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  1. sorry for delay in response. No i havent done the spreadsheet yet. I know though that even allowing for refund of fees and interest i would still owe them money. But these guys are nothing short of clowns.. .Yes i got the default notice in September and yet as of yesterday they STILL haven't defaulted the account -default letter just says they will default it sometime after 28 days of the date of the letter. Its now 8 months in arrears due to my refusal to pay and only now are they starting to phone me for payment. Suddenly they are willing to accept the of
  2. Hi All, just a little update and advice request please.. .Seems they were lying about defaulting me in August but i got a letter on 3rd Sept saying it would default in 30 days (today!). Actually got my first ever chaser for the debt at the end of last week - guess thats the first £12 then they are genuinly entitle to claim represents their costs would like advice on what exactly this means once its defaulted. Can they still keep adding interest and late payment charges for example? Also once they add this month charge it will push me over the £1000 limit (which i c
  3. interesting call this morning from mbna. ..long and short is they still maintain that i can afford the minimum payments and wont help. however, the implication was if i started paying the £50pm then that would probably be enough for them to stop taking further action! Yes of course it would be because they would still be raking back over half that in interest and LPCs until i caught up in 7 months!!.. Surely this is good evidence now to get it in front of a court? If they can accept £50 whilst charging LPCs then they can certainly accept £50 without further LPCs-alr
  4. hi all,sorry for the amount of detail below. Ive just had a "final response" from MBNA despite this being their first contact! and they are not budging. Regarding penalty charges this was their response quote (edited) On review of your account six late default sums have been applied to your account over the past 12 months, totalling 72.00. . As the late default sums have been applied to your account in accordance with your terms and conditions, I regret that we are unable to complete any refunds. (end quote) I susbsequently phoned them to say that despite me
  5. just discovered my father has been paying over £550 p.a. on home and contents insurance and it has been auto renewing for at least 15 years. the value is also under accepted rebuild costs so had a policy claim been made i understand it could have been declined. the main reason for the amount (apart from my father intransience with regards to challenging it - he is 75) is i believe because when he worked he was self employed so he likely paid extra for using the house as his business premesis. However on the basis of his age (his is natwest bank , credit card and insurance customer so they
  6. wow three responses already - you guys are good!.. i havent considered the charge refund because i thought that i would have no chance as they are all £12. however, from the moment i notified them of financial difficulties , would i have any claim for additional penalty charges from that moment on? BTW i wasnt even asking for interest to be frozen/reduced just the LPCs so i was being really fair. i havent done an SAR but recon that 3/4 of the debt (just under £1000) is charges and interest.
  7. Hi all, first post and apologies for the length! i have a 4 year old account with mbna and it was in order until they wanted to hike my interest for the second time in 12 months i chose the option to refuse it and keep the original charges, knowing no new activity on the card was possible. was paying them the minimum fee for a while before xmas as family finances were tight. long story short, i stopped paying them when i got into trouble with payday loans eating up my entire disposable income and then some so i missed a few payments. meantime i incured the expect
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