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  1. Sent my Wife's PIP forms off about 5 weeks ago. It comprises the form, 12 typed pages of extra information. 6 pages of assessment by consultants, pain management clinics etc. Lastly three pages of photographs of various adaptations to the house. I scanned all documents. I have just received an appointment for a home assessment which we never asked for. Should I be worried? Any advice welcome.
  2. First of all the hospital would have performed a simple blood test when your mother arrived on the ward. It is called a CRP. ( C-Reactive protein) This test measures the level of inflammation. NICE as issued guidelines on what actions to take at differing levels. The scale goes from 4 to 285. I had bilateral pneumonia and Septicemia my reading was 285...Basically I came very close to meeting my maker. The other simple test that would have done is taking your mother's oxygen Saturations. It is a small device placed on your finger. My own was 88% my lungs were barely working. I was placed
  3. Silverfox I will give updates on any progress. My point is that going through there complaint line involved them telling me about terms and conditions or that there was no fault. It would appear that the outreach report was at fault! Can I now complain to outreach? And if so how do I do it because I rent the line off talktalk so in reality I am not the customer, talktalk is!
  4. Update just had a nice chat to a manager from the CEOs office who listened to all my points. He promised to investigate the matter. I feel that I have now been listened too. He did not insist that there was no fault nor did he state that under the terms and conditions I should pay for the call out! He actually listened.
  5. Thank you but I am fed up with taking to them it would appear that the outreach engineer did not give full details in his report. It would appear they are charging talktalk for basic line maintance and talktalk are passing the bill on to the customer. I have been a talktalk customer for many years and I am disgusted that they refuse to admit that there was an external fault.
  6. My phone line became very noisey and it was very difficult to hear any conversation. Also my internet kept dropping out. I reported this to talktalk and carried out their equipment checks. I used my friends phone on the line, still the same problem. I used a spare router etc still the same problem. Just to be sure I took my equipment to my relatives house were it all worked fine. Talktalk booked an engineer to come. The outreach engineer came checked the internal wiring which was fine. He then went outside to check the external line which snapped when he touched it! He replaced the line and al
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