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  1. RECALIBRATE MY EXPECTATIONS?? DO ME A FAVOUR REFRAIN FROM COMMENTING UNLESS IT IS ACTUALLY HELPFUL ... DO YOU FEEL ALL BIG & CLEVER AFTER BELITTLING STRANGERS ONLINE?? SERIOUSLY HATE BULLIES SO DO ME A FAVOUR & JUST **** OFF!! GP was Gregory Pennington mentioned earlier doh!!! thank you dx100uk & I apologise for swearing & if you wanna kick me off no problem, there are enough ******s around in real life and I dont have the patience to be polite to someone who is basically taking the ****.
  2. I know... maybe wishful thinking that someone owed us money instead of the other way round lol. As for DPA, Barclays and TalkTalk have used that as a reason not to help, how come they can get away with it? So you think he was taking the p*** with having £1500 there for us? Or maybe he knows the ppi amount as my partneris doing his own ppi claims with Barclays and Barclaycard.. . talking of which if BC sold the 2008 debit (owed £250 from £2000 credit card) to a DCA, but he had Gregory Pennington paying his old debits up till last year so that means they arent statue barred and as he has ppi claims they will all start chasing him? My concern is he is on DLA for Schzophenia & didnt have to pay the unacknowledged debits over 6yrs old & none of them are starue barred as last payments to them was last only yr surely GP should of advised him not to do it esp when they knew about his condition. .. is there anything we can do clear this mess u? Thank you
  3. Hi, just had a strange call he told me he was ringing from Dept of Transport and is ref to a claim. My partner spoke to him as he recently lost on a personal injury claim, the man said he had £1500 unclaimed compensation, we just need to confirm what it is for, due to Data Protection he can't tell us anything. He then went on about ppi claims!! He said his name is Ryan from The Claim Clinic on 0161 4080033 & is gona ring back tomorrow between 11-12 - is this a [problem]??
  4. I have a Rewards account & I am currently struggling with debt, mortgage arrears, repossession & failing IVA due to sickness. My house insurance, mortgage protection, mortgage & current account are all with HALIFAX. My bank are aware of my financial situation & I spoke to the money management team who have placed my account as "CONTROLED" to help with future charges for 6 months. I have cancelled all dd expect the priority ones. I am constantly in my £250 overdraft as have had NO INCOME for the last 4 months due to MY EMPLOYERS SSP finished in Nov13 & am currently seeking help with benefits. So as you can imagine I have had alot of returned DD's & am getting charged for these .... the money management team have refunded £35 on charges that had just gone out but wont refund anything else as they weren't aware of my financial difficulty, is this true that I cant get anymore help off them?? I am going to write a complaint to the bank listing my issues * hope they see sense & help me. or is there another way to go about this?
  5. hi we seen an advert for a second hand Karcher Steam Cleaner £50,, so contacted the seller & arranged to buy the item, as she is in Ipswich we paid an extra £10 for delivery. so that night (28th Dec 13) I made a bank transfer to her Natwest account. We contacted her for an update & eventually she came back to me saying it was posted out on the 2nd Jan 14, but after a few days nothing so contacted her asking her for the post office reference & we will chase at our end, as some times item can go to the wrong house. She sent an abrupt message saying will let me know later & of course heard nothing, few days later sent another message & she responded saying she had already chased it up with the postoffice & has to leave it for 15 days before investigating (Which I know is true). After that didnt hear anything & so contacted the site in which we are members "Preloved" they contacted her on our behalf & then all the communication between us had disapeared (as if she had deleted her account). we contacted her by text heard nothing & tried again with Preloved & wo & behold all the "communications" were back in our history. When the 15 days were up, I rang & left a message as she had just rang my partner & hung up. I left a voicemail stating that it was my bank account & so it was my money & best speaking to me, she then rang him & hung up. The next day my partner sent a "knee jerk reaction text" trying to provoke her into responding & she did with an "ABUSIVE & THREATENING MESSAGE ABOUT KICKING THE **** OUT OF HIM & FINDING OUT WERE HE WORKS ..." he obviously rang her straight back & gave her aload of abuse back. she then started sending abusive text & stating we were threatening a pregnant woman & reporting us to the police!! bear in mind not one mention about the £60 or where is the STEAM CLEANER!! we have had to block her number & I have reported this to ACTIONFRAUD, I have had one letter with a crime number & nothing more... Is there anyway I can get my £60 back?? I have tried my own bank (HALIFAX) who say as it was a "Quick Transfer" I am not entitled to help... please bear in mind I am in financial dire & the Karcher was a treat for both me & my partner & now we have nothing. I have kept all the evidence including the voicemail & since then have seen she posted another advert for Karcher Steam Cleaner on GumTree but they wont give me any information, so I am also trying to worn other people keep away from xxxxxxx
  6. Hi I started an IVA 3 yrs ago and was placed on sick in April 2013, all payments going well until then, mortgage is in arrears plus my IVA been on hold 6 months. I have mortgage protection with Halifax and claim is in process with waiting on a "counselling" appt. My IVA may go as failed .... will know more next week after speaking with PDHL. I am curious if I applied for ppi claim would any of them be offset against what I owe and currently on my IVA. IS IT BEST TO LEAVE ALONE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS WITH IVA FIRST.... AS HOPING IT DOESNT FAIL.
  7. I have had to resort on legal action against talktalk. In sept 13 I sent them an emailing stating that the dd is cancelled and I have done the 18 month contract so expect no disconnection fee. received an email confirming my 18 months but need to give 30 day notice and if cancelling speak to our customer service and maybe they can offer me something for being a customer. I left it at that and expected to be charged the extra 30 days... at this time and still am off sick with depression . ... i went awol for a few months and had to stay with relatives. In the meantime they had carried on with the landline contract and only now have cancelled it! Even though I complained to the CEO DIDO HARDING in Jan as have had bailiff letters with threat of legal actions. I have tried to explain my side, they are not interested just want money. CEO MANAGER SAMUEL ?? has confirmed they will knock off £50 (a good will gesture) which leaves me to pay £200!!!! As for my mobile .. ... vodafone had network outage for 17 days over xmas (local mast was down in cf43 area) so i had no network and couldnt speak to any of my family who are all in ireland, you could send a text and it may take 2-3 days to be delivered. When it was fixed emailed and rang cs they didnt acknowledge the vodafone issue and argued with me that if I was able to send texts there wasn't an outage even though vodafone did on their forum, I kept screenshots of the non exsistent signal and the forum. Eventually they accepted it after contacting Dido in the same email. I got sick of repeating everything to different cs staff whenever I rang so stopped answering their harressment calls... . its almost like they have "time to kill ..." then this SAMUEL in CEO office has offered £40 off Dec and Jan bill as they placed my phone on restriction even though I was waiting on a manager call back and a complaint is logged on their system and having repeatedly warning them that the dd is cancelled until issue is resolved. My phone is still restricted and expect to be cut off soon so my only option is go legal as can't stay with them for another 14 months and can't afford early termination fee of over £300.. ... anyone got any help or suggestions am at wits end with the idiots and this is really making my health suffer with the worry.
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