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  1. The letting agent told my daughter that she has got a lovely tenant waiting to rent her house , a lady who had used the agent a few times before, and was very trustworthy. She didnt say however that she knew her socially. The tenant actually told my daughter that she loved the house but was worried that she may sell the house in the near future , my daughter reassured her that ,that would not happen. Apparently the fall out was with the next door neighbour who she said was noisy, the letting agent cut short the two month notice to one month syaing the house was "uninhabitable" . Any idea where
  2. Actually my daughter insisted that the tenant give 2 months notice to leave, however for some reason the letting agent let the tenant give one month notice. can i ask ,can a tenant reduce her notice if the house is deemed "uninhabitable" the tenant has had problems with a neighbour, and the letting agent seems to be using this excuse to help her friend out. Absolutely nothing to do with the property.
  3. Thank you for your replies, so grateful ,and really helpful . Was informed by an ex landlord that everything a letting agent does ,should be in the best interest of the landlord paying their fees ,and that they shouldnt be advising or helping the tenant . The present tenant is in the second month of her 6 month lease , she has given 1 months notice to leave to the letting agent, not agreed with my daughter, should the rest of the lease be paid up or not. Thank you . Roxy
  4. My daughter is working abroad for a short while and has put her house in the hands of a letting agent ,who i think are ripping her off. She paid all the fees up front , and if any maintenece etc needed to be done they had to contact her ,or myself to gain permission. Which they agreed no problem . They had a tenant waiting for my daughters house who the letting agent knew personally,. The first month, a bill was issued for cleaning the house pre occupation . The letting agent said the house was filthy, after WE had scrubbedit from top to bottom . WITHOUT permission they had sent cl
  5. Hi i have started a claim against Thomson for a delayed f light in 2011. However to continue my claim they are continually asking for a booking reference number, which i dont have . I have even rang them to say i have nt got this reference number, one lady saying that i am unable to make a claim then . ?????? surely not right. Rox
  6. My daughter and myself went to a carpet shop on Sunday to buy some new carpet for the stairs, not a great lot needed. Daughter gave the chap her stair measurements, and she chose her carpet that was on a large roll. She paid for this along with fitting costs and arranged the date for it to be fitted which was the following Wednesday (tomorrow) Today she received a call from the shop saying that they had run out of her chosen carpet , could she go down and pick another one , or wait ten days for some more to come in. WHAT ! This carpet was bought an
  7. My daughter bought an expensive gold bracelet 3-4 yrs ago . 18 months ago the clasp broke , so she took it back to the shop to get it fixed . They couldnt repair it, but said they could send it away to get a whole new clasp, but it could be pricey as this clasp is quite heavy. It took 2 months to sort . They had to fit a different clasp and my daughter was charged £175 for this. However they never gave her back the old gold clasp , should she have had this returned. It was quite heavy and .......worth its weight in gold.
  8. AVIVA have my phone number, email address and home address. I have spent over £25 on phone calls to them. They have passed me from pillar to post with no one willing to speak to me about my car or my claim. They once hung up on me after holding the line for nearly 40 minutes. They have promised to ring me back on 5 occassins, but never did. IN FIVE WEEKS THEY HAVE NOT RUNG ME ONCE ABOUT MY CLAIM . Like i say ,a company is only as good as their customer service, AVIVA aka QUOTEMEHAPPY is the worst ive ever come across, disgraceful.
  9. Typical, send me a link that DOESNT WORK!!! Just shows the total incompetance of the company!!
  10. They dish out plenty of adverts on TV saying how good they are etc. TOTAL RUBBISH in all my 40 years of driving I have never experienced such bad customer service, in fact I've had no service from them after paying my premium up front. Quite happy to take my hard earned cash ,less than happy to give me any service,or should I say couldn't be bothered BE WARNED AGAINST AVIVA AND THEIR SPIN OFF QUOTEMEHAPPY insurance companies are only as good as their customer service, this company is unbelievabley POOR
  11. Had an accident 26th may 2014 .I was told i was at fault after skidding and hitting the car in front who suddenly stopped on a busymain road to let a duck cross.....I phoned quote me happy who put me through to aviva person who took details etc TODAY still no one from my insurance company has been in touch ,after many calls trying to get info. A viva people said they would call me back on four occasions no one has bothered. The car recovery company has given me some information saying that my car has been taken to dismantlers as a total loss, yet after a month ,not a word from my insurers qu
  12. Do you think that my friends daughter has a case against Barclays, Seems that she just cant get rid of these charges ,through this reserve account the charges seem to escalate leaving her less wage each month to pay her bills as the bank take their cut first. .. ...how could BCOBS help, and what would her first move be.?? .... .. thanks again, Rox
  13. The reserve account from what i gather , only kicks in if you go over your overdraft limit . This is when you get to know about this account, otherwise you might not even know you have it. Very convenient for the bank to pounce and slap on the charges. Have tried to read abit about this, something like £22 charges for every 5 days you are over your overdraft limit , plus £25.overdraft. Had a quick read up on this at work . Need more info really,to see if we can help my friends girl.
  14. I asked my friend this question , she says that her daughter thought it was another name for her overdraft , as she had never been told about it, applied for it, even signed for it. and she didnt really look into it until the charges became more frequent. this is when the bank kindly told her what they thought she needed. The young girl has no internet at home or access to a computer. She tries to do her banking via her i phone. apparently been trying to sort it herself, bottling the problem up , and just broke down over the weekend.
  15. Friends daughter has gone over her overdraft by a few pounds , but has received three charges of £22 and one of £25. Apparently these charges have been going on for a couple of months now ,and on enquiring at the bank ,shes found out that Barclays have given her a RESERVE account which she knew nothing about, and hasnt applied for . The young girl has just bought herself a small house ,living on her own, a nd struggling with a few bills especially after christmas. she was quite happy with her overdraft which she could handle , but these RESERVE accoun
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