum killed herself in July 2015 - dying on the 26th. On 19th Nov, we received a letter from a firm of solicitors claiming to have acted for Mum and hence seeking a payment from us of £573. The letter asks for our agreement to pay within 14 days ("accept our costs" ) or it'll take the matter to court. The first odd thing about this is that it's the first time I've come across solicitors doing work before getting their sticky fingers on money first. The second odd thing is that we're not aware of any solicitors doing work fo
  9. I find myself in new territory and would appreciate some guidance if possible. My sister is terminally ill and we are a very small family. This consists of: Daughter (K) 2 Grand children Older sister in Europe (RB) Me (sister) been caring for her (RD) My niece (K) has no problem with me dealing with all official and non official things because she is not coping with her mothers prognosis. However, I am obviously aware that my niece is the next of kin and we are communicating everything together at each step of the situation as it arises. Big sis in Europe not coming o
  10. my dad got into debt and subsequently had a charge placed on the house after a credit card debt was taken to court. he died last year and now my mum looking to sell. do we have to remove the charge or will this automatically be gone and nothing owing when my mum comes to sell. she hasn;t notified the credit card company that he died last year. any help appreciated thank yu
  11. RIP Cilla, the sixties wouldn't have been the same without you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAuoNa5g6i8
  12. Hi everyone My dad worked in Holland for a few years but through ill health came back to England and died on the 4th October 2014, but last month (may2015) I received a letter from the Dutch pension body saying they were sorry for our loss but they overpaid my dad for the month of October by 195 euros and they wanted it back. (I didn't even know he was getting a Dutch pension) I phoned them up to explain he lived in a council flat and only had around 2000 pounds to his name which paid for the funeral and that there was nothing left , I even offered to send them bank acc details and t
  13. After some advice if poss. Partner has applied for finance on a new van for his business, he is a sole trader, so finance needs to be in his name. Credit record is good with a score in the 900's. He applied for the finance but got a call off of Close Motor Finance stating that he is being reported as deceased under a previous address on some closed Santander accounrts. On looking at his credit report from Credit Expert, under closed accounts there are 3 credit cards, a current account and a personal loan all in his name, all recorded as deceased, all opened AFTER he had moved o
  14. My father passed away on 21st December 2014 and his benefits stopped. Fair enough as the Housing Association flat was paid up until the end of the month. We managed to clear out the flat well before the end of the month and handed back the keys. We were then told that two weeks notice has to be given and that they want £212.52 less £100 as the flat was clean when handed over. We received the invoice this morning almost 2 months after the estate had been settled. I am not sure how my father is supposed to notify the Housing Association that he is going to die an
  15. Hi, Hoping you lovely people will be able to give me some advice as I'm having terrible trouble with Marsden debt collectors. Around three months ago my Polish girlfriend moved in with me having been a UK resident for around three years) when she did so i told her to switch her details with the DVLA for her address which she did. Having done that it seems she flagged up on Marsdens list for a speeding ticket that had been sent to a previous address, the short version is she had 4 changes of addressing 1 year and was out of the country for several months caring for her
  16. hi all Due to a recent death in the family I am trying to help sort out the debts that they have left behind and have a few questions about it as we have found various letters saying they have some debts we where unaware of. My understanding is that debts are paid from the estate if there is anything left after reasonable funeral expenses How can I find out about everyone who is owed money to?(I have some letters but may not have them all) Is it creditors job to come forward and claim or do I have to inform them? If so how do I inform them? what happens if I miss
  17. Hi there, Can someone help point me in the right direction regarding what rights someone has when buying as a business?? The reason i ask is because my friend was instructed to purchase a laptop as a business buyer even though the laptop was mainly for home use and not work. The laptop has died at 13 months, she went to the store to see if they would maybe repair as gesture of goodwill with it only being 13 months old and basically got told to go away/nothing will be done. Because she bought as a business user they will not honor SOGA 1979 due to it being a business purchase?, whil
  18. Hi Bit complicated but will try to explain. I bought a fish tank and external filter from an online company at the end of November last year. Stocked it with Discus fish which are very sensitive fish, and very expensive. About a month ago on a Saturday night, the filter started to leak. It leaked onto my wood floor, damaging the floor by making it swell. Also the cabinet sucked up water and became unstable. Due to this I had to empty the tank, and put the fish into an unused tank I had spare. I also had to use a smaller internal filter that has been unused for quite some t
  19. My VW Tiguan is fitted with a Radio , satnav, media player unit , this is a £1700 extra on the car , the car is 3 yrs 3 m old , forgot to take out exended warantee ,so kicking ones self .a direct purchace replacement is around £2k Question is Could I expect any recorse under sale of goods regs , should I challenge VW for poor quality equipment ?
  20. The bedroom tax is dead. I’ll repeat that in case your eyes deceive you reader, the bedroom tax is dead! There was a hugely significant appeal win in South Wales I discussed and posted about earlier and I called the bedroom tax a lesser spotted Dodo. My apologies reader the bedroom tax is ‘deader’ than that upon reading the actual judgment! http://speye.wordpress.com/2014/02/0...ead-heres-why/ In a nutshell, a first tier tribunal in Bolton has ruled that a bedroom can only defined as such if it's used or furnished as a bedroom, a spare room used as a study or art room ar
  21. Dealing with the financial affairs of a loved one when they die can be difficult. The probate process distributes the deceased person's property and assets. But what happens when someone leaves no assets but they do leave debts? On July 4 this year Julia and Pat Quigley's daughter Hannah took her own life. She was 45 and had battled against mental health problems for the best part of two decades. Hannah left no assets but she did have some debts with her bank and mobile phone provider. Julia Quigley says they were quick to notify EE (Everything Everywhere) and HSBC that Hannah had died,
  22. I am continually getting letters from Rossendales for some alleged debt my late husband had. My husband has been dead for 2 1/2 years. I have been returning said letters marked "Deceased" for some time (without saying who I am) - written on the envelope. That doesn't seem to penetrate their amoeba like brain cells. Yet another "begging letter" as I like to call them arrived from Rossendales today. This time I have been a little ruder, asking them what they don't understand about dead and that I will sue them if one more letter comes to this address. This latest letter states
  23. I bought a car on March 4th 2013 from a car dealer who trades from home. I paid £1700 for the car (2002 Focus ST170). It was up for £1995, i knocked him down to £1700. When i took the car for a test drive there was a random light on the dash, the dealer said it was the traction control. I trusted him, as he obviously knew about the car...or so i thought. This light turned itself off a day later. So i wasn't too concerned. It turns out it was a coolant warning light. It never returned after about 3 days of having the car. Within a week the Engine Management Light came on, i bought a O
  24. Hi everyone, My father got an invoice from UKPC for allegedly parking in a disabled space (in a free carpark), I read through some of the posts here and told him to ignore them, he has since died. My mother rang them and explained the situation, they told her to appeal and send them an original death certificate. My mother has now suggested that she send them the usual letter denying any liability and a photocopy of a certificate, is this a good idea? I'm not an expert but I would assume that trying to take a dead person to court would take a lot of effort.
  25. Hi, I have a Halfords battery that I bought brand new in late 2009. I remember I paid cash for it and put the receipt aside in what I thought was a safe place. I now can't seem to find the receipt as I need it to return the battery as it is completely DEAD. It came with a 5 year warrenty as it says so on the side of the battery. I have two cars, one a Golf TDI which I use for daily commute and the other a Volvo for which this battery was in. I would only use the Volvo a few times a month but I wouldn't have expected the battery to die after a year or so of using it on and off.
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