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  1. Hi, I'm really not sure how to fix my problem with Talk Talk and am reaching out to people here in the hope you might have a few ideas. I recently switched to Talk Talk after I was promised a "seamless" switch and no interruption to the broadband service in my house. I specifically asked this question during the sales process and was assured this would be the case. An engineer visited my house 8 days ago and since then the internet hasn't worked. I have repeatedly contacted Talk Talk and they have said (every day for the last 8 days) that the service will be restored in 3 t
  2. This is quite an amazing story, starting back in 2014. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-4422682/How-went-war-TalkTalk-won.html and finally won a whopping £1,500!! The battle tips later in the article are no less that CAG have been saying for years
  3. Inside the TalkTalk 'Indian [problem] call centre' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-39177981
  4. Been a customer with TalkTalk for a fair few years, and have three phone contracts with them. One of these expires next month, and I've decided is surplus to requirements. Though I would get in touch today to let them know I won't needed it renewing. Well that proved to be harder than I anticipated ... My complaint below, and the online chat exchange with Sharon, gives all the details. Sir/Madam, I contacted TalkTalk this morning via online chat to give notice that, when my mobile contact for sim 07xxx xxxxxx expires next month (18th March), I do not wish for it to be rene
  5. Hi All I know there are a number of talktalk threads but I couldn't find one that addressed our particular problem and I'm hoping somebody on here can help and advise. The situation, in brief. My girlfriend was with TalkTalk and had been for quite sometime. She was not in any contract period etc. she was moving house and decided to switch to BT after having had a dreadful quality of service for quite sometime, including dreadful phone and broadband quality coupled with industry leading poor customer service practices. after spending hours trying to find a wa
  6. I've recently paid off a loan and checked my credit record to ensure it was correctly settled.. when I've seen a default from TalkTalk dated Feb. Despite clearing off a £4k loan in 10 months, I've been screwed by a £65 default courtesy of TalkTalk. Essentially I cancelled my TalkTalk package in August, prior to moving house. I thought nothing more of it (and received no correspondence) until this mornings discovery. Apparently I've defaulted on £65, I presume the final payment? Now my issues revolve around the fact that I had no knowledge of this situation, and - to the best of my kn
  7. Just looking for any advice. I've had enough of TalkTalk with ever increasing prices and better offers made to new customers rather than loyalty being important (yes I know they are all the same) For an as yet unknown reason I can't port my home number across to a new provider. So this means I either get a new number and all the hassle that entails or have to stick with TalkTalk. In typing this I realise they don't need to show loyalty to long term customers. Holding the number is enough to stop most people switching. In this digital day and age I can't see any reason for it not be
  8. Hi my dad has been with talk talk now since August last year and has had hardly any service, engineer several times nothing done but charged £65 per visit and countless excuses he wants to leave but he's breaking his contract doing so he is 79 yrs old and him and mum are getting fed up with the ordeal and causing a lot of arguments. he's not getting what he is paying for and the customer service people he can hardly understand and appalling is there any way he can leave them without paying for the rest of his no service contract?
  9. o prior to my line going active on the 19th, I was given an offer for 6 months half price line rental to try and keep me proceeding with the order as Sky had offered me a good deal to stay with them. I was happy with this new offer so obviously told sky I wouldn't be sticking with them. It was at this point they threw out a great offer to which it was back to TalkTalk to tell them I wouldn't be proceeding. On the 13th January, on the live chat, an advisor named Reshan stated ; Reshan: The order is 6 months half price call plan, with line rental and your package. Reshan:
  10. I sent a letter to TalkTalk, saying that I within 30 days cancel all my TalkTalk services. I received a call and then a letter from them saying they want to speak to me as I seem to be unhappy with the service. It also said they need 30 days notice because I no longer have a contract with them, which is a somehow weird formulation because it says there is no longer a contract, but that they require notice before cancelling. As I had given them written notice already that I want to cancel all services, I did not respond to the letter. After the services should have been terminate
  11. Hi all, TalkTalk phone lines went down to-day. This resulted in me not being able to communicate with anybody including TalkTalk. Nor be able to acquire any phone numbers to contact TalkTalk via the web. to use on my mobile. Had to get my son to report the problem, only to find he was charged premium phone rates to report a TalkTalk problem to TalkTalk. They say on the web site if you are contacting them from the phone number which is on the account, it's free. I would think that most times you would need to contact them, is precisely when the ac
  12. Hi all,im hoping theres some help around to help me solve our current situation with talktalk. Having had a recorded conversation with talktalk call centre today,and the situation not resolved im unsure what to do next. Unreliable broadband mobile sim network coverage unreliable and talktalks solution is to switch phone to 2g to try and get a signal,and that is their only answer! Unreliable tv on demand and streaming due to unreliable broadband. No email or letter to say the line rental was going up from october 1st. Not able to access billing in accounts section due to site being
  13. If you're p****d off with TalkTalk's cavalier attitude to protecting customer's data, here's template letter if you want to leave them without penalty: http://www.bitterwallet.com/letter-template-to-cancel-talktalk-account/88825
  14. I was a customer of Talk Talk Mobile for 2 years. Finally got myself a better deal elsewhere and took my mobile number with me. I paid the final bill then received an email saying I was in credit by nearly £12. Not a lot of money but it will come in handy. I telephoned Talk Talk Mobile on the 30th of September asking for my money back. After being passed around several call centre workers offering me new phones I finally got through to someone who said they will process the refund and have it back to me in 10 working days. He took my long card number off a bank card I hold for my savings
  15. My phone line became very noisey and it was very difficult to hear any conversation. Also my internet kept dropping out. I reported this to talktalk and carried out their equipment checks. I used my friends phone on the line, still the same problem. I used a spare router etc still the same problem. Just to be sure I took my equipment to my relatives house were it all worked fine. Talktalk booked an engineer to come. The outreach engineer came checked the internal wiring which was fine. He then went outside to check the external line which snapped when he touched it! He replaced the line and al
  16. Hi all, I recently moved house in november of last year. At that point in time we were signed up with Virgin Media, but as they do not have service in our new area, we had to move over to TalkTalk. Since signing up with them, we have had no end of issues, which i will list below. I am looking for advice RE my next step, as this is causing me undue amounts of stress and upset. For your information we have home phone, tv broadband and mobile with them. - They noted down my email address wrong, which meant i didn't receive confirmation of my account - When the broadband box came, it would
  17. I have had to resort on legal action against talktalk. In sept 13 I sent them an emailing stating that the dd is cancelled and I have done the 18 month contract so expect no disconnection fee. received an email confirming my 18 months but need to give 30 day notice and if cancelling speak to our customer service and maybe they can offer me something for being a customer. I left it at that and expected to be charged the extra 30 days... at this time and still am off sick with depression . ... i went awol for a few months and had to stay with relatives. In the
  18. 8 Days now and I've had problems keeping the Internet going as it keeps dropping, I have to keep resetting it every single time, I've phoned them up about 5 times and now I've given up hope The questions I get asked are: 1. Make and Model of Router? Huawai HG523a 2. Am I using wired or wireless connection? wireless 3. Is there any problem with calls, i.e. receiving calls for someone else? Nope 4. Am I using laptop or desktop? Laptop 5. What Operating system am I using? Windows 8 6. What Browser am I using? Chrome 7. Have I tested the test socket? Yes 8. Have I got sky t
  19. Hi, Just over a month ago I bought a two TalkTalk mobiles - there were some teething problems which I was assured would be ironed out in 3-5 days. After about 3 weeks, one of the handsets was working and I successfully ported my old number (from Vodafone). However, in trying to fix the second handset they have deleted my old number (which I have had for some years and use for private and professional uses), and given me a default number instead. While I complained and eventually got through to the CEO's office, nothing is apparently being done to retrieve my old number, and they can't pro
  20. This is their second increase this year. Other increases are also announced.Customers unhappy and wanting to switch have 30 days after receiving notice to do so. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/bills/article-2222478/TalkTalk-hikes-line-rental-3-1-SECOND-rise-months.html
  21. Hi i would like some help if possible. If i miss a payment or i don't have enough money in bank when they take money out...they charge me £10 for a mispayment and this is AOL/TalkTalk we are talking about let alone the bank...This is just a rip off and i'm wanting to know if AOL have the right to do this? Also they are putting a non-recurring payment of £4.50...this is just ridiculous and its not helping me as an unpaid carer. PLEASE HELP!!
  22. Hello, We are having problems with Talk Talk. The situation is as follows. 'We' have a contract with TalkTalk at the moment. It is in an imaginary name. My mum's ex-partner has signed up to TalkTalk as Mr [random intial] [mums name and surname]. And pays on direct debit from his own account. Obviously such a Mr does not exist. Every time TalkTalk phones and we answer we explain to them that such a person as they wish to speak to does not exist, but they refuse to speak to me or my mum, they are only interested in a Mr [as we are both female we do not match the criteria]. The problem
  23. Signed up to a small business package with talk talk for 12 months back in 2011. The salesperson explicitly stated that I could cancel after 12 months, he told me all this was recorded on the system for future reference. So I've rang talk talk asking to cancel, they have told me that the voice recording has "CUT OFF" before the 12 months was agreed, and that they don't do 12 month contracts. Kind of ironic how the recording has cut of just before the 12 months thing. Clueless of what to do next?
  24. Due to problems with getting incoming calls I want to leave AOL Talk and also AOL although I have no complaint with the broadband service, but they say if I leave before January they will charge £68. I want to leave because they are not providing acceptable telephone service. I have my answerphone set to cut in at 7 rings, and 3 minutes for message recording. It cuts in at 2 rings and the caller is told they cannot leave a message. It is not my phone, when this started happening I bought a new one and it's exactly the same. The message people are getting is not one I have recorded n
  25. I moved from Talk Talk to SKY on 20 Feb 2012, I keep on top of my bills being a doley, and kept an eye on what was happening, good job too, I paid my charges a month in advance so expected a rebate as my billing date was 15 Feb, as such by my calculation they owed me £15 (they also changed from payment in arrears to payment in advance without my consent) my line was disconnected on the 20th Feb by BT and reconnected to SKY, the website was down on the day my bill was due, and it took a couple of days to get in and check my bill, good job too as I was being charged a full months fees. I pho
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