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  1. Hmm even though the journey was under 250km can I still claim? http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/can-i-claim-compensation-for-a-delayed-coach-journey
  2. Has anyone taken Terravision the coach company to the small claims court? I booked a 14:40 bus to the airport which arrives at 15:30. Around 14:55 we were informed the coach was going to be 55 minutes late by someone from Terravision who also said the whole service today was running 30/40 mins late. No text message, no email, no phone call, no notice in the bus depot to inform of delays. Had no alternative but to book a taxi for £80. I followed Terravisions complaint policy which was to email them 30 days after the purchase date, I received no reply and emailed a further four times. So my complaint was sent 11 January 2016!!! I have no alternative but to take them to the small claims court, they wont reply to their specified complaint procedure. Under Passenger rights regulation EU 2011 it seems I can get something back ?
  3. I booked a coach journey with Terravision from Manchester to Liverpool Airport. Pickup Manchester: 14:40 Arrives Liverpool Airport: 15:30 We were informed at around 14:50/55 that the coach would be 55 minutes late and that all buses throughout the day were actually around 30 minutes late. What annoyed us is if they were aware in advance that buses were running late all day long, then why weren't we informed? or a notice placed in the waiting area? so we could seek alliterative transport such as another bus company/ train and so on. This left us no alternative but to order a taxi costing £80!!! to get to the airport on time. Who is to blame here? and who can we seek compensation from?
  4. Signed up to a small business package with talk talk for 12 months back in 2011. The salesperson explicitly stated that I could cancel after 12 months, he told me all this was recorded on the system for future reference. So I've rang talk talk asking to cancel, they have told me that the voice recording has "CUT OFF" before the 12 months was agreed, and that they don't do 12 month contracts. Kind of ironic how the recording has cut of just before the 12 months thing. Clueless of what to do next?
  5. Hi, I recently purchased what you would probably class a "digital service" it was access to a web based tool via a browser. I cancelled my subscription within 2 days and the owner granted this but I asked for a refund because the tool was basically rubbish, slow and outdated. He is refusing to refund me the £30 I've looked under the Distance Selling Regulations and cannot work out whether im entitled for a refund. Can anyone advise? thanks:!:
  6. Hi, I had a free consultation with a dentist and then received a treatment plan regarding the work I needed. The receptionist printed me out a "treatment plan estimate" and asked if it was okay to take £60, as an idiot I gave her £60 and just thought this was normal procedure as I have not been to the dentist for 10 years!!! Anyway, I decided not to have the treatment outlined on the "treatment plan estimate" and cancelled my next appointment within 24 hours. Can i get my £60? back it looks like I have binded my self into a contract ? This was not explained by the receptionist, she didn't even say it was a deposit.
  7. I have no idea, this is whats is annoying there adding alsorts of charges, is there a letter i can send similar to a cca thing? please help!!
  8. Hmm i wud do that but i dont have time im moving country in 3 weeks. want to try and get rid of them before i go
  9. Hi, I was unable to pay a bill with orange mobile, who then sold the debt on to moorcroft, moorcroft have added like £200 worth of charges + the orange charges, and are constantly ringing the house maybe up to 5 times a day, even on weekends and up until 9pm. Is there sum kind of letter i can send them, the charges seem to be unlawful! thanks
  10. Hi i need advice one the Metrolink which is run by GMPTE. The GMPTE have there own rules an regulations of traveling on the trams called "Conditions of Carriage" But do they also have to follow the "Regulations Of Railway Act"? I was walking towards the platform and the tram was arriving so i ran to the ticket machine to try and get my ticket in time but the machine was broke, so i didn't have chance to purchase one from the automated machines so i was fined for not having a ticker on the tram, now the "conditions of carriage" rules set by GMPTE state... A) These Conditions constitute a part of the contract which will exist between GMPTE and individual passengers wishing to travel on the Metrolink system. 4. The passenger is liable to make a prepayment or be in possession of a ticket or other authority to travel before making the intended journey. The prepaid fare for the journey is set out in GMPTE’s Official Fares Table, which is available for inspection at GMPTE Trading Office. 5. A passenger found to be on a Metrolink vehicle, or on a station platform having just alighted from a vehicle, without a ticket or pass or other approved authorisation to travel valid for his/her journey will be liable to pay a Standard Fare of up to £80 or such other amount as may be determined by Stagecoach Metrolink from time to time and may be liable to prosecution Would i be covered by " The Railways (Penalty Fares) Regulations 1994" 6 (2) a But then couldnt the operator use the rule for bye-law from - Railways Act 1993, 129 (2)a im stuck i dont want to pay my £80 fine! grrr
  11. theres some great information here How To Cancel A Gym Membership Contract
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