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  1. Hi Monty, They stopped sending letters after a while as you don't reply they give up.
  2. They're back for more! Their figures are miles off as usual and they made my brother pay over half of what we used to pay to continue to use the gym meaning if I paid what they are asking there'd be an overpayment. I'm not even prepared to get into those discussions with them though. Do I even entertain this? Cheers
  3. They've responded to me by email: Sounds to me like David Lloyd should be a bit more careful with when they start asking ARC to act on their behalf if they haven't bothered to respond to me. Why should I go and send everything to ARC in order for them to refer it back to David Lloyd again!
  4. Hi Slick, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! So ARC have contacted me even though they've set the correspondence to my old address and not to the address I have put on my letter to DL. They sent a letter on 5th December 2014 which I hadn't seen until after I received the second on 29th December 2014 as they'd sent it to the wrong address. They were as follows: 5th December 2014 29th December 2014 So they haven't sent me the correspondence to the correct address. They've changed the amount due to be paid, are they making it up!! They've not accepted my initial notice as they are asking me to serve the remainder of it which would have concluded on the 30th November 2014. I've not received any responses to my emails or letters to David Lloyd. I'd be prepared to send one letter to them, would rather email (don't want to waste my time or money on them) outlining that they have no grounds to pursue this on and until I receive a response to my emails and letters from their client then I will not be responding to any of their demands and would consider harassment proceedings against them. Any guidance would be super. Cheers
  5. I've now received a second letter stating exactly the same thing as last time apart from the outstanding balance has changed. I stupidly misplaced/lost my last proof of postage so I have posted a letter today so that I have proof which states the following: I refer to your letter of xxdate. Unless and until I receive a reply to my letter of xxdate that was sent to you and the email sent to DL's Head Office yydate, I will not respond to any further demands from you. I got a proof of postage for this and have stapled it to a copy of the letter I sent and put it in a file with their letter too. I may find the previous one I sent at some point but at least I have this one now and I wont even entertain anymore letters etc they send.
  6. It was an email and I am sure I got an automated response saying it will be looked into etc...that's enough for me! Yes I was thinking it's worth replying once by post and I'll get a receipt of post and leave it at that because I'm not going to posting them things for their useless administration!
  7. Well it's taken them long enough to respond and it's not even a response as such to my complaint that was sent to head office. It's because they've noticed I canceled my DD! I haven't got an internet connection at the moment so I can only check on my phone to see my emails but the only emails I've received have had the same subject in all of them and just linked to the policy page on their website. I think it's pretty irrelevant though because now they've sent this letter:
  8. Got a bit carried away!! :)Thanks for the help, much appreciated. Will keep this updated with what happens.Cheers
  9. This is what I've prepped, anything you think needs adding/amending? Dear XYZ, Following discussions with the membership team and Manager at your Basildon Club I am escalating this as advised by them. I gave my notice to the club on 26th August 2014 and have been disputing the 3 month notice period I was informed that I need to serve. There are a few reasons for my frustration and overwhelming feeling of contempt from David Lloyd as detailed below. I moved away from the vicinity of the Basildon club approximately 2 years ago and the journey from my new residence to the closest David Lloyd club is too far and impractical for me to make as can be seen by my distinct lack of activity at any David Lloyd clubs for this period. Although it’s less than the 10 mile limit I have been informed of that is in place, I don’t own a car or bike and commute using public transport or by walking. This means I need to walk for over 30 minutes to Ruislip station to take a train for 5 stops and then walk to the club or get the Central Line from South Ruislip to Greenford and then walk for over 30 minutes from there to the club. This is significantly more time that it would take to travel 10 miles in a car and is in fact more inconvenient than living over 10 miles from a club when owning a car or bike. I believe that the requirement for 3 months notice is onerous and not what the majority of gyms require. I consider this to be wholly unfair to me, the consumer. As a member of the club for over 7 years I also feel your treatment of me and the situation I find myself in to be both unfair and completely unreasonable. It is not for want of trying, I changed my membership so that I could attend different clubs but it is just not possible as previously mentioned. I feel I have done my utmost to accommodate David Lloyd into my circumstances and you are not reciprocating this which I find incredibly distressing. My direct debit has been paid for September and I have now cancelled this as I gave my notice on 26th August 2014. I consider this to be payment for the remainder of my membership with the club and therefore you will need to take court action if you wish to pursue this matter and I will vigorously defend this. Can you also split the joint membership I have with XXXX XXXX and I do hope that this situation will not have any implications on his/her membership. Regards, Cheers
  10. Hi slick, thanks for the reply. Yes these are all of the points I think that I have grounds to dispute. There is walking involved in getting to / from the stations (30minutes min to Picadilly and 30mins if I use Central Line and walk to the club from Northolt/Greenford) which means it's in excess of 30 minutes away either way and compared to a 10 mile car ride that's far more. Will draft up an email addressing these points and get it sent off to their Head Office, I've already cancelled the DD which was taken on the 1st of this month so that should mean I'm settled with them as I initially offered my notice on 26th August to start on the 1st September!
  11. Thanks, much appreciated. Was what I'd noted down so far but may not even need all of that detail!
  12. After finding these forums and finding them very useful as I'm one of those stitched up by the dreaded David Lloyd 3 month cancellation term I'm hoping I can get some advice as to where to go next. I moved away from where I used to attend a David Lloyd club due to work and have attended once (that I can remember) in the past 2 years. Certainly no more than 5 times and these would have been when visiting parents back at the local club. So I gave my notice on 26th August via email so that I would only have to pay the next DD payment for September and be done with the place. The response was: My reply: Then the predictable response came: Therefore, after reading on here I sent this back: And the final email from the Manager at my "local" club that I have received: It is mentioned that they sent me an email to tell me my terms and conditions are changing. They sent me and email (EDIT: actually on the 10/12/2012 so this was before it was approved by the OFT) that links to this page: Can't post as I don't have a high enough post count Hardly a terms and conditions page, it's the standard Membership FAQ page. So I was about to draft a reply but thought I'd post it here now as I was doing so in the hope someone like slick would see it to digest the above before I post my response. I was going to state that I have given my notice as stated in the contract (that I thought applied to me) and it will apply from the 1st of the following month (September). I have paid the September payment but am now cancelling my DD as I don't consider the 3 month notice period to be fair and I wasn't aware of it. Appreciate any advice on the matter. It gets my back up someone trying to make you pay for something for 3 months when you can't even use it, 1 month is painful enough but I think it's fair to both parties. Cheers, TP
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