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  1. DX they sent me a letter prior to Christmas saying I was in court in 14 days from the date of their letter - obviously I wasn't and it's bull but the threats are enough to rattle the strongest of people. Just awful and surely that alone is highly illegal. ..it's been going on a good 6 mths now. Do they ever just give up?
  2. Thanks - not really what I wanted to hear What a total palaver. I never going near a gym ever again. Have installed equipment round my house and it's much more effective!
  3. Hi there I'm sadly back! I contacted DL who did respond and said they were pausing all correspondence from ARC until they located my contract. I still have not received this, which is no surprise. I was hoping once again it was the end of the hassle but .. .. This week I have received a record 32 calls from ARC. Some of these have had real live people leaving messages saying it is urgent I get in touch as I am in serious trouble etc!! I was in court before Christmas according to them - makes me laugh!! I'm on the case now and am well aware it is them and
  4. Hi there everyone. Apologies for not scanning in my previous letter, my scanner is playing up and I have not had a chance to look into it. I have sent a letter to DL re harassment several days ago. Since then I have had 8 phonecalls on my mobile and house phone and this morning I have received a letter from Majorlaw solicitors claining I now owe 505.04 and that they have prepared a CCJ against me at Northampton county court. It says that if I ignore the letter they may proceed to issue the claim in 14 days and without further notice. Do I continue to ignore them and await a r
  5. Hi Slick Thanks for your response much appreciated - I will write a letter tomorrow and get it sent off to the local club and main office. Will keep You posted. All the best
  6. Thanks Slick Appreciate - just to double check would you definitely respond at this point? Rather than continue to ignore? All the best
  7. Hi DX thanks for reply It says A court claim will be prepared 14 days after the date of this letter, unless we receive full or substantial payment. Blah blah I'm just a little concerned ... Thanks for any more advice you may have.
  8. Hi there I got home after being away for a couple of weeks and have a letter from ARC basically saying they are taking me to county court if I don't cough up in14 days. Do I keep ignoring and just send letter to DL re harassment (which I am planning on doing tomorrow?) Thanks for advice Best wishes
  9. Thanks for the reassurance I am getting so fed up now it seems never ending....
  10. Hi there again - just need some reassurance I am doing the right thing. I have had another 5 phone calls from ARC since I last wrote and lots of robot answerphone messages left. I have ignored them all and blocked all numbers they have come from. Today I have received a text message saying I must contact them before 8pm tonight blah blah blah. I am not currently at home and have been away for several weeks so have no idea whether they have sent another letter since their more recent threat of legal action. I am still awaiting a copy of my contract which I requested way back in July a
  11. Hi there I hope this shows up as it is a pretty old post now. I had heard nothing from ARC or DL since 14th August and assumed that was it. Out of the blue I received a phone call last week, I was caught off guard and picked it up. I told them that they were harassing me and hung up. 3 days letter I received a letter from ARC stating that my case was being passed to their legal team and I have ignored it. Today I received another phone call which I did not pick up. A robot answer phone message was left stating I need to contact ARC. I have blocked the number...they seem to use loa
  12. Hi Slick Yep I understand that re verbal agreement, however my contract is incomplete and would back up my argument of a verbal agreement. I will hang fire and wait to hear from DL - will let you know if anything arrives. Best wishes and thanks again X
  13. Hi Slick thanks for your reply. The agreement was never agreed in writing as a one year deal but it was verbally agreed and I have a copy of my contract which I signed. On it is the words total amount owed.....and as it was agreed verbally it was a one year contract she specifically wrote on that the date of next payment was 1/07/14 the date I joined (as it was agreed this was the only payment I would make) the box that needs to be ticked to say it is a standard membership (needing 3 months notice) is not ticked and the form is signed but there are no dates on
  14. Thanks so much for advice - I will await a response from DL and maybe send them a letter of complains and ignore the rest - will keep you updated on progress!
  15. Hi there everyone I would really appreciate a response as I a unsure what action to take next. I paid an upfront yearly fee to DL last July and verbally agreed that it was for just a year. I was away on holiday during the end of June and began getting phone-calls. When I arrived home I had a letter saying I owed 87.50. I phoned DL and explained this was incorrect as it had been agreed I was only joining for a year. They inisisted I pay and I disputed. I ended in some email ping pong - during the last one I requested a copy of my personal contract
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