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  1. I signed up to David Llyods after speaking to a sales advisor on the phone who told me the contract was 3 months long and after then I could cancel anytime with a 1 months notice. The next day I rushed into the gym for a class I signed up to, signed the contract he prepared for me which was handed to me by the receptionist. After about 5 months I called to cancel my contract and was told I am in a 12 month contract, I argued this and said I was told on the phone it was 3 months and then I could cancel with 1 months notice at anytime. Clearly I didn't read the contract they gave me
  2. Apparently, the ex-PM is thinking of returning to politics. Labour MPs don't seem to agree with him, unsurprisingly. Given how he dropped the country having said he would steer it through Brexit, can he be trusted now? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/nov/02/david-camerons-rumoured-return-to-politics-dismays-labour-mps
  3. Hi First post so please go easy I joined DL in May on a 12 month membership. Its a 32 mile round trip but was worth it. However now my marriage has ended and Im separated. Left with joint debts ie. big Halifax overdraft and their new charges are a killer but thats another story. I'm been in contact with Halifax and Barclaycard as Im in a severe financial pickle. Bottom line is I could really do with ending my DL membership to save £72pm and wonder if its possible. I haven't cancelled the DD as Ive read that doesn't go down well with DL. Ive not written to DL y
  4. A three-year-old boy has died after drowning in a swimming pool at a David Lloyd fitness club in Leeds. Police were called shortly before 9.45am on Saturday to the club on Tongue Lane after a report that a child had entered the pool and drowned. The boy was taken to Leeds General Infirmary where he was later pronounced dead. Although police are treating the incident as an accident, they are appealing for anyone who was in the pool at the time to make contact. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/boy-3-drowns-david-lloyd-fitness-club-swimming-120600253.html
  5. This is quite an amazing story, starting back in 2014. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-4422682/How-went-war-TalkTalk-won.html and finally won a whopping £1,500!! The battle tips later in the article are no less that CAG have been saying for years
  6. Hello to everyone I decided to join David lloyd club in Dudley last Friday 10th March . On the day when I was introduced I explained that I am working full time so I can attend gym from 7 pm also I am working some weekends. Main reason why I joined was my 11 years old daughter could use a gym facilities with me . Next day when my contract start we arrived at the club just before 7pm swiped our cards to get to a lady in reception . I was going to book a gym induction (health and safety policy) I was told that my Hanna is not allowed to use it because she didn't tu
  7. Hi I recently joined my local David Lloyd gym on August 22nd. Last Friday (September 23rd), I had a letter through saying they were increasing my fees (!) up to £101 (from £95). Obviously I rang up to speak to the membership team about this to be told that "they was nothing they could do". Slightly frustrating as they'd have known about this fee increase when I joined in August! I said to the lady on the phone that budget was an issue and this pushed it above my budget, and that I'd appreciate it if they would honour an immediate cancellation, due to the circumstances. On the phone s
  8. Hi Guys Firstly i'd like to apologise for posting this here, i couldn't for the life of me figure out how to post i relevant thread. I'm at the start of a dispute with David Lloyd and would like some advise if possible. I joined the Birmingham club in July 2015 and paid for an annual membership in full when i joined. I decided in June this year that i couldn't afford to renew my membership and emailed the club to cancel on the 13th June (i think this was slightly shy of a full months notice by a couple of days). I waited about 3 weeks to get a reply from the club and when
  9. After finding these forums and finding them very useful as I'm one of those stitched up by the dreaded David Lloyd 3 month cancellation term I'm hoping I can get some advice as to where to go next. I moved away from where I used to attend a David Lloyd club due to work and have attended once (that I can remember) in the past 2 years. Certainly no more than 5 times and these would have been when visiting parents back at the local club. So I gave my notice on 26th August via email so that I would only have to pay the next DD payment for September and be done with the place.
  10. Why are people jumping up and down about what he said.. http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jan/27/david-cameron-bunch-of-migrants-jibe-pmqs-callous-dehumanising
  11. Hi, I am a newbie to this forum so please excuse any ignorance! So, I was under a 2 year contract with DL where I was paying a direct debit monthly. After 21 months of being a member, I decided to cancel my direct debit as I was relocating to London for a new job role. I emailed the club to let them know in advance, and then shortly cancelled. I cancelled in Sep 15 (my contract was due to expire Dec 15). Unfortuantely, I didnt provide them with "proof of relocation" untill now - after recieving letters from ARC and consequently Major Law Solicitors, telling me I owed the final
  12. READ MORE HERE: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jan/22/david-cameron-calls-for-action-on-spurious-claims-against-iraq-veterans
  13. Hi there everyone I would really appreciate a response as I a unsure what action to take next. I paid an upfront yearly fee to DL last July and verbally agreed that it was for just a year. I was away on holiday during the end of June and began getting phone-calls. When I arrived home I had a letter saying I owed 87.50. I phoned DL and explained this was incorrect as it had been agreed I was only joining for a year. They inisisted I pay and I disputed. I ended in some email ping pong - during the last one I requested a copy of my personal contract
  14. I was shocked to hear this on the news just now, not a fan but still a shock David Bowie has died after an 18-month battle with cancer, the singer's son has confirmed. Duncan Jones wrote on Twitter: "Very sorry and sad to say it's true. I'll be offline for a while. Love to all." Statements were posted on the star's official Facebook and Twitter accounts saying the star died on Sunday. They read: "David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer. "While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you
  15. I'm surprised that I didn't find a several hundred comments deep thread about our dear leader today. It seems that one snub too far has led an old uni 'friend' to spill the beans on DC's actions whilst at uni and it's fair to say that the bacon has hit the fan. Is this something that can be spun into obscurity or has Mr Cameron just watched his credibility and mandate walk out of the door?
  16. "The national interest must come ahead of human rights" David Cameron. But is not human rights central to our national interest? Every year the British Government sell £4 billion in arms to one of the worlds worst human rights abusers, Saudi Arabia. Currently a 17 year old Saudi male faces public beheading followed by crucifixion because he has been found guilty of being involved in sedition in taking part in a human rights riot. David Cameron's Government cut a secret deal with Saudi Arabia last month to be elected onto the United Nations 'Human Rights Council'. Sau
  17. Hi, I have seen a few threads on topic but couldn't find one where the OP had any success in it. My wife and I have been david lloyd members since 2012 and renewed every year. Always paid for a year in advance. This year, i want to renew but wife wants to stop the membership. So when my wife called to confirm her cancellation a week before it was due to end, she was told that to check her contract that she needs to give 3 months notice. We were never told about auto renewal or that 3 months are required to give notice. As we are paying in advance, membership should end at the en
  18. Hi all, I've been reading some horror stories regarding David Lloyd cancellations and I desperately need some advice. At the end of February I got a massive hike in my housekeeping which I pay my step-dad. This made the £59pm membership with David Lloyd impossible to pay. This came into effect from the beginning of March and I needed to cancel my contract. The issue is I signed the contract back in October to commence in 2015 on an early start type thing. 2 months free if I recall. I read there are OFT rules saying you can terminate a gym contract if it isn't affordable
  19. Hi, I received a letter today from ARC Europe stating that I have arreas of £85.50 from David Lloyds (Which I accept) however I have a balance of £332 apparently. I'm assuming this is all made up of some admin fees. Do I need to pay these? The missed monthly payment came from all my direct debits being cancelled and I've been offshore the past month so DL have not been able to contact me as I haven't had a phone signal obviously. What exactly can I do about this? I would like to just pay the £85.50 and move on ideally. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  20. Hello, First time poster after reading some information about similar issues other people have had with Arc, but as I've never had an issue such as this before I'm not particularly confident in handling this. In December 2013 I signed up to David Lloyd on a 3 month membership, when I signed up I was given a 'special deal' where I only had to pay the pro-rata fee for December. As I was paying this I presumed this counted as my first month and therefore my third month would be February. In February I had only been to the gym twice in those months & wrote to
  21. This is the first time I've posted on a forum, thanks in advance for any help I'll really appreciate it. Last January I paid David Lloyd up front for a 12 month membership. I was of course tied in because I'd paid up front. I did use it for first six months and not much for second six months. I always knew I wouldn't renew because it was a one off opportunity because I had money available. I thought 12 months, done the time, won't renew. Late last year I started to get emails to remind me I could renew along these lines: Dear Ms Barker, Membership Number: xxxxx Just
  22. Hi All, I am also having problems with David Lloyd, we took out a family membership in Dec 2012 at a cost of £140 per month, after using sporadically we decided after noticing the payments had gone up to £145 to cancel in May 2014. I wrote David Lloyd Ipswich a letter stating that I wished to cancel and gave my 3 months notice. In June we had not heard anything from DL so I called them up and asked if someone from membership team could contact me to confirm tha this had been action. I received no call and due to work forgot about the issue trusting that they would honour my request
  23. Hi all. Just found these forums after trawling the interweb for people who've had similarly nasty experiences with David Lloyd and their debt collectors ARC. A couple of years ago my wife our son and I transferred our membership from David Lloyd Fitness in Solihull to David Lloyd Cranmore, also in Solihull. We didn't sign a new contract at the new gym and were never made aware that the terms and conditions of our membership had changed, so when we decided to terminate our membership earlier this year I duly gave the one months notice stipulated on the contract we had signed at David Lloyd
  24. I am afraid I am another who has fallen foul of David Llyod ! I had a 18-20 membership option that ran for 3 months, this was taken out in sept 2012. In sept 2013 i moved from home to university. I wrote to DL to cancel my membership in Oct of 2013, giving them the one months notice, set out in my contract. I returned home for christmas, cancelled my DD debit, believing that this had all been dealt with. I am now in receipt of a letter from a solicitor.. Major and Co threatening court action for the sum of £254.97 can anyone advise how I should deal with this, I would
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