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Found 3 results

  1. On Easter Saturday I was browsing the internet looking for a cheaper insurance for a newer car I was picking up that day. Found it and signed up straightaway. I realised that my NCB wouldn't apply I then phoned the company I had for my older car (still on the road) to cancel that insurance to release my NCB certificate. The chap I spoke to said he would ring me back as he felt I was being hasty (and I now agree with him). The policy had only been in force for about 20 days so missed the 14 days cooling off period. He didn't ring me back so I don't even know if the policy has been cancelled. I now want to reinstate my old policy to cover the newer car as well. The MOT on the older car runs out tomorrow and is in the garage right now (probably not going to get through!). I had to add this to my new car policy so won't get that premium back. I did it all back to front and now realise I should have phoned my company first before hitting that send button on the website. I want to change back to the other company but feel embarrassed as I had got myself in a state of panic as I needed the new car covered. This is costing a fortune and I haven't driven anywhere yet. I wonder if I should just cut my losses and insist on a NCB proof as soon as possible.
  2. This is the first time I've posted on a forum, thanks in advance for any help I'll really appreciate it. Last January I paid David Lloyd up front for a 12 month membership. I was of course tied in because I'd paid up front. I did use it for first six months and not much for second six months. I always knew I wouldn't renew because it was a one off opportunity because I had money available. I thought 12 months, done the time, won't renew. Late last year I started to get emails to remind me I could renew along these lines: Dear Ms Barker, Membership Number: xxxxx Just to let you know that you can pay your membership fees:- Online with a debit or credit card by going to the website xxxxxxx and following the instructions on screen. Via our Automated Payment System with a debit or credit card, by calling 0207 048 7438 (you will need your membership number). If you wish to take advantage of either of these services your current membership fee of £891.00 is due for your membership at Newcastle. Both the online payments service and the automated payment service will only be available to you for the above payment until midnight on the last day of this month. Of course, if you have recently sent payment please ignore this email. Yours Sincerely Stephen Empson Group Central Membership Manager In January I got texts and phone messages- pretty constant while I was at work- asking me to contact them to renew my membership. As I didn't want to renew I didn't call them just allowed it to lapse and moved on to using a local pool. Nothing once we got to February. Then today an email from ARC Collections asking me to contact them. I emailed them back to say why are you contacting me, I have no interest in renewing. Then I googled it and realised from other people's problems that they will be expecting 3 months notice and now admin fees. Am absolutely desperate, I can't afford this and I don't know what to do. Am also outraged because DL never gave me a moment of indication what they were expecting in calls, emails and texts. Not even a hint. I feel this is set up to ensure people who pay up front fall into this trap. They should contact people in advance and remind about the notice period. I just didn't realise. And now am in trouble. I haven't done anything else yet because I don't know what best to do. Would be so, so grateful for advice. Thanks so much
  3. I was constantly being underpayed by various amounts 2months ago was no exception. i work as a p/t community carer & a sizeable part of my income is set aside petrol. I was outraged when my monthly payslip came & I'd been under payed by £210 which left me £116 2live on for the month. I begged my old manager to look into it for me even though she'd been promoted she did & a few days later it was paid into my bank. I didn't receive another wageslip though. Since then I've been on sick due to stress & the next months payslip was unreadable as all the print was over lapped I did think id received extra but assumed it was because I'd been sent a new tax code. This months wageslip came today & £210 deducted from my sick pay saying "advance" which now leaves me £35p/w to run home, child & car on! Wage dept said it was a blip & id been payed twice & now it had been deducted. I told wage department as id been regularly under payed an overpayment never crossed my mind. Is there anything I can do & are they allowed to take my sick pay without notifying me?
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