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  1. This is correct, I joined specific this gym because they allowed her to use a gym ( other gyms not allowed children to use when they under age) she is black belt in taekwondo and only 11y so I thought we can spend quality time together I am really worried now, I cant sleep, I am getting mad at work. What should I write in a cancellation letter please. I paid by debit card thank you
  2. Thank you for quick response, I've made a payment same day when signed in which was joining fee+ monthly payment upfront for me and my daughter ( £150). I wrote an email to a sales manger from club and he replay, that I am not entitled to cancel a membership because I swiped my card through a gates
  3. Hello to everyone I decided to join David lloyd club in Dudley last Friday 10th March . On the day when I was introduced I explained that I am working full time so I can attend gym from 7 pm also I am working some weekends. Main reason why I joined was my 11 years old daughter could use a gym facilities with me . Next day when my contract start we arrived at the club just before 7pm swiped our cards to get to a lady in reception . I was going to book a gym induction (health and safety policy) I was told that my Hanna is not allowed to use it because she didn't tu
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