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Found 4 results

  1. Hi My son in law has received a claim form from Northampton County Court for damages arising out of a road traffic accident. He disputes that the impact could possibly have resulted in any injuries and he offered to pay for the damage to the claimant's car himself at the time of the accident. The served documents are extremely complex and he (and my daughter - who has just had her first baby) is confused over what is his best course of action. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks
  2. READ MORE HERE: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jan/22/david-cameron-calls-for-action-on-spurious-claims-against-iraq-veterans
  3. Hi, I have been suspended from work after I made a complaint about my manager, basically I had to be investigated for being late to work, on the day in question I was very unwell and couldn't get the bus due to having no money, I walked to work and was a little late. My manager sent an email to the person doing the investigation stating that I am a confrontational person and the person doing the investigation should have a witness present for their own protection. This email was shown to me and I naturally complained as it is a slanderous email and it suggests I would get violent towards a colleague. I complained to the senior manager regarding this email. The senior manager visited me and suspended me on the grounds of a complaint that came in from a member of public about a month ago. There has been no investigation into the complaint and I haven't been suspended awaiting disciplinary action. In my job I have had lots of complaints from members of the public, being a civil enforcement officer it is a common occurrence, but as complaints are usually just from disgruntled people and never anything serious, which is the case this time, I have never been suspended before. These complaints are always investigated first. I believe I am going to be sacked of spurious grounds to avoid the issue of my manager and the slanderous comments made about me. Do I walk? Do I allow the sacking and appeal? Should I escalate this with HR before it reaches any of these stages? I am unsure what to do here. Employment tribunal? Thanks for any advice you can give Tony
  4. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone else has experience of this issue? I moved out of a rented flat in October 2008 and cancelled my contract with BT according to their requirements. I then opened an account with a different telephone and broadband provider at my new address (which was a different flat in the same street). Earlier this year, BT sent a very spurious bill for just under £60 to my old address. The postman knew I had moved from no. 50 to no. 62, and so delivered it to me. I informed BT on six separate occasions that on the date of the bill, I was not living at no. 50. I also told them that it would appear they had simply used my name on a bill which should have been addressed to the current tenant. They ignored all of my communications and simply kept chasing me for the money. BT have now sold the debt to a company called "Past Due Credit Solutions" who are similarly chasing me for the money. I have informed Past Due Credit Solutions that, on the date of the bill, I had had no business with BT since October 2009 when my account was closed and all outstanding monies paid in full. Past Due Credit Solutions are asking for a copy of my tenancy agreement in order for me to "prove" that I was not living at no. 50 when this "debt" was incurred. Firstly, I don't believe I am under any obligation to provide a consumer credit recovery agency with "proof" of anything under current UK law. Is that correct? Secondly, being an assured short hold tenancy agreement would only "prove" that I was the tenant at an address between two dates. It wouldn't serve to prove I was actually living there at the time, nor state whether I then renewed that tenancy after the expiry date. Ergo, how would me sending them a copy of tenancy agreements to show I was the tenant at no. 50 between October 2006 and October 2009 prove that I wasn't STILL the tenant there in February 2013 when BT issued a bill in my name at that address? I don't understand how Past Due Credit Solutions will simply agree that I WASN'T living at the property in February this year just because I send them copies of tenancy agreements for the periods when I WAS living there. Any advice gratefully received!
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