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  1. we got some info from Lowell today I will upload later today see what you think
  2. I thought the extra 14 days is for filing a defence at the moment there is no defence to file I'm confused with all this
  3. 08/08 +5+14 =27/08 I thought or have I missed something out?
  4. well we have 7 days left to form a defence if we have one
  5. I have set up £10 pcm again DD starting 30th August
  6. Not sure what happened to be honest I think I just forgot to do a defence all I know I couldn't afford the £50 a month
  7. emailed them with my expenditure and did the same but what I can't understand is the arrears court ordered me to pay £50 a month I offered Lowell £10 a month which I know is £40 less but it's all I can afford but they say i'm in arears of £1,665 and balance remains £2741.42 can someone explain this to me?
  8. Received this morning, bear in mind CPR 31.14 request was received 13/08/19 and signed 8.15am and anyway it seems similar to a letter already sent before take note of balance now new letter LOWELL.pdf
  9. how long have Lowell got to give us the information (CPR 31.14)? reason being I have until 27th August (08/08/19 +5+14)days
  10. this debt is not her credit score ( Total Money ) she just checked again i'm with them they are reliable just saying.
  11. EON allegedly supplied the gas 18/12/13-25/03/14 and from 26/03/14 till present Southern Electric
  12. My wife remembered something else probably not exactly relevant but they offered her a cheaper plan than what we were on she got collared by one in the Mall near where we live but had to call to set up in that call they said about the our credit and needed a £200 upfront she told them we couldn't afford that so offered to have pre-payment meter fitted in which National grid came out and said one could not be fitted there i'm sorry I know a lot has been said already but that's the full picture of what happened
  13. yes I've just asked this morning they did supply our gas before Eon final bill was for period 11/12/13-18/12/13 last payment was 1/11/13 DD
  14. one thing I would know is IF it was Southern Electric who supplied us before Eon there would most likely a payment going out of my old bank Royal Bank of Scotland on 1st December 2013 because everytime I have been with Southern Electric DD has been 1st of every month
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