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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Hoping you lovely people will be able to give me some advice as I'm having terrible trouble with Marsden debt collectors. Around three months ago my Polish girlfriend moved in with me having been a UK resident for around three years) when she did so i told her to switch her details with the DVLA for her address which she did. Having done that it seems she flagged up on Marsdens list for a speeding ticket that had been sent to a previous address, the short version is she had 4 changes of addressing 1 year and was out of the country for several months caring for her terminally ill mother in Poland. she never received the original speeding fine as she had moved and not notified as she wasn't at a fixed address. the first we knew of it was when Marsden sent a letter saying she owes £1055 ! I contacted them right away to find out the details etc.. . and i took my girlfriend to court to make a statutory declaration to say she had never received the fine in the first place, the court said the bailiffs would be notified and the procedure of the court case would start over again. That was the end of it from Marsden, or so we thought. We received her paperwork from court saying we had a new court date (november 4th 2014) of which we would attend and tell them what happened. However today Marsden have been back to our address with very threatening attitudes saying the court hadn't contacted them so they were still under contract to collect. i tried to contact Poole magistrates court but i just get stuck in a round and round automated phone system. i explained all to the Marsden bailiff who called me a liar and said it all still stands. I have a photocopy of the statutory declaration and the new court papers etc.. but couldn't show them as they were with my girlfriend at her work. How can i stop Marsden coming back they said its not up to them to contact the court but at the same time i can't get hold of an actual person to speak to at court ? Thanks in advance, Danny
  2. I have a ccj that is more than six years old I agreed a payment plan of £100 per month with marsden 3.5 years ago and I have never missed a payment but in Feb 2013 I received a letter from ind ltd saying that I now need to pay them instead of Marsden as they were now collecting the debt as they were the original creditor I called ind ltd but they didn't allow me to pay via standing order like I was paying marsden only via dd that I couldn't do, I agreed with ind ltd that I would continue to pay marsden but in March 2013 I received a letter to attend for questioning due to non payment. I called ind ltd straight away as I didn't understand why they had sent me this and i reconfirmed what was previously agreed but they said they wanted me to pay them, I spoke with my bank a arranged the dd for £100 and cancelled SO to marsden but ind ltd are still insisted I attend court, any advise would be welcomed. I am finding very difficult dealing with ind ltd and every time I call the balance is different between £2200-£3600 depending who I am speaking too even the covering letter and statement have different amounts on, however I had the manager confirm it was the lower amount of £2200 so I offered a settlement of £1500 but ind ltd rejected it saying they want full payment.
  3. The debt was a £30 fine that my partner got in 2009 off the DVLA for not notifying them of change of ownership of a car. We disputed the fine in 2009 and heard nothing from them until today. Since 2009 we have moved house 3 times due to work reasons but have lived in our current home now for over 18 months. In this time we have had no letters or phone calls or any form of contact regarding the debt.... .. Its a £30 debt hardly worth running away from!!! We have no other debt at all!! Today a guy knocked on our door saying he was from the court and he was here to collect the outstanding fine of £330 within the next 45 minuets or he will send the bailiffs in to take away my partners van. The van isn't my partners both the car and van are in my name. I was in bits because we just didn't have that much money. I asked if we could pay half now and half next week but was told point blank NO. We was accused of not replying to letters, we told him we have never had any letters?? the guy told me even though the stuff in the house and the cars are mine they can still take them because he lives in my house. I sent my partner to the cash machine and when he only returned with £250, I broke down crying as I had this vision of the bailiffs coming in and clearing all my stuff out. I suffer with panic disorder and struggle with panic attacks on a daily basis, the guy even said he didn't mean to upset me and he noticed I was shaking! I will have paid the debt off tomorrow as he is coming back for the other £70 (I think he realised how upset I was) Can they just turn up and demand money at such short notice as we DEFO haven't had any letters regarding the debt since 2009. and just out of interest would the bailiffs be able to take items like a car or van that we both need for self employed mobile hairdresser and man and van work, which I also informed him about but he told me "yes they can take it as it is seen as joint ownership because he lives here" The whole experience has just left me feeling on edge
  4. [ATTACH]43318[/ATTACH]hi all came home to find a hand delivered letter from some firm called marston enfoecement claiming i owned a pub called the napoleon which i DONT and never have i rang the mobile no and told the man this he just said i do and if i dispute it call his office wich i did. just a answer machine asking how i wanted to pay. the letter is addressed to my house the name just say the napoleon my name is not on the letter i have uploaded the letter to this thread hope to hear your thoughts thanks
  5. MY son got a £60 fine 2 years ago for driving without an MOT. Due to family circumstances he and his family had to move and he forgot all about it. Today he has had a letter from the Marsden group saying that the bill is now £300 and every time they write to him it will put more money on the total. He contacted the group and told them that although he could not pay what they were asking he had worked out how much he could pay a month and made them an offer which they have refused. He spoke to the magistrates court who told him the debt had not been sold but had been consigned to Marsden. The action taken by Marsden has almost pushed my son to the point where he would just drive his car off a cliff and it is only his young family that keeps him focused. What can he do.? What rights does he have and if he makes a reasonable offer of payment are they allowed to refuse it?
  6. Please can somebody help me.. I had a court fine of £80 for a minor driving offence - stupidly i forgot the deadline & missed the payment from that moment on it's spiralled out of control, i had a letter come through from Marsdens stating the fine had been passed to themselves but now to the tune of £175 . I completely misread the letter thinking i could pay in monthly installments of £45 but later i was informed that i was expected to pay weekly & clear the whole balance in a month - by this time i had paid my 1st installment, so now after 'breaking their agreement' more charges have been added & my bill bumped up to £385 minus the £45 ive already paid The bailiff is now threatening to come with the police & sieze possessions i own to cover the balance. I have trailed through many forums trying to find an answer to this - is there any truth in me paying the court the remainder of the original fee will get marsdens off my back..? I have absolutely no possible way of clearing this 'debt' with Marsdens by next week as they are expecting, i also have 3 children & a heavily pregnant partner & really do not want to put any of them under any distress especially when there's a chance i could be out at work when they turn up Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give me
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