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Found 6 results

  1. I signed up to David Llyods after speaking to a sales advisor on the phone who told me the contract was 3 months long and after then I could cancel anytime with a 1 months notice. The next day I rushed into the gym for a class I signed up to, signed the contract he prepared for me which was handed to me by the receptionist. After about 5 months I called to cancel my contract and was told I am in a 12 month contract, I argued this and said I was told on the phone it was 3 months and then I could cancel with 1 months notice at anytime. Clearly I didn't read the contract they gave me properly as I was in a rush but I was 100% missold on the phone, when I asked for evidence of this they told me they don't record their phone calls. Now I didn't have enough money to pay for any more months so I emailed them in writing, explained how I was missold and cancelled my direct debit. They replied saying they would compromise because of my situation and let me cancel with 2 months notice. So basically they acknowledged how I was missold but still didn't honour the one months notice that was supposed to be in the contract. I told them by email I can't afford to pay for 2 months which was true so I won't be accepting. Now they have passed my debt to Arc Europe Ltd who have called me everyday for the last month, multiple times per day on multiple numbers so I am now worried to answer my phone to any unknown numbers. I replied to one of their texts and spoke to their web team and told them my story, how I was missold by David Llyods and that I have already spoke to them and told them why I can't pay. I then told them to stop harrasing me and left the chat. They have not slowed down their efforts since at all and now I am being sent letters threatening legal action in court. Could someone please help me get out of this as it has made me furious that they are so dishonest and that a company like David Llyods would use scare tactics and a well known to be aggressive debt collector such as Arc Europe Ltd.
  2. Hi long time reader, first time poster. I requested a CCA from Lowells in October of last year relating to a Llyods/TSB credit card debt. The card in question was taken out in April 2004 and fell into default in late 2012. 4 months later they have sent me what appears to be a copy pasted set of terms and conditions and a copy of the last years worth payments to the account. The terms and conditions have an error in the address I was living at when the card was taken out, they've used the postcode for an address I was living at 10 years later, otherwise it's correct. There's also no date for when the agreement was taken out, nor is there a signature (I'm unsure if this is required or not). Would I be right in thinking that a reconstituted CCA is only valid for debts after a certain date? I would be grateful if someone could take a look at the attached PDF to see if what I received meets the requirements of a CCA request and if not, what do I do next? 2017-03-07_12-43.pdf
  3. I've sent a CCA request to Wescott who have returned it together with the PO saying I should send it to Llyods direct with a PO made out to them not Wescott or I can send back to them and that they will forward. In the letter they have said they still want me to arrange a payment or proposals to repay within the next 28 days irrespective of the CCA Can they insist on this and how should I reply. thanks
  4. I have received a letter from Lloyd saying the complaint is not up held.I have used the general jist from this thread as a reply. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?359876-Lloyds-PPI-Complaint-not-Upheld Below is my reply,can anyone advise me on this please. I am writing to you today in relation to your decision re my complaint about my Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Policy. After reviewing my case you decided that the PPI was not miss sold. You explained your reasoning behind your decision and requested if I was unhappy with this to contact you further within 28 days from the 21/8/2012 with any further evidence to support my claim. Ø I stated on 07/08/2012 in our telephone conversation 1 I do not think I was told about it. Let me clarify this. I was not told about PPI being optional and indeed was not even aware PPI was on any loans? I know this because I would not have signed up to something which was going to add to the cost of a loan which would either have caused me more financial difficulty or because my job gives me 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay depending what job I was in at the times of the loans and I wouldn’t need it. 2 I thought it was part of the process. Let me clarify this. The loan amount I was paying was I though paying the loan and the loan only. I had no idea PPI was included in the amount I was paying, the process as I thought was signing the loan documents and this was the amount I had to pay for the LOAN. 3 I did not need it as for sickness i get six months full pay and six months half pay. Let me clarify this. Depending what job I was in at the time of the loans I would either as explained above been able to pay for any loan for a considerable time or If I was in a job prior to my current employment I would not have agreed to pay PPI because it would have incurred a further financial burden on top of the loan cost and I would not have taken the loan out if I was aware PPI was on it or if I was told it was optional I would have opted out of PPI. Ø In your conclusion: “You feel your advisor acted fairly and reasonably throughout the sale”. I would suggest unless you have an actual transcript or recording of the matter IT IS unfair for you to introduce 'pure speculation' and 'conjecture' upon on what might or might not have happened in a conversation you were not a party to. If your advisor acted fairly as you say then there would not have been PPI on the loan because had they been fair they would have explained there was PPI on the loan and that it was optional, but because they did not do this I have ended up paying for PPI I did not want and would not have signed up for if this had been explained at the time of the loans. . Under your Consent to Cover you say “I am persuaded that this required a verbal explanation ensuring I was made aware of what I was purchasing” As evidenced by my comments RE: 1,2,3 under no circumstances was I ever told PPI was on any of these loans because i would not have agreed to paying PPI if this was the case. Subsequently I was miss sold PPI. Using mere reference to your guidelines at the time to justify your refusal that 'it did not happen’ because' those were in place’, is wrong and unfair. For the above reasons and those mentioned in my previous correspondence I am requesting a full refund of all my insurance payments plus interest. I reserve the right to take further action and will allow a time period of 14 working days for your reply. Yours faithfully
  5. .Hope someone can advise. Sent CCA off to Llyods, they replied with they can't find agreement but will keep looking and that they are not obligated to produce the original agreement. They have sent a reconsituted version, and said they will have no more contact with me. I would like to have seen the original to see if there was an option for PPI at the time. Any advice on the next step would be appreciated. Thanks Regards
  6. OK been getting letters from a certain DCA staring with am I and today a letter from a solicitors starting with a G about this card debt. I have been in the process of gathing info and preparing both a PPI and charges claim for this, but as its still owned by lloyds I assume they will probably offset any refunds. Still doing the spreadsheets at the moment, but I don't think the total will be higher than the balance? I have a few issues and would apprecitae guidence of the best way to approach this. Do we ignore the DCA's for now or make token payments to stall them whilst I do the claims? I was thinking when I send the claims off probably worth asking llyods to put a hold on further collection action till they are sorted. TBH I would prefer to just get this settled with them and are less bothered about them getting the cash than a DCA. Part way through the cards life they cancelled the orginal card and reissued a new card and new card and account number (it went from a "create" card to a normal Lloyds TSB card. But the only agreement they have provided (and the only one he ever signed) was for the original card and original ref number. He didn't ask for the change and no fresh agreement was signed -is this simular to the store card to credit card cases or just a case of they can change the numbers no problem and the agreement applies to all the ref numbers. Finally they have inserted a default date in 2007 which is actually the date they froze the account and stopped charging interest. However I hold a default notice dated Nov 2006, surely they can't default the account twice? We made some payments after the default notice but not the required sum to "correct" the default so surely it stands. In fact a month later they have passed the matter to MHA (think this is their own in house collectors, but surely it can only go to them after the default? I am hoping this means I can get the default amended so it drops off in the next few months. Unfortunately its not statute barred till early next year as we kept on trying to make payments to catch up the account. So alot of stuff to consider and would appreciate any peeps ideas/experiences/thoughts on how to proceed. Ali x
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