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  1. It's just that I already spoke with him. He knows it was a bad move but to save face he won't move us again. The reason we were moved was because of a noise issue on one floor. A noise issue he thought serious enough to initiate the move in the first place. But, the place we are in now is by far worse.
  2. Good advice. I do wear them and it does help. But, when I need to start analyzing someone's account analysis statement.... with the headset in it's hard to focus. I work in a Commercial line of business but they moved me to a Retail floor. I came from a floor with about 45 people to working on a floor with over 150 crammed into a small place. I'm required to dress business casual (at the low end) while on this floor it's jeans, t-shirts and flip flops.
  3. I work for a large bank. There is a 24 story tower I work in. My line of business is more research orientated with little phone calls. Recently my boss moved me and my coworker to a floor that is a high production call center. We had been moved because the floor we were on was too loud to focus on our work. Our manager respected that enough to move us. But he moved us to an even louder environment. I asked to be moved to a better area because the reason for the move to this new location was simply because of a noise issue. But now we're in the middle of a large call center.
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