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  1. Why would an amount become due if the account was closed and they said we owed nothing! When I worked for the DSS many moons ago this would have been written off as 'office error'. I spent over 2 hours on tge phone to them today - no one knows why they have asked for age exempt has been asked for repayment from jan to march but they will look into it BUT IF I HADN'T HEARD WITHIN 2 WEEKS CALL THEM BACK AND THEY WILL ESCALATE THE QUERY!
  2. We moved on the 17th April from one council to another. We informed our old council and gave them thr new address just for final bill purposes and are now paying our new council. We received a letter stating they were closing the account and we were due a refund of £228.66 which arrived separately on the 8th of May. On Saturday we received a billstating we owed £1072.44 including the £228.66 refund! I have set up a payment plan and said how angry I was but every time I said about it to the adviser she pointedly ignored my comments! Can they do this? Also we had a slight rebate as my husband was on a low income but this bill has asked for it back from the 12th Jan to the 31st March? Any advise? Thanks
  3. Hi there, I entered into a Tomlin Order with Arrow in Feb 2013. We agreed to a final settlement amount of £552.27 payable monthly at £15.34 starting on the 31st March 2013. I had a letter through after about 4 months saying I hadn't paid anything and we realised I hadn't put a reference number on the bank transfers, the amounts I had paid were found and put against my account. On Saturday I received a letter saying thst RMA Resolve are now managing my account on behalf of Arrow and if the balance is wrong or if I don't think the letter is for me to contact them. The balance wax £483.44 as at the 22/09/2014 I called my bank and they read out the dates that I had paid -18 payments in all. I called RMA and the nightmare begins. They have never heard of a Tomlin Order, they have been sent the account as Arrow say I have only paid £32 odd! I have to email the Tomlin to them (a trip to the local library as our scanner has packed up), email proof of payment (£5.00 for the bank to produce statements plus a 40min round walk to our local branch), then they will have a meeting about the best way forward! I called Arrow to be told nothing to do with them now. What can I claim back in compensation? The Tomlin says they should review every 6 months and they haven't but apart from this I have kept my side of the agreement. I have checked the accoun details and reference number of Arrow and it is all correct. Any advice? Thanks
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    Thank you Bankfodder We already have another account with another bank so that is already to go. I will wait til variuos dds have gone out this month before transferring everything over. Yes the od is £500. I will write the letter once all the dds and the money in has gone over. Someone has got a petition up - over 7000 signatures so far - whilst we know this will not make the slightest bit of difference, it makes us feel better!!
  5. derek1


    The thing is if we move our income to another bank and just let Barclays get on with it - then the charges per month by the end of the year would put our debt with them to £750 which would mean they could try for bankruptcy. If we pay £3 odd a month into the naccount then that would keep it below £750 by the end of 12 months but then I would have to increase the payments to the amount that the charges would be anyway to keep it below £750 for the next years... either way our meagre income can't manage it! If I knew that they would freeze everything after 2 months then I would let it happen and just say we can pay £5 a month take it or leave it etc and the process will take its course! Little s**ds!!
  6. derek1


    The od has been operating for years. If we can use our other bank we can live within our income but we do not have the extra £500 to pay off the od. We have a poor credit rating and also we can not afford to repay a loan even if we were able to get one! We are one of the 30% (so Barclays reckon) who will be adversely affected - adversely for us..profitably for them!
  7. derek1


    These are the scandalous charges being introduced in June. Have you not seen the publicity for it? The BBC said that it will be cheaper to get a wonga loan. The shareholders have protested. People who can are leaving in their droves. Branches have overnight gone to one cashier and a row of machines. Business centres like the one in Dartford have closed very quietly. It is taking on average an hour to get through to Mumbai. So back to my original question how soon would they freeze the account?
  8. derek1


    We just can not afford the new overdraft fees which in our case will be £23.25 a month as opposed to just over £5 a month now. My question is what happens if we just move all our business to our other bank account with obviously the overdraft not being paid off? How long before they freeze the account and send us for a ccj? Thanks
  9. Hi there I have had a letter from Transcom asking for £47.35 for Ebay fees. This is from ages ago when we sold a car. I couldn't remember how long ago so I foolishly logged into my old Ebay account. Can this logging in trigger Ebay to know that I am still around? My last feedback was from 2009 so around 2 years to go before statute barred. How likely am I got get someone knocking on my door etc for this amount? I have read of harrassing telephone calls but thankfully we have changed our number a couple of years ago so should be ok. Many thanks
  10. I have searched CAG and googled and the feeling seems to be that there is no point in complaining about them as nothing gets done (1 person even went as far to say that the head is a rector so is only interested in talking aboit God!!??!!). So my question - do I bother to complain or just let it go and fume?? Thanks
  11. Does anyone have an email for Tracey Newman director of dispute resolution??
  12. Hi there, Does anyone know who is the actual head of the energy ombudsman for England? I need to complain about the ineptness of one of their investigation officers. Many thanks
  13. I've never paid anything towards it and I was only at uni for less than 1 year September 1998- March 1999. I did fill in the deferment letters when asked to do so.
  14. Probably 2009 when I sent off the deferred request - so less than 6 years. Looks like it would be better to set up a payment plan.
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