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  1. I did email them one doc which was a bank letter. Just to see if it met their criteria for early cessation of membership. They have accepted my offer of 1 month notice and confirmed in an email that my membership will end on Nov 30th. Thank you so much for the advice as without it I would probably have got myself in a pickle!
  2. Short letter sent as advised offering final 1 month DD payment. Had email back saying they can cancel memberships early as per t&c's and asking for copies of bank letters etc. I'll scan and send them tomorrow and see what happens. Really appreciate the advice
  3. Thanks DX and Slick. Really appreciate your thoughts. I read many threads before posting my situation. I'll send them a letter by recorded delivery and see how they respond. Would negotiating via email be okay or would you recommend post only?
  4. Hi First post so please go easy I joined DL in May on a 12 month membership. Its a 32 mile round trip but was worth it. However now my marriage has ended and Im separated. Left with joint debts ie. big Halifax overdraft and their new charges are a killer but thats another story. I'm been in contact with Halifax and Barclaycard as Im in a severe financial pickle. Bottom line is I could really do with ending my DL membership to save £72pm and wonder if its possible. I haven't cancelled the DD as Ive read that doesn't go down well with DL. Ive not written to DL y
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