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  1. Hi folks, For the last few months Cabot has been sending me letters demanding that I contact them. As the failed to provide me with the CCA in 2016, I ignored them. Today I received a letter stating that they are instructing Moorcroft to arrange a visit to my home. I sent them the template CCA letter on 28th July 2016, and received a reply on 3rd August 2016 stating that they were unable to get the relevant documents, and acknowledging the 12 day limit. (I still have all the letters). Up until recently I have not had any communication with Cabot for the past 2 years. My question is t
  2. I have a Vanquis account back from 2014..dont use it much,but made a purchase and wanted to clarify the balance as intend to pay in full and close the account as have other better high street cards. Went through security as normal over the phone,lady told me all what i asked and was just about to end the call when she said "Oh we need to speak to you regards your second account"...well i dont have a second account and you must be mistaken. I allowed her to transfer me to the "other department" and once id gone through name/address/D.O.B/phone number ect ect the chap said "You've been
  3. Bit of a weird one here, I "may" have an old CC debt that was last paid in May 2012 and this looks to be the default date, no acknowledgement of account since then and no contact for 5 yrs they went mental around January this yr threatening all kinds of silly court stuff I CCA'd them and they couldn't come up with a signed CCA and recently very kindly said they would suspend any action for 30 days, believe me they aren't getting me worried at all but are now phoning several times daily and it's irritating .......... ... here's the weird bit... ..they have par
  4. Hi. I'm in a similar boat to others. I was stupid not to read the small print and cancelled my gym membership in December 2017. Since then I've been plagued by calls and texts and now electronic messaged left on my voicemail. I am tempted to write to CRS but am reluctant to start. I'm wary of giving them my address but I'm sure Xercise4less must have it as I had a contract with them. I think my fees are now up to about £200!! Should I continue to ignore it or send them a letter asking them to stop? Thanks in advance for advice
  5. Hi, I have joined the forum in the hope that somebody has useful information for me in my aim to shake Cabot Financial off, who are chasing a debt which becomes statute barred in September 2018. A brief outline of the debt I am being chased for: Type of debt: Credit debt - Santander Current account Outstanding balance: £590 (consisting £150 overdraft + £440 charges) Account closed: September 2012 After speaking with a helpful advisor at the National Debtline and explaining my situation, I was told it was a difficult one which needed careful consideration of my next s
  6. Just popped in as i am wondering a few things. I got up this morning about 4 am i had had a lie in today.Seem to be getting up earlier and earlier. After letting the cat out and my two dogs had a look around the house. I have a small business,just getting by like many. Collecting Driftwood for the last 4 years and have a good pile of it. But i look at a piece and say,yes that is clearly a Shark,another oh yes that is a shelf,a bird,and it goes on and on. Now i have reverted to hiding my good pieces under the bed in rooms all over the place. And this has gone on for a while now.Tr
  7. Hi All I hope that you can give me some advice as I am not sure what has happened to me today is legal. I had to have the vet out to my horse last year and had to pay 500 in advance for his treament and then the rest on account. I had every intention of paying. The debt was in my married name (I have since reverted back to my maiden name) at an old address. My horse was treated however the vet made several mistakes (such as not adminstering him antibiotics which resulted in cellulitus) I disputed the amount at the time. The vet said they would redu
  8. Just received letter from Fidelite, cant match up any account numbers on the letter but they are changing their name to Resolvecall by the way, and are threatening me with a home visit. Sayss they are acting on behalf of Crabotts. Want me to contact them else they will call at my home
  9. Hi Everyone I recently received a debt letter from a company I have never heard of for an amount I don't recognise. A company called Wescot who is acting on behalf of Idem servicing (I have never heard of either before) I requested a full statement of account, a copy of the agreement and a signed true copy of the deed of assignment. I put £1 in the envelope to cover costs under the CCA guidelines, although it was a coin rather than a postal cheque. This is the response i received. "We refer to your letter requesting a copy of the credit agreement for the above account, pu
  10. Hi everyone, As you can probably see I am a new member and really need all the help and advice I can get. I was sent a claim form for Northampton regarding a debt I have no knowledge of and believe I do not owe. Before Christmas I replied to the court with an acknowledgement of service and stated I intend to defend the whole claim. At the same time I sent the claimant the two letters copied below, recorded post. [removed - dx] So as you can see these letters need a response by the end of this week and so I would appreciate any help and advice on how to res
  11. for a family friend In may she had a letter from a debt collector saying she owed £1200 to a water company for a property she moved out of in 2006 she contacted the water company who found the system was at fault and had the record of the phone call in 2006 (but not was said) to say i,ve moved and this is the new property. and direct debit payments continued for the new property. there system kept charging the account for four years and the new owner didnt pay anything they sent debt letters to the old address until may of this year the water company reduced the bala
  12. Hi, I have been eligible to defer my student loans since forever. I went on maternity leave march 2014 around the same time as Erudio started sending me deferal forms. Due to having a new baby and zero sleep I struggled to understand what was happening but didn't send the forms back. I was also made redundant a few months later. I told them verbally and by email that I had been made redundant. Fast forward to now, I'm a full time mum and my income is zero. I've sent them a letter from my previous employer which confirms redundancy and my final salary which
  13. Hi everyone, Hope I am putting this in the right place. I pretty much cleared up all my debs quite sometime ago so I haven't been around on here much. However there was one debt I absolutely refused to pay. HBOS. My account went 50p over which was supposed to be covered the day it happened or the money went in after the 50p was applied or something and mushroomed out of all control. They added £32, then £32 more all for the 50p and I was livid. This was 2008. I told them they could chase me forever, I would happily pay my overdraft and leave the bank but I was not pay
  14. I've been chased by a debt collection agency since 2012 have replied with the 3 letters trick from another website asking them to validate their claim to the same company trading under 3 different names all chasing the same debt, requesting verification of their claim, by providing me with true and certified copies (NOT photocopies) of the original credit agreement the Deed of Assignment (Not the Notice of Assignment) and Deed of Novation. I have now received a court claim despite the fact that they had not supplied me with any of the informati
  15. This is the first time I've posted on a forum, thanks in advance for any help I'll really appreciate it. Last January I paid David Lloyd up front for a 12 month membership. I was of course tied in because I'd paid up front. I did use it for first six months and not much for second six months. I always knew I wouldn't renew because it was a one off opportunity because I had money available. I thought 12 months, done the time, won't renew. Late last year I started to get emails to remind me I could renew along these lines: Dear Ms Barker, Membership Number: xxxxx Just
  16. Hello! First off, apologies if this is an often asked and obvious question. I received a letter from Lowell Portfolio today telling me that they've purchased a debt from Burton (was a store card I had). The thing that's confusing to me is that the debt was taken to court a good few years ago and a CCJ was issued. Since then there's been no attachment of earnings or any communication from the court or the DCA who filed the CCJ. I've been meaning to pay the CCJ off as it's really hurting my credit score and I've just got in to a position to actually pay it
  17. A request for help to those more knowledgeable in this area: It's widely believed that instructing more than one debt collection agency at a time is not OK. Indeed, the Citizens Advice Bureau website states the following: Citizen's Advice do not cite where this advice comes from (e.g. relevant legislation). Despite best efforts, I have not been able to find it. Does this claim have any actual basis in law? If so, please provide details of where it may be found. Thank you!
  18. Hi, Today, a debt collector has knocked on our door asking for me. I was out at the time but he says he will keep calling back until he gets me! Apparently he is from Robinson Way, but I have no idea what this is about or how much etc. Yes I am in debt and trying to sort it all out, I have had some advice off here and through national debtline and know a bit about it all. Am I right in thinking that he should not be knocking and asking for money without my prior agreement? If so, I am thinking of passing him a letter when he next calls, explaining that I will
  19. Hi All Thanks in advance for any help. My Situation: I left the UK in 2010, and used my MBNA CC in Canada, I think I last made a payment near the end of 2010. I have received a letter (dated 28/11/2014), asking 'What are you able to pay?' from 'Robinson Way' debt collectors sent a letter to my sisters address (sent on to me via my sister), stating that I owe them nearly £3150. It is asking me to work with them to come up with a payment plan, or they may allow you to pay a reduced balance over 3 months (which isn't very likely in my current situation). I have dual British
  20. Hi I received a letter from debt collector yesterday stating it is collecting on behalf of Euro Car Parks Ltd in relation to a contravention of overstaying the maximum period of time allowed in a Hayes retail park on 31st August. Fine has been escalated to £130 already and this is the first I've heard about it. States my address with DVLA was incorrect. I have checked with DVLA previously and know they have had my correct address since February this year. There are no details of the contravention or CCTV snapshot. I don't remember s
  21. Can anyone point me in the right direction for templates as useless on computer. I have spent ages reading through this site and cant remember how i got onto the letter templates. I haven`t done anything yet. Want to e mail lloyds requesting last 6 years statements/charges soon. Have no idea how much i would claim but probably enough to make it worthwhile.
  22. After receiving £20 a month for 6 years Scott and Co decided to cancel a payment plan then request the full amount of the outstanding debt. With only 7 days notice giving no time to reply to a letter stating this they sent round a Sherriff office to attempt to reclaim the entire amount. The details of this debt are as such, it is an old council tax debt. Scott and Co issued a charge for payment 6 years ago and agreed a plan. The council have since received the on-going council tax and the plan has never been reneged on paying faithfully each month. Scott and Co
  23. Hi Caggers The misses has just phoned me to say that we had post and one was from SIGMA DEBT COLLECTORS, Now i'll start saying that debt collector do not worry me in the least, but heres my problem... I was with the energy supplier scottish power, then we changed a few years later to a different company. A couple of months ago scottish power sent me a letter saying that I owe £79.00 for unpaid bill. I called them and stated, how do I owe it when I'm on a pre payment meter. His reply was, when you changed supplier did you give us the meter reading? I said no
  24. Hi Caggers Just a quick question.. ...I am with payplan which are paying my debts to the original creditors and have been over a year and a half now, i have just had a debt collector letter through my post saying a debt collector is coming round my house tomorrow afternoon to speak about it. i phoned the water company and they stated that payplan have been paying even though they have been told that the offer of payment is not accepted. Is this deemed as harrasment if so what can i do? P.s if the debt collector comes round i will be armed with my camera a
  25. Hi, My partner works in a hospital and often has to attend emergencies. Unfortunately she has accrued 20 parking tickets this year from APCOA. Judging from advice from the internet, we decided not to pay as they are a private company, and it appears from advice on this and other forums they cannot enforce payment. We received multiple threatening letters from APCOA, but ignored them based upon the above advice. Today we have received a court summons from APCOA threatening us with court action if we do not pay the fine (now accrued to £3000). I just wanted to kno
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