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  1. She has checked her credit score and this Eon debt is not on her credit file
  2. No payment has been made on this debt as my wife didn't know it existed until she received a letter from Lowell stating she owed the money. The debt is owed to Eon from 2014. However, I have always had the utility bills in my name. We moved into our current home in 2006 so she is still confused about how she can have the same request from Lowell in both her maiden name and her married name (we got married in 2002)
  3. I am hoping someone will be able to give my wife some advice, They received a letter from Lowell regarding pre-legal assessments dated 4th March 2019 with regards to a debt that is not on their credit file. This letter was sent to her in her married name. today they have been sent a letter from lowell solicitors dated 15th May 2019 with regards to the same debt this time its in her maiden name threatening court action and court costs. We have looked at both letters with her married name and maiden name and its the same debt with the same amount and account number. They are unsure what is best to do as we have been married 17 years and can not understand why they have gone from using her married name to now using her maiden name.
  4. paperwork from Lowell? we don't have anything else unfortunately it's been that long
  5. it's not mistaken identity though it's in my wife's name she tried to get an account for gas with them they ask for £200 for some credit check she said couldn't afford it so they offered to put a pre paid meter in but turned out couldn't be fitted but still charged us by the looks of it also I've been told many times do not ring Lowell I'm sorry if I've mislead the thread i'm just remembering what happened
  6. also as far as we know of we have never had a letter of Eon regarding this bill and nothing showing on mine or my wife's credit report so what should I do next? do I write to EON CEO or whatever as if I ring them direct i'll just get some salesperson or clerk
  7. sorry I was thinking back and just remembered either way shouldn't of been charged for something we didn't have surely ?
  8. The account in question is in my wife's name though seems a separate account,come to think of it though my wife I think tried to get a gas account with them and couldn't because of credit then they offered to change meter to pre paid but couldn't be fitted but can't be certain because I've been with SSE for along time. Hope that makes sense ?
  9. no Andy I've always been with EON and the debt is in my wife's name and doesn't show up on her credit file that's my dispute is there a letter I can send to EON and to Lowell Financial? Sorry forgot to add the amount of debt it is £166.64 Have you ever been with EON? I'm with EON with Electric as prepay meter have been since we moved in in 2005 What date does this refer to? May 2014 I think
  10. Hi guys Just need a little help again with my wife's debt by EON apparently here goes. a few months back Lowell came on the seen chasing an apparent debt from EON as stated above as far as we are aware EON has always been in my name never my Wife's it's for £160 yet my wife has checked her credit report and nothing there about EON or Lowell. Now Lowell are apparently deciding whether to take legal action and kindly showed us what the proceeding would be if they decided to take legal action is this legal as we have no knowledge of the debt? but they have an account number? any help with this please and hope it makes sense
  11. We received payments over weeks we were eligible from june 18th this totalling to £369 then ask for 3 more wage slips in advance upto 24th September gave them this now 3rd October they are asking why my wife's wage has gone up and wanting details of why we didn't inform them and could ask for money back and £50 penalty. any help will much appreciated as this is so much stress in the family
  12. Good morning thank you guys for the replies you've been most helpful on writing this im looking at the letter again from DWP and noticed no signature or department the person is from just yours sincerely S.nicol and no I didn't make a mistake with the way name is with no capital letter for surname might be nothing but seems strange
  13. since June this year for us we've been getting it for about 5 years now all of sudden now they are asking for proof of wage and nothing has changed
  14. Please can some one give me some advice. On June 18th my wife had her carers allowance suspended as they wanted information about her wages. They asked for P60s or wage slips for the duration of her employment which is nearly 4 years. My wife sent her P60s straight away. They then wrote back to my wife a month later asking for more proof and informed her that they will be contacting her employer as well for her wage slips. Once again my wife complied to their request and sent her wage slips within the time frame they had asked for. Now today my wife has received another letter asking yet again for more information with regards to her wages however this time they are asking for information on wages she has not yet received. Despite my wife complying with everything they have asked for they still want more information about wages and she doesn't know what more she can give as she has sent them everything apart from information on wages she has not received yet. What is the best way for my wife to deal with this situation.
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