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  1. Hello, Last month I transferred a £3500 balance from my Barclaycard to a MBNA card which gave me 0% for 36 months. The payment of £33 was due on Sunday 12th July, I completely forgot about it until the Saturday before and paid on the 11th. However the payment didn't clear with MBNA until Monday 13th! I've also been charged a late payment fee of £12. I've gone onto my account it I have no promotional offers on my account now and my APR is now 25%! I can't believe that whilst I made the payment on time, due to their system I have made a payment 'late.' Is there any way I can
  2. Hi, Yes I paid the £69 Saturday afternoon and the manager said he will now deal with the rest. Hopefully that'l be the end of it all! Thank you so much for all your help!!
  3. Hi, So just ignore them & deal with DL then? Thanks
  4. Hi again! As David Lloyd insisted me paying via the phone & not telling me when they start/finish I have kept missing them when I go down to pay and as a consequence haven't been able to pay the £69. I've mad an appointment today to pay the £69 which will finally be done! However this morning I received a letter from 'Major Law Solicitors' saying a I know owe £225.12 with court proceedings of £86.12. A County Court Claim has ow been prepared and is ready to be issued against me by Northampton County Court. However they are acting on behalf of ARC. If I ignore the letter they may
  5. Hello, Got a response from DL in the end Going to go down this week to pay. I've had another letter from ARC saying how they are 'disappointed' I've not paid them and will be taking further action of some sort. Also they have been phoning me but I've told them I will only speak to them in writing & hang up straight away. Do I need to do anything else to deal with them or just pay DL and continue to ignore ARC? Thanks!
  6. Hi, So in regards to BACs and when I asked to confirm in writing I received Is this adequate? Thanks
  7. Good idea, I'll ask for that
  8. Hi, Got a reply this morning And then just asked for my card details. Seems to be sorted but just going to confirm in writing they will get ARC off my back. Thanks for all the help!
  9. Hi, Had a response again They really are not understanding I do not want to rejoin!
  10. Hi, No I do not want to continue being a member. I'll keep posting any updates. Kyb
  11. Hiya, Had a reply to the email as above Kyb
  12. Hi, Had a response to the email; Pretty much ignored what I emailed them. Kyberta
  13. Hi Slick, Just got a bit worried as according to Arc this needs to be paid by Wednesday 22nd but from what I've read on these forums they have no power so seems quite an empty threat. I'll give it 7 working days then email them. I'll keep you posted on any developments though!
  14. Hi, 2 days on still not had a response from David Lloyd in regards to the email. Is this normal? Thanks
  15. Hi Slick132, Got my T&Cs now. I joined under a 'flexible membership' which states there is an initial period of at least three months & I am committed to paying three months fees. The membership lasts indefinitely until I give one months calendar notice. I can confirm I joined 17/12/14. I have their written response confirming my membership ends on 31/03/15. I don't know if this makes a difference at all but I didn't actually sign any T&Cs, on the back page where they are there isn't any signatures. However on the membership application form it says membership is s
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