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  1. Hello all, I just wanted to gather some advice regarding this, as I am currently thinking of taking it down the route of small claims court. Around about 2 years ago (23 months to be exact) we had to have a new meter installed at our flat due to the monitor on the then existing one breaking. No worries, that is absolutely fine, crack on. Slowly but surely we started to see a dramatic increase of the price of our bills. From when we were paying on average £40/50ish (one bed flat), started to become £100, sometimes £200 plus. Obviously to any rational human being tha
  2. Can anyone give me some advice on how to deal with a new contract I've been spoofed into by Select Energy with NPower. I recently moved into a new shop premises and unfortunately before the process was entirely complete, the agent died so I had no knowledge of who the energy supplier was. I was in the process of trying to find out when I received a phone call from someone who gave me the impression that they were from NPower and that they were my energy supplier. I was relieved initially because I'd been struggling to find out who the supplier was and he told me that until
  3. And yes the day gets weirder - The merger has been approved. Nothing more needs to be said... - Thanks To Credit Today For This
  4. Hi all, I have a friend who is even more determined than me when it comes to disputes. He has been in dispute with npower for over four years and has been passed from pillar to post. Because he’s been promised refunds / compensation, etc during some of the phone calls he’s had with them, I’ve offered to help him issue a SAR to them but I was wondering if this can be done via email to save time? Also, once he’s got his evidence, do you think he should just skip the ‘customer service team’ and go straight to the top? Thank you in advance, B
  5. Good afternoon all, I hope that the good posters in this forum will be able to advise me on how to resolve a problem that my neighbours and I are experiencing with the electricity meters for our flats. Please bear with me while I give you the background to this problem. In our apartment block (total of 9 flats, 3 on each floor) our meters are in a locked/coded room, with the management company's logo on the door. Residents are given full access to the room. On Monday 16th July 2018, I experienced several power outages. When I investigated further, I found an electrician w
  6. I have been reading through the Npower section and see that there is interest in anyone who has been in litigation with them. I would like to share my 3 year battle with you. In Feb 2007 Npower were my provider and continued to be until Jan 2013. Silly I know but all my readings had been estimated until March 2012 when I submitted a reading. I then received a letter in December stating that the bill was £3502.22 and that my monthly DD would go from £110 per month to £318.00. I called them to query the bill that there must be a mistake with the bill or a fault with the me
  7. I am desperately trying to sort out my life. One of my biggest hurdles is my gas. I moved in here in 2006. When I moved in both gas and electric meters were damaged and unreadable. The house had been empty for app 6 months and the council were using it to store stuff for the workers. I kept receiving bills and disputing the amount. It was ridiculously high for the time accrued. Eventually it went to bailiffs who once shown the meters referred it back to Npower. I had a ferocious amount going on and when they went for prepayment meters I was kind of relieved.
  8. Well done Eversir, I see Bankfodders input was pivotal. I am going through a similar problem at present with the same company, who feel they can intimidate me. By issuing a reminder 1year later for £6,000 for both electric and gas, after being given a final bill of £1400, which was paid. Reviewing similar cases and cross referencing my information, suffices to say I will be preparing particulars of claim to compensate me for loss of earnings trying to comprehend their billing structures. reversal after reversal write off after write off. My case is with the energy ombudsmen w
  9. Apologies that this is a long post. This is my first time on any kind of forum. I have tried to summarise but my 2 1/2 year dispute with Npower over inncorrect bills been a complicated and very distressing process. I will be very grateful indeed for any advice on how to proceed legally through the Small Claims Court... We moved into a flat in Sept 2013 and when I called to give Npower the opening meter readings I asked to confirm what meter and tariff we were on. I was told it was an Economy 10 meter and noted down from the conversation that there were 3 cables which would give a
  10. Okay, heres the deal, can anyone advise , left power over a year and half , was on prepayment, no debt, on and off over the last year , Npower have sent several threatograms, saying I owed them over £2900 !!, after several calls to them , they advised problem their side, no apology, then silence, then the letters start again, i did complain via their website this time, and they sent a letter out saying to disregard the last threatogram,however in the meantime they have also passed the debt to those good old threat boys moor croft, who are constantly calling, sending threatograms, offering paym
  11. Last year I entered into one of N'power's 'deals' to save me money. It was actually the best deal around at the time - monthly direct Debit £46.00. This was around June time - a couple of months later, they 'suggested' that I would need to increase my DD because they estimated from my usage that it would cost a lot more over the winter period. They wanted about £65 + - I said no, bearing in mind that the previous review had netted me a refund of over £100.00, I couldn't see that I would be that much behind and I would be happy to just pay any underpayment. Not happy with
  12. Hello All I made this SAR request to the Energy Ombudsman (E-O) as I wanted to see what Npower submitted to them as evidence to back up their response to my complaint with them. Npower are reknowned for saying they have done everything correctly but not substantiating anything with hard evidence. My questions are: 1) There are some emails between Npower and the E-O where the NPower's persons details (name number email etc) have been redacted. Is this permitted? Why? 2) The E-O hasn't sent me any evidence from Npower to substantiate their response to my complaint (but they did
  13. The fun never stops eh? Although this is on behalf of a relative, not me this time. As succinct as I can keep it: 1) Relative joins nPower January 2013 shortly after moving to a new property 2) Meter readings provided - nPower setup a monthly direct debit for £65 (dual fuel) 3) Relative became aware in June '13 that account had been setup incorrectly. Relative was only being billed for electric. 4) Took a couple of days to sort and more than one phone call, but a new direct debit of £90 was setup. This included the arrears as a result of nPower's mistake. 5) In
  14. Hello I am posted this enquiry on several forums to hopefully find people further along the line than me or legal representatives who have dealt with Npower. My story is briefly that I acted as executor for a friend of, mine when she died. I contacted Npower to advise of the death of the account holder. The Npower call centre rep said that she would make the account deceased that the service address would remain until the property sold when any final amounts would be due. It was noted to be addressed to my name as they advised they cannot write to a deceased person but the address
  15. Hi, I'm looking for advice on the least painful way to deal with this. We received a letter from npower addressed to a company at our residential address. The letter is a threat to apply for a warrant to disconnect the electricity supply at this address. The letter is addressed to "XXX trading as YYY" at our address. We've lived here for two years and have not been an npower customer at any point. Checking our "Meter Point Administration Number" shows we're a customer of another supplier. About 100 metres away is the location of the company the letter should have b
  16. Apologies that this is a long post. This is my first time on any kind of forum. I have tried to summarise but its been a complicated and very stressful process. I will be very grateful indeed for any advice... We moved into a flat in Sept 2013 when I called to give Npower the opening meter readings I asked to confirm what meter and tariff we were on. I was told it was an Economy 10 meter and noted down from the conversation that there were 3 cables which would give a Day rate, a Night rate and a Heating rate for the 3 night storage heaters with timings for whe
  17. I've recently purchased a two bedroom flat in greater manchester which has economy 7 and storage heaters/immersion heater. I only use it occasionally (maybe one week 5/6 times per year) to visit my grandchildren and I was wondering whether economy 7 was best for me. When I'm up there I would mainly be in the flat in the morning until 10:00 and in the evening from around 9:00 but I notice that economy hours in the NW are 00:30 - 7:30. Does this mean I would have to wait up until 12:30 in the evening to do before I can cook, wash clothes, etc if I wanted to take advantage of the economy hours?
  18. Hi, I am having a problem with my npower electricity account, which I first noticed in May last year. After receiving an unusually high bill with an apparent high energy usage, I did some tests and found out that the meter registered to my address is not actually my meter. I live in a block of appartments where all meters are in a communal cupboard under the stairs. Known as a "crossed meter", it appears that I have been billed incorrectly ever since living here, but only just noticed because of the excessively high recent bill. After reporting the problem to npower last May th
  19. Hi All NPower have failed to install credit meters at my property on three separate occasions in the past month. On each occasion, I have been told to be at the address and have lost a day's income. Furthermore, my new tenant has just quit the property on the grounds of a breach of utility clause in the tenancy agreement. Can NPower be pursued for negligence?
  20. If you are looking for an energy supplier, you would be a fool to choose Npower. If you are with Npower, you would be a fool to stay with them.
  21. Npower, one of Britain's biggest energy suppliers, will outline plans this week to axe thousands of jobs ‎as its German owner attempts to revive the company's weak financial performance. Sky News has learned that Npower will tell staff in the coming days that approximately 2,500 roles at the company and its‎ partners are to be axed. Sources said the proposals were still being finalised, with some of Npower's directly employed workforce of 7,500 at risk and the remainder of the cuts taking place at internal suppliers elsewhere in the RWE group and at outsourcing partners. Includ
  22. Hi, I'm looking for general advice and a heads up on what the outcome might be of my issues with nPower, based on the experience of people who know better! I've lived in my current (rented) property for almost 4 years in that time I've lived with 5 different flatmates; flatmate A from August 2013 to March 2014; flatmate B from March 2014 to September 2014; flatmate C from September 2014 to March 2015; flatmate D from March 2015 to February 2016 and flatmate E has been with me since February (2016). The gas/electric bills have always been in my flatmate's n
  23. I had similar problem a few years back with my gas meter. Unfortunately I was not aware of consequences of meter changes. A different company insisted by threatening me with Court action to change my meter. So they did and I had many problems like yours. However, I am having similar problems with npower insisting on changing my electricity meter - it was inspected just a few months back and the inspector assured me that meter was in perfect order. despite that I have received 15 letters,so far, to let them in to change it! I may sound mad, but I've come to beli
  24. Has anyone else received a call from a Survey company - on behalf of Npower. It would have been nice to have chatted with them for the 20 minutes they reckoned the survey would take - they just always seem to telephone at the most inconvenient of times..!1
  25. Over the last few years, Npower always seemed to increase my DD around October time (the bill would likely show that my usage had left an underpayment of around £50.00). Npower would then have to refund me almost £100.00 around June of the following year. This because the increase in the DD was quite substantial between £20-30 increase. This year it would appear I am £29.60 in CREDIT - yet they have still increased the Direct Debit although for a much smaller sum of £6.00 per month ?
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