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Found 15 results

  1. Anyone have any e maill addresses for somebody at Dart charge who isn't a robot? I've just wasted nearly 2 hours on the phone to them as they have raised 3 penalty charges for my account (they mean my reg no) which they show as being £10 in credit but they refuse to apply the credit to the crossings I made. I have never dealt with such useless people (and I work for the NHS) who tell me 'the system may give you a refund it may not' and then expect me to pay again for soemthing I've already paid for! I also wish to complain about one particular call taker who was so rude it was unbelieveable and I want to request the recording of that convesration. Thanks to them I now need a new keyboard...
  2. Hi I'm new to the forum, looking for some advice on putting in a complaint about a solicitor. Essentially the issue lie around them repeatedly misunderstanding instructions and failing to pass on information that has a detrimental effect on children and myself. I was in an abusive relationship with ex partner. we split late last year (2015). He was extremely manipulating and would always be gaslighting situations. Now although we have split up, he still continues with this kind of behaviour, and it centres around access with the children. his solicitor keeps forgetting to pass on information or takes responsibility so as not to bring her clients behaviour into question when it comes to attending court. unfortunately though, the most recent event is one of many, and surely a solicitor shouldn't be making so many mistakes or misunderstandings. Between the solicitor and the ex, they have both caused significant upset to children and then to me. When I try to defend the children or myself, its all just brushed aside and put down to me overthinking a situation. I want to put in a complaint, because somewhere along the line someone is lying and these lies are detrimental in the court case. has anyone ever done this, or have any experience in putting forward a complaint about a lawyer who isn't acting for them specifically. thanks Shelly
  3. I am helping someone out. This one is abit over my head. Tenant took out a tenancy with a relative and also payed 1 months rent in advance and deposit of £900 ish. So far no payments have been delayed etc or have been held back. They moved in approx 3 years ago. As soon as tenants family moved in they took pictures of things that needed doing or proof of what condition the house was in. The landlord has been cooperative upto a point. Problems that have started to arise are : Floor boards creeking(loudly) : Steps moving up and down when used in stairway. : Several places where there are depressions as if the floor is giving way. : the carpets need repalcing in several rooms. (Every time carpet is worn landlord comes along and cuts the bit of and replaces with a small patch) There are other niggles etc. The main door which was replaced last year made of wood lets a lot of cold air in. Etc. Everytime this has been raised with the landlord he makes some sort of excuse. A week b4 xmas the cieling in the bedroom caved in due to a leaking water pipe. The land lord only took action when the tenants had a row with him in front of their children with the landlord being very very obnoxious. The landlord has now said that he is not happy and wants the property vacated. He is due to serve them with a s21 two month notice. What do they do ? There isnt a papr trail of any complaints made. The tenants would rather stay where they are than move. I am completely stuck as to what i could advise them about ?
  4. I complained to the Energy Ombudsman last June about British Gas Business. We had been in dispute since 2010. I've had a "report" which is totally inaccurate and based on a telephone conversation that the EO had with BGB the same morning as the verbal report was given. BGB had not supplied any correspondence to support their answers to my complaint which was supported by correspondence. I have been informed by the EO that it has no power to enforce disclosure of correspondence. Apparently the "report" is not a final decision, I or BGB have to take it a step further by providing more evidence. A previous offer made by BGB (in writing to me) was denied by BGB. That offer accepted responsibility for poor service including the attendance at my shop by a BGB representative looking for payment despite the fact that I had been told I would not be pursued whilst the matter was investigated. I paid by cheque in full under the duress of a shop full of customers. This low life wanted cash and made the throw away remark that if the cheque bounced, "and it probably would" he'd be back to disconnect. Of course the cheque did not bounce but when I complained about his manner I was told that I should have paid by debit card, it would have cleared quicker than the 16 days for the cheque! I am now interested in hearing others dealings with the Energy Ombudsman. I mean let's be honest if you were BG it is much easier not to pass on any information and pay a small amount of compensation but still demand the bill. It appears to me that the EO's system is flawed before it starts. Any interest?
  5. In March 2008 my husband began suffering dizzy spells. He went to the doctors who thought he may have some infection but after 1 month of high blood pressure they decided to refer him to our local hospital. After a few months and no change he was then referred to a bigger hospital 30 miles away. After various tests, procedures and changing of medication over 4 years he felt he was getting nowhere and asked to be referred to a hospital closer to us. A few months ago he underwent some genetic tests and an echocardiogram. The results of the echo showed thickening of the artery walls which they say was a concern and today he went back to be told they still have no idea why his BP is so high (221/136) and all genetic testing was negative. They have said they are very concerned about the thickening of the arteries but until he BP is lowered they can't do anything. His BP has been high for over 5 years now and even when he goes twice a week to our GP for bloods and BP he is very surprised how my husband is still walking. For the last 18 months my husband has suffered blackouts. We are starting to get desperate now as his BP is at a dangerous level and shows no signs of going down and now the consultant my husband seen today says he is referring him back to the hospital over 30 miles away. My husband takes 9 lots of medication each day but nothing is working and every consultant he has seen is baffled. Also my husband is only 42. We have 3 daughters aged 14, 11 and 9 and my husband gets so depressed as he has no energy that is needed to bring up 3 girls.
  6. I have searched CAG and googled and the feeling seems to be that there is no point in complaining about them as nothing gets done (1 person even went as far to say that the head is a rector so is only interested in talking aboit God!!??!!). So my question - do I bother to complain or just let it go and fume?? Thanks
  7. Please can someone help! Had a visit today from a bailiff stating i owe £450 for TV license debt from 2008 from a previous address in another area. I called the majestrates court and told them it was the first i had heard about the debt. They advised that i did actually aknowledge the debt back in 2008 and made a £30 payment so a stat dec is not an option. The court advised me to call their fine department which i did and they say because i had a baby 7 months ago, self employed on maternity allowance am classes as vunerable and should be allowed to have the debt passed back to themselves and just pay the original £150 and have baliff taken out the eqasion. So i called marstons, spoke to someone who clearly could not be bothered to be there said i was told a crock of lies (his words) and it was up to the majestrates to claim the debt back. Another call to majestrates, they confirmed they could NOT take the debt back and its up to marstons or the other option they told me - IGNORE IT?!!! they say just dont answer the door or let them in......i don't want a default of CCJ though been working hard to sort out my finances. Called marstens again spoke to someone who was incredibly rude and told me to call the baliff as it was HIS decision NOT the companys to send back the dbt?!! Am confused and have spent the past 2 hours on the phone back and forth whilst trying to look after a 7 month baby. Its seriously stressing me out and inder loads of pressure from baliff HELP please xx
  8. I would like to issue a complaint to the OFT regarding a debt collector who is listed on their register. I have no experience in this field and intend to use the template letter and address that is posted in the sticky thread. I notice that the template was posted back in 2009-I hope the details are still the same? With regards my complaint,I wish to complain on the grounds of the collectors dishonesty in communications which could be deemed contrary to Section 2 of the Fraud Act,they changed a £600 debt into a £1000 debt on the back of two letters which appears to breach OFT guidelines & they do not appear to be registered with the ICO. Are these considered reasonable grounds for complaint? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark
  9. Does anyone have an email addy for a formal complaint to ESA , its not for an appeal .
  10. I looking for a bit of advice. My husband has been unwell for the last 18 months and last year had spinal surgery to correct the problem. Since he had the surgery he has suffered blackouts. He went back to work in June but is still suffering. Work has paid for him to have a medical and while the report says he has problems, the company should try and make allowances while the cause is found out. The report also says his problems are covered by the Disability Act. What I'm wanting to know is can they sack him. He has a stage 3 meeting next week to discuss his level of absence and the letter does say that as part of company policy he could be dismissed. We are both worried as if he is dismissed we are not entitled to ESA contribution based and I earn just over the limit for income based. Any help would be appreciated. Joanne
  11. Couldn't really think of an appropriate title, but, I'm after some more advice from you fine people. Basically, I'm about to make a complaint about a PDL to the FOS. The complaint will involve 2 accounts so I was wondering if it would be acceptable to make one complaint per account or should it just be one,covering the 2 accounts? Thanks - Lee.
  12. For the full story : - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20746820 I wonder if they will employ a top notch barrister and throw loads of money at this in order to avoid paying out ??
  13. Hi Everybody, I do not know where to turn anymore with vodafone. This has been ongoing since May and I cannot get any sort of dialogue going with vodafone about it. i am either passed to customer service advisors who have no power to answer my questions, or am writing to complain and getting inadequate responses through noreply email addresses. I have complained several times about the apalling customer service which I have received from Vodafone and their customer care team. I no longer know where to turn, other than Ofcom, as nobody is willing to resolve my issue. All they do is admit I was misinformed, but then blame me for following this advice. For my part, I am sick of having to recount the whole saga to customer service representative after customer service representative. This must be the tenth time I've had to recall it. All that keeps happening is the admission that I was misinformed, they apologise and then in the same breath, my being told that I am at fault and my account is listed in arrangement to pay. In April/May I received a huge phone bill of around £400. I was totally shocked as I had received no warning and I rang up to pay this. During this conversation i was told these things: I could pay in three bits. I asked explicitly ' Do I have to pay it all today?' No. i was told. "WILL IT AFFECT MY CREDIT REPORT?' I explicitly asked. I am well aware of how CRAs work and this is why i asked this. No i was told. When I questioned this, I was told no, because it was not a non- payment, it was me ringing up to pay and i was making contact. This was for my convenience. I thought ok, well thats goodwill. i was advised to cancel my direct debit and pay the rest next month. I received no confirmation of this in writing and was then cut off in May. I was later told that I was cut off because he did not write any notes on the account about what was said. I checked my credit file and I was marked down as non payment in May. If i had known all this, i would have paid the money, as I had it, but this was not explained to me. I contested this as I felt it was unfair. The account was amended to "Arrangement to Pay" , which is not a true reflection - I am not on a payment arrangement; my account is up to date and i pay by DD. Arrangement to pay, as my credit file reports, is to do with 'falling into arrears and having serious difficulties repaying' and declaring oneself insolvent and having to pay the account off via a negotiated arrangement. It is as if I am on a debt management plan. Arrangement to Pay in credit terms is indicative of something entirely different from what happened to me - at your advice. Having an account listed as in repayment has had a hugely detrimental effect on my credit rating - it is inaccurate as the account is fully paid up and up to date - not listed in "Arrangement to Pay" as is suggested. If anything, a late payment marker would be more appropriate. I complained to Vodafone - things simply got even worse. During a conversation with Nicola, one of your customer service advisors, she admitted that my "arrangement" was not logged properly on the system. By several advisors, i was told that the original advisor had no authority to make such comments about my credit file, and it would have always been technically a late payment. Despite phonecall after phonecall - at my own expense- the "quality assurance team" never seem to be available or able to help me. Instead they keep repeating that the "Arrangement to pay is a true reflection of me" - it is not. They quote that it is "the law" that they report this - there are no such legalities involved in CRA reporting. If it were the law, why would they so easily have changed information on my file in the first place TO arrangement to pay? I would have simply paid the amount on the day, had i been advised to do so. Instead, things have simply got worse and worse for me. As if this were not bad enough, Vodafone will not respond to a dispute filed by equifax. Therefore the whole account with 15 months of regular payments has been wiped from my file - further causing my credit rating to plummet. the account has now disappeared from my current address too , causing more problems. Vodafone have caused me a lot of damage because of their inept customer service. Vodafone have seen the dispute via equifax - they simply ring me. I have proof that they have ignored Equifax's dispute TWICE now. They have 28 days to respond. They have ignored it. The file is still missing from my credit report. Call credit and experian have it marked 'arrangement to pay' All i get is repeated "courtesy" phonecalls from vodafone, where the person on the end of the phone admits i was misadvised, but they cant help me as they arent responsible for CRA information. Somebody will call me back. Maybe if I became a "difficult customer" and started shouting or getting angry, I'd get somewhere but I know customer services are only doing their jobs. If anything the customer services advisors have been very sympathetic, but are powerless to change CRA data. I have never experienced such awful customer service - what sort of customer service system admits that the company were wrong to advise, but then tells me it is my fault? I feel like crying this has been going on for so long. All i want is for vodafone to rectify this by ameding my May credit file as paid - at the least, Late, and restoring the account history through equifax, callcredit and experian. I complained to the CEO and received this reply: " As the customer agreed to a payment plan the payment arrangement icon has been correctly recorded and will remain on the customers credit file. This is required for credit referencing purposes as we are required to show a true reflection of the customer s payment history with Vodafone . Further to this I have been advised that even though there is a payment arrangement icon on your credit file lenders should take in account that you tried to settle the payment with us before getting into arrears. I understand that you did ask at the point of setting up the payment plan would it affect your credit report and you where advised it would not. I apologise that you where advised this and there will be an internal investigation ran on your account." They then send me compensation two months bills credited - I do not want money, i do not want somebody to get into trouble, I do not want to have to resort to being rude, I simply want the payment icon as paid and my account updated. i called vodafone for help and spoke to a lovely man called malcolm who agreed that i was treated poorly and he gave me an email address for escalations. he advised me that my agreeing to split payments was NOT a goodwill gesture and it was a SERIOUS thing and i should have had the situation fully explained to me and YES it will affect my credit file, and customer service advisors should not be commenting about credit reports. he gave me the email address of escalations dept., When i called up again to confirm the address, the customer service advisor said they had never heard of such a dept. i do not want any more circular conversations, ten phonecalls a day, the quality assurance team to call back, for them to admit i was misinformed and then accuse me of not paying and being cut off, and then to be told it's against the law for it to be changed. It is not against the law - I've seen credit reference data lifted on forums from vodafone, after all - they changed it on my file TO arrangement to pay! I do not want to hear that this is a "true reflection" this is all they say, whilst in the same breath admitting i was misadvised and things were not logged. I simply want my credit file restored and for may to be marked as paid. i will never give up until this is resolved. could somebody please help me? Anna
  14. Hi everyone, i hope you can help. I purchased a Samsung TV from comet on 23.02.11. It has developed a fault where the volume goes up and down and switches channels automatically. I've searched Google and I'm not the only one, it seems a fairly common Samsung fault. I went to see the store on 16.08.12 ( year and half after purchase date) and they wanted nothing to do with it. The manager wouldn't even pass on the letter I'd taken in with me, just point blank refused to take it. He said my claim is with Samsung and nothing to do with them. I've written to Hugh Harvey explaining the details and quoting SOGA stating that a TV should be expected to last longer than 18months. Their reply was simply, i can have it inspected for £70 and IF they deem it a manufacturing fault, they'll help out with a discounted repair! Now firstly I'm not sure what they are going to class as a manufacturing fault and this sounds very wooly. And secondly, surely if the TV is faulty, shouldn't it be repaired or replaced FOC? I was going to write back and quote the EU 2 year legislation but after reading on here it doesn't seem worth it as SOGA is deemed to overrule it? What are my options now? I don't want to loose another £70 on their inspection if I'm still going to have to pay to have it fixed. Oh and it was paid with a debit card so no claim there any help much appreciated thanks
  15. I work for a large bank. There is a 24 story tower I work in. My line of business is more research orientated with little phone calls. Recently my boss moved me and my coworker to a floor that is a high production call center. We had been moved because the floor we were on was too loud to focus on our work. Our manager respected that enough to move us. But he moved us to an even louder environment. I asked to be moved to a better area because the reason for the move to this new location was simply because of a noise issue. But now we're in the middle of a large call center. It's even harder to focus on our work Would I have any grounds to complain to HR to get them to move me to a proper location? Thanks!!
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