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  1. Ok ,have just received some information regarding planning permission for this car park . There is no planning permission for cameras , poles or signage. Asked if the land can be used as a paying car park without this permission ,was told this is a civil matter , which I’m a bit unsure what this means. So not sure if this info helps.
  2. Thought this a strange reply, they don’t seem 100% sure themselves whether planning permission is required . This is from customer feedback team , not sure if it’s from the City council , or directly from the planning offices . Bad that you can’t get a straight answer one way or the other.
  3. Had this sent to me today , about planning permission on the Heathcote rd car park. Not sure if it helps our case. In specific reference to the installation of CCTV/ANPR cameras, the cameras themselves tend not to require planning permission due to their size and it is usually the structure/pole to which they are attached that requires the planning permission and the associated signage may also not require advertisement consent due to the size. However, in order to ensure that the cameras, machine and associated signage do not require planning permission we will have the details registered as a planning enforcement complaint and the matter can be investigated accordingly. Once it has been looked into you will be updated accordingly.
  4. Once a court claim is started , can it be halted ,or does it have to be carried through , and can I represent my wife in court.
  5. Letters printed and posted , with proof of posting . What can I expect now, or after the supposedly 28th October deadline.
  6. FTMDave ,OK , two snotty letters sorted ready to be sent , can I put one on here to be okd by top caggers , or just send them . Don’t want to give them any info. Thanks.
  7. You know this , I don’t . No need to speak like this . I’m just asking a question do I mention that I have photos
  8. OK FTMDave , I’ve sorted a letter based on what you posted in post 74 . . I’ve mentioned NC , and that I have photos . As he got his case won , should I also say that I would use similar evidence in court , or just leave it as saying I have photos .thanks
  9. Still not sure what to put in a snotty letter .Your post (74) was really good and confident , but should I mention laws , evidence , MPs , nicks win , lack of signage etc ? Thank you .
  10. Had been in touch with our MP few weeks ago , about possible lack of planning permission for signage , hes on the case and said he would get in touch with any news. I’ve already sent another email asking for any information to help our case . Seems that this car park is bringing a lot of bad attention to G24.
  11. Just to ask ,have you seen the letters sent by our MP Jack Brereton to G24 and IPC stating laws and how they have not complied to them , regarding signage . He’s saying that all charges up until the proper signage was installed should be cancelled ,and refunds to those that paid the charge ,returned .
  12. That is a fairly confident response FTMDave. Wouldn’t you mention that you have photographic evidence to support your case ? Would you send this letter to bwlegal and g24? Finally do I send any forms back to them . Thanks
  13. Don’t even know where to start with a snotty letter , I know their signage wasn’t good ,and no where near as it is today ,. Think someone had pics of this . So would appreciate any help I could get. ie what to say , what forms to fill in and send back etc . All new to me and my wife .
  14. Today my wife has received a Letter of Claim from bwlegal. They are still asking my wife to pay ,and if no payment is received by the 28th October they are instructed to issue a County Court claim without further reference to her. Such legal action could result in her being liable for costs ,pushing the total up to estimate of £254 . There are 2pages of all their info , and 2pages of forms to fill in and return ., wanting to know our income and expenditures . My wife isn’t too well ,this is all she needs.
  15. I’ve had nothing from bwlegal that says FINAL NOTICE , think they have given me until the 28th Sept to pay up , or else they will send me another letter to ask me again.
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